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Rustic style landscape design: create an atmosphere of «unity with nature»

Rustic style landscape design: create an atmosphere of “unity with nature”

Simplicity, naturalness in the design of home interiors and proximity to nature in the arrangement of its garden today at the peak of popularity. Countryside village home — very loose garden style, which is secreted by the principle of free planting using the bright colors and simple elements. In reviewing the plot, decorated in a rustic style, there is a pleasant sense of harmony.

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What rules to do a rustic garden?

Rustic style landscape design involves the design of the site that looks like a pretty simple and slightly run-down, but cozy area.

Among the characteristic features of this style stands out above all easy. This simplicity is evident in every detail starting from the green grass that grows is not perfectly flat lawns and private lawns – as she pleases and completing the fruit trees of the garden, which are also available in a slightly chaotic manner. Flowers can be seen not only in the garden or flower bed, but on garden beds in between the rows of vegetables.

Wicker fence with gekikame

The simplicity of the design of a village house can also be traced in the decor: instead of the elegant wrought – iron fences, woven fences, instead of fancy vases and ornaments, traditional clay pots

Natural – also compulsory components, which involves a style. Shrubs and trees grow as if by themselves naturally like in the wild. Entwined with hops, or wild grapes in the fence of the courtyard gives the impression of some neglect. While the mess on the site will not meet: every thing arranged in its place caring hands of the owner. You will not see on this site and rare exotic flowers.

Wildflowers in the garden design

The main characters of the holiday, the riot of colors are your favorite childhood simple wildflowers and picky handsome perennials

Negligence this line also may often be traced in the arrangement of each area on the site. The design of the village courtyard involves the use of the arrangement of the original elements, which are placed around the site a few randomly.

Carelessly thrown near the gate of the cart

Carelessly thrown near the gate of the wagon with potted flowers forgotten on the fence glechik create the impression that the owners just walked into the house, forgetting to remove them from the yard

Arrangement of a fruit garden and ornamental kitchen garden

Planning to bring rustic style in the country, one of the parts of plot are spent under the garden. Moreover, the abundance of harvest is not put at the task of arrangement of the orchard. Gentle pruning of the crown allows you to create the effect of naturalness and the naturalness of the growth of a fruit tree in natural conditions.

The fruit garden on the plot

The preference for fruit trees that are ready to please owners gorgeous blossom in spring and delicious harvest in the fall

An integral part of the garden is a vegetable garden. It is not necessary to allocate to him a large plot. Small neat garden, located only a few metres away, will allow you to create the atmosphere of coziness and simplicity, which is inherent in a rustic style.

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If the arrangement of a garden plot in a rustic style often practiced mixed farming of herbs, vegetables and flowers. Planting beds can be: aromatic parsley, Basil, cilantro. A couple of the beds could be taken under the seedlings of your favorite varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers or other vegetables. For a rich harvest under the beds it is advisable to take Sunny areas in the garden.

The harvest from the garden

Caring for these beds will not be much trouble, but to please their loved ones the lush greens or shoresorange vegetables will be very pleased owner of any

A fixture in the garden are the flowers, the restrictions in the choice of which is determined only by the wishes of the owner. Sun-loving daylilies, mallow, chernobrivtsi, daisies adorn the open glades. Shade-tolerant ferns and hosts will decorate the tree cosy corners of the garden. In this garden there is a place Sunny sunflower, delicate wild grapes, fragrant hops, a variety of cereals.

Rustic style in the interior of the house and yard

Rustic style in the interior garden provides the use for the decoration of mainly natural materials: wood and stone. Simple garden furniture are traditionally made of wood and vines. A rocking chair is ideal when making a gazebo or hidden away from prying eyes area. Wicker fence is an attractive and vibrant element seamlessly into the landscape and allows you to visually delineate the space, dividing it into zones. Ideally, if the facade of the building on the site is designed like a rustic-style house, which itself is the original decoration.

The decor of modern homes

Modern buildings can decorate siding simulating wooden beams, or by using the same shrubs and climbing plants: Jasmine, Wisteria, lilac, viburnum

Thinking through all the details, do not forget about tracks, production material which may be wood, gravel, sand.

Garden paths of wood

It is interesting to look winding paths of perforated tiles or wooden cross sections, which make their way through the tufts of grass

Special attention is paid to accessories:

Architectural forms for garden decor

A variety of small architectural forms used as decoration in rustic style is simply amazing: a wooden rocker and pans, straw stuffed, wagons, and carts, the wheels of the carts and the different variations of the inventory of rustic utensils

As an artificial reservoir the most appropriate to look a small pond, surrounded by greenery, or decorative designed well.

Rural style comfortable primarily because gives the owner complete freedom of choice in the design of your site.

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