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How to make a false fireplace with his hands

The presence of the fireplace in the room always creates an atmosphere of calm and comfort. Equip the room a real design is not always possible. To embody the idea will help false fireplace, which is not hard to do with your hands.

How to make a false fireplace with his hands

The options for making decorative fireplace ↑

The idea and its implementation has many options, from the most primitive to stick to the wall tape the fireplace, to the arrangement designs using different construction materials. After studying manufacturing technology of raised-hearth, do it yourself will be much easier.

Brick ↑

The choice of brick as the basis of design allows to approximate the look of a raised-hearth traditional fireplace. For its arrangement is applied or decorative facing brick, to make the clutch recommended under unravel. Possessing elementary skills in masonry work, to cope with the task with your own hands is not difficult.

Comment! You must ensure the strength of the slabs, otherwise the decision to make a false brick fireplace impressive size can cause damage to the floor surface.

Professionally done work to design a decorative portal allows you to refuse additional finishing. As a decoration above a false fireplace is better to make massive wooden shelf, which also are dear to the heart Souvenirs.

How to make a false fireplace with his hands

Wood material ↑

Harmonious look of false fireplaces made of laminated boards. To do the job efficiently and accurately, pre-‘ll need to create a drawing with a clear indication of the dimensions of the future design. On the basis of the draft prepared cut plates can be done by yourself or order a service in a specialized company. Budget variant made of particle Board, at the end of the work, it is desirable for the raised-hearth to hold additional decorative materials.

How to make a false fireplace with his hands

Polyurethane ↑

Polyurethane products are mainly used for finishing the already prepared designs. However, creativity allows you to do all the decorative hearth on the basis of polyurethane. Various pilasters, mouldings and architraves are fixed directly on the wall. The appearance of this product is only vaguely reminiscent of a classic fireplace, but giving the imagination, the false version, you can make an original element of the interior. One of the most popular solutions is the idea to pin it to the back of the portal mirror, which can significantly increase the visual depth «furnace». Mounted to the top wooden shelf will enhance the effect of naturalness of the hearth.

How to make a false fireplace with his hands

Drywall ↑

Most often, the design of raised-hearth used drywall. Its specific properties allow easy Assembly process, and many options for finishing. The sheet material allows you to design spatial forms of varying difficulty. Low cost drywall – another reason for the popularity of the product among a wide range of consumers wanting their hands to make a false fireplace. The basis of the design of the drywall needs to be mandatory finish sets. This allows you to change facing without affecting yourself decorative portal.

How to make a false fireplace with his hands

Stages of creation of design of gipsokartona ↑

Multiple advantages became the reason for a detailed description of how to make a false fireplace made of plasterboard alone.

Preparation of material ↑

The preliminary project will help to accurately calculate the amount of material required. You will need:

  • Gipsokarton. When choosing a product, consider the features of the finish decorating. If the lining of raised-hearth planned to make tiles, it is better to stay water-resistant modifications of the main material.
  • For the frame you will need rails and rack profiles. Their form and dimensions shown in the figure below:
    How to make a false fireplace with his hands
  • The mounting frame is made using screws recommended length of 14 to 16 mm. fixing the sheets should be self-tapping screws with countersunk heads. The fixing of the profiles on the floor and the side surfaces is the dowel-nails.
    How to make a false fireplace with his hands

Finishing material is acquired depending on the selected finish veneer for the raised-hearth. If you choose to paste construction paper or to organize a painting, you will need putty and primer. If you want to make the final design of the hearth tiles, take care of the presence of the adhesive, grouts and the tiles. The dimensions of the false versions depend on available space and personal preferences living.

How to make a false fireplace with his hands

Among the tools at hand must be a drill, screwdriver, level, scissors for cutting metal, tape measure and knife.

The frame Assembly ↑

Collection design begins with the frame. To do this:

  • On the floor and the lateral surface of the applied marking attachment profiles. The work carried out in accordance with a prepared drawing, observing all dimensions of the future false fireplace.
  • The rails are fixed along the marked lines. If you want to make a mount on concrete surface, pre-profile is applied to the base and the layout prepared holes. Then they inserted the dowels, and finally the rails are fixed.
  • Guides in the rack mounted, the connection should be done with screws.
The Council! Before mounting profiles is necessary to ensure a smooth wall surface by means of a plumb. If deviations are found, the commit is made with the use of direct suspensions. This allows to achieve strict compliance with the vertical level when the installation of products.

Originally formed the frame of the whole structure, in a second stage is required to make the portal a false fireplace with a simulated fire chamber. To provide greater rigidity to the base allows additional equipment vertical posts and a long horizontal profiles jumpers.

To bring the idea to do in a false fireplace opening furnace figure quite easily. This will require the installation profile to make the ribs the notches and then give it the desired shape.

How to make a false fireplace with his hands

Veneer ↑

For the lining you will need to make a layout on the sheets of plasterboard according to the selected size and then cut the details out. Job easier to produce with the use of the jigsaw, in its absence, fit an ordinary knife for cutting Wallpaper. In this case, initially you will need to make an incision a cardboard layer, to break gently the plate and in the end cut the 2nd layer. The finished items covering the future of the raised-hearth fixed on the frame. The spacing of the screws is better to make from 100 to 150 mm. of Their hat should be slightly recessed. When assembling the parts of raised-hearth don’t forget about the fragility of the drywall, so try to avoid his damage when working with screwdriver.

How to make a false fireplace with his hands

Upon completion of the plating must be done finishing the decorating. The choice of facing a false fireplace depends on the overall interior. Very original look design with decorative bricks, artificial stone or ceramic tiles. Their fixation is carried out on the liquid nails or using liquid glue. To facilitate the formation of equal gaps between the tiles will help the plastic crosses. Fire simulation will help to bring the look of a raised-hearth to this design.

How to make a false fireplace with his hands

Imitation fire in the fireplace ↑

Create the illusion of fire in the false fireplace in various ways, the most primitive variant – to buy adhesive tape with the image of the flames. A better approach is to install electric photo frame with a similar look. Interesting is the idea of placing in false fireplace several different size candles. This allows you to make the room more comfortable. To strengthen the effect allows placed inside the mirror.

How to make a false fireplace with his hands

Original look in the false fireplace with real logs to create the effect of burning beforehand to make the backlight led strings.

How to make a false fireplace with his hands

A little harder in the technical approach a variant of the simulated fire in the false fireplace with scraps of fabric. What you need to do:

  • Small fan (for these purposes, perfect cooler of the system unit) is set in a cardboard box.
  • Above the fan on one axis fixed electrodes flowers resembling flames (orange, red and blue).
  • Pieces of mirrors installed under the diodes. Performing the function of light reflection, they’ll do just fine with simulated glare.
  • Next to the formation of the artificial fire in the false fireplace of white silk cut out scraps of different configurations, playing the role of flames.
  • In conclusion, have to do quite a bit to decorate the box and set the portal.
Comment! Many simulation methods of fire associated with electricity consumption, so to make the wiring invisible is better in the initial stages of creating a false fireplace.

How to make a false fireplace with his hands

A small effort and financial costs, combined with a creative approach will make the original false fireplace, which will occupy a Central place in the interior of the room.

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