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Design design of recreation areas in the country: how to arrange a comfortable corner in your garden?

Design design of recreation areas in the country: how to arrange a comfortable corner in your garden?

Becoming an owner of a country house, many of us get a great opportunity not only to grow organic products, but also to enjoy the outdoors away from the city. Area of the holiday cottage is a cosy nook where you can relax, hiding from the world, or spend a pleasant evening in friendly company smoked barbecue in the bargain. The arrangement of this area of the plot depends primarily on the purpose that it will perform. Let’s see in more detail.

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What are the options for resettlement?

There are a few common and most successful options for the design of the relaxation areas in the garden.

Open space for active recreation

The arrangement of the open area of the holiday cottage will allow lovers of games and sports to fully enjoy activity in the fresh air.

The design of the open area

Open areas – ideal for joint children and adults for a noisy disco under the starry sky

Enclosed area for privacy and tranquility

This area is a «the open room», the walls of which there may be a decorative fabric curtains, the lattice with climbing plants and screens, of bamboo.

Arrangement of indoor space

A little light transmissive sunlight canopy will give designs for special comfort and protects the owners in bad weather

Mobile version of the site

Application in the regeneration of closed sites metal or wooden mobile structures allows at any time to transform «room» in the open meadow. These frames can carry teams or just portable.

Mobile tents-design

Moving the mobile design anywhere in the garden, you can always maintain a sense of novelty

Patio – the patio, hidden from prying eyes

Patio between house and outbuildings. Patio looks like a closed platform, but protective and enclosing the legs in this embodiment are adjacent the wall of the house. Room under the open sky – a great option for organizing family celebrations, receptions and privacy to soak up the sun and sunbathe.

A cozy corner in the courtyard

Optimal placement and design of such areas of the holiday cottage is well-illuminated back, home, dust and street noise

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Independently arrange area?

Step #1 — select where

Choosing a place in the area, it is first necessary to start from the public. To withdraw land and make a area for the open execution in the country in the front part of the garden, so in depth.

Open area in a secluded corner

A cozy corner in the shade of the trees will create a real oasis of peace and tranquility that will be enjoyed by people of Mature age

The arrangement of the Playground

Playground it is advisable to choose a area with a Sunny meadow and shady area, ready to cover restless kids on a hot afternoon

When choosing a place guided by such moments:

  • Friendly approach of the site and the proximity of its location to the house.
  • Protection from the prying eyes of passers-by.
  • The presence of a small slope to prevent accumulation of water.

On small sites the area has a more compact shape. In areas with a larger area can be successfully break up the sitting area in the garden for a few subbands, United by a common design.

Compact area

Under the General area choose open flat areas where there is a place for barbecue or grill, a small shed or gazebo, and a large table with benches

Place for outdoor games

For lovers of active rest should provide a place for sports games: support for volleyball, basketball stand or a small complex of horizontal bars with rope and rings

Stage #2 — zoning

To separate the Seating area from the main garden by using hedges. Plants for the design of such fencing may be adjusted according to the brightness of the allocated plot and the taste preferences of the owner. Hedges of conifers not only complement the design of recreational areas in the country, but also cleanse the air, filling it with essential oils that have antibacterial properties.

Variations of fences for zoning

The fence can also be made of bamboo, stone and wood

Step #3 — preparation of the base + paving

The easiest option – soft lawns, which are not only nice to walk barefoot, but have a little picnic on the grass. In places where you want to place a table with chairs, it is advisable to make a pavement of wooden drunk, stone, tile, paving brick or plastic modules with grooved surface.

The arrangement of the tracks

In the same style with the design of the site can be performed and pedestrian connections linking the area with other elements of the plot and the house

Step #4 (optional) — installation of a BBQ and gazebo

Gazebo – a secluded area where you can spend hours enjoying a chat in pleasant company over a Cup of tea or coffee, enjoying the view. The gazebo will be a reliable protection in bad weather: during rain the walls will be able to accommodate the hosts and guests gathered at the planned picnic.

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Place a gazebo in the picturesque, inviting to meditation, distant from street noise corner of the garden.

Decorating gazebos plants

Vines, entangling design, allow you to create a mood of romance and mystery

Among flowering vines filling the space, fascinating aroma, the most showy varieties of honeysuckle, clematis and climbing roses.

Thinking through the design of recreation areas in the garden, do not forget about such a functional element of the interior, as the grill.

Grill – a constant element of the interior

The grill can be used for its intended purpose, delighting guests with flavorful barbecue, and as the heater, the fire which will warm in a rainy day and let

In families with young children instead of the grill in open areas often have outdoor fireplaces that can also replace traditional cooking stove.

The cozy atmosphere with outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces have open flames and are therefore safer designs

Step #5 — choosing garden furniture

Choosing garden furniture for your comfort, designers recommend to follow the principles of ease and practicality.

The best option of furniture for the garden

Alternative familiar to many of us upholstered furniture can be wicker, wood, wrought-iron openwork or plastic

The materials used for the manufacture of garden furniture, usually easy to care for and not afraid of adverse weather conditions. To decorate furniture and to promote a comfortable stay will help a variety of soft layers and the pads, which in case of rain you can always enter under the canopy.

Personal details: select accessories

It is known that comfort is created through details. Peek-a-Boo from beneath a Bush ceramic figurines fairy-tale characters, a variety of baths and birdbaths, bells, and pendants, decorative lanterns – the choice depends only on your imagination. A bright addition to the interior are, of course, flower pots with basket plants, outdoor potted dwarf conifers, pergolas and arches with climbing flowering plants.

Night lighting in the garden

At night a cozy atmosphere in the recreation area helps to create all sorts of lights and glowing stones

No matter what option did not stop the choice of the owner of the site, the main thing is the design of the recreation area was in organic harmony with the local landscape and the house.

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