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How to make a decorative fireplace

The presence in the interior of the apartment is the fireplace gives the atmosphere weight and a certain style. And many of us would be able to sit at home by the fireplace. But modern living conditions are such that about the fireplace, especially in multi-storey buildings can only dream of. Replace the warmth of this fire, decorative fireplace, besides made with your own hands.

How to make a decorative fireplace

The first step is the idea, how to make a decorative fireplace ↑

Before you rush headlong into this idea, look at the photo for the best options decorative fireplaces, built with his own hands. A lot of them in various materials and styles. This will help to approach the problem, how to make a decorative fireplace with his hands, assess its capabilities.

Among the variety of decorative fireplaces can be made:

  • In the exaggerated style of imitation and stylization, to emphasize only the decorative properties of the products;
  • To give a decorative fireplace the maximum of useful properties: from the heater to the shelves for books;
  • Try to give your hands decorative fireplace most authentic appearance due to the perfect simulation attributes the heating device and finish.

In all cases it is necessary to make an analysis of the location of buildings, the most appropriate size and, of course, exercise. Location the hardest, it’s more of a relaxation area with armchairs or a sofa, you’ll want to make your own hands a small rearrangement in the room.

Decorative fireplace in the style of the artwork ↑

The first version of the decorative fireplace will require a maximum design abilities and the ability to make your own hands expressive object from materials that mimic natural stone, ceramic brick or wood. More than half of the designs of this decorative connector can be done by hand out of cardboard.

How to make a decorative fireplace

Part of the decor for the portal and countertops will have to make voltolina ceiling, skirting and baseboards. A mandatory attribute of this decorative fireplace is the availability of a niche in the combustion of the lamp or the flickering of lighting that complements the overall impression. Most of these decors on the depth of study and registration on the author’s more like sculpture or an element of the installation.

The benefits of this approach – a fantastic opportunity to make your own hands a real art object, visualization, the art of fiction and the grotesque.

Decorative fireplace, a bar, a furniture shelf or the heating device ↑

The desire to have a room in the interior, decorative fireplace, able to give more than an object to relax the eyes, requires thorough study of his hands and head design, evaluation of their capabilities. Modern materials will allow the availability of financial resources to make an accurate incarnation of the idea.

It is important! When designing a decorative fireplace make in its construction two or three times margin of safety. Practice shows that most of the subsequent problems due to subsidence or destruction of the supporting frame of the fireplace.

Among the popular materials to build a decorative fireplace with his hands shown in the photo, is to focus on the most appropriate:

  1. Oriented strand Board OSB, is often used for use under laminate or parquet, has a great frame strength. Requires additional external processing. Working with OSB-plate allows you to do with your hands full of strength and opportunities for furniture design. In some cases, a frame made of such material can withstand the veneer panels of natural rubble stone or brick, maximally approximating the appearance of a decorative fireplace to the look of the original product. But the cost and weight of this product is at least twice that of other options.
  2. Plasterboard, you can use both simple and water and heat resistant, in various thicknesses, from 8 to 15mm. Decorative fireplaces, hand made of plasterboard, as photos, allow you to achieve the highest degree of similarity with the real brick version. It can be entirely made from drywall, even if, in «furniture» duties, he will still have to perform the functions of a heater or radiator.
  3. Wooden slats width up to 60-70mm, pre-sorted and calibrated according to the thickness and curvature of the surface. The most environmentally friendly and time-consuming option, implies carpentry skills. As a rule, expensive the surface of the suspended shield is ground, polished and sealed furniture is often veneer.

Step by step instructions for making decorative fireplace with his hands ↑

Plasterboard allows to create lightweight and durable, the intricate shape of the design, but with one condition – the presence of strong frame products and correctly performed mounting and grouting. This is currently the most accessible and cheapest option for any frame articles.

How to make a decorative fireplace

Step one – choose a basis for the design ↑

For plasterboard version of the decorative fireplace will need to do major frame and a carrier substrate. At the selected location in the room with decorative fireplace, or by design will make with your own hands sketch «face» decorative fireplace, it is better to do it on a photo of one of the variants of a decorative fireplace, folded their hands out of the drywall. The sketch will perform the drawing with the peg on the ground at the alleged size of decorative fireplace. The next stage is the calculation of the required number of drywall and frame profile. For financial calculations estimates multiply the obtained value by 20%.

In most cases, for fixing and connection of sheets using a special perforated metal profile. For a framework, you can use wooden polished timber frame or a metal grid, but in most cases, preference in selection is given to flexible and durable profile.

Step two – collect frame decorative fireplaces ↑

Frame the fireplace it is imperative to fix the contour using the plugs and screws on the wall, on which construction will build the rear wall. In a secluded place on the wall you need to make connectors to the wiring or socket for further connection to the network of the heater or lamp.

How to make a decorative fireplace

According to the scheme on the frame is a preliminary or draft securing the rear wall of the fireplace, then from the metal bracket are the side walls and supporting elements of the combustion chamber. Connection of metal segments of the area must be done with the help of screw fasteners and screws.

It is important! If the decorative fireplace is to install or use heating device – radiator or fan heater, heater and window cold air intake worth it «sew» the design of the frame to end the frame.

This will allow to avoid mistakes in the most crucial part – the proper organization of the inflow and outlet of cold and hot air respectively. For output of hot air is better to use sheetrock brand GPLO.

The lower part of the supports or uprights of the frame to be secured to the floor is impossible! With increasing load on the frame the position of the support points of the design will change, if fixing will occur deformation and warping of the frame.

It is important! If the draft front part and the portal are to be veneer with decorative faux stone or imitation red brick, the vertical posts of the frame should be reinforced to make installation of paired double corner profile.

Step three – fasten the plasterboard panel ↑

Cut panels from sheets of plasterboard should be only on the basis of measurements of real sizes on the collected frame the fireplace. It is clear. In the Assembly process of the frame design could accumulate errors or mistakes in dimensional chains, and blind copying the size and shape of the panels of the drawing will result in cracks. Major problems in the mounting of the finished panels, as a rule, does not happen. To disguise the heads of screws in the drilled hole it is necessary to do additional reaming drill in 10mm to a depth of 3mm. Due to this head is wrapped flush with the surface.

How to make a decorative fireplace

For the upper shelf decorative fireplaces – countertops use a double sheet of plasterboard, fixed on the perimeter additional screws or with PVA glue.

After the hanging and mounting of all panels of plasterboard will do the verification of the strength of the structure, if necessary, add additional fixing points with screws. Joints, cracks and the heads of the screws carefully gloss over the filler, if necessary, on the inner side on the slot you can stick a plaster mesh, which increases the strength of the layer of applied material. After 10-12 hours the place body fill and zashlifovyvajut fine emery.

The fourth step – execution of the decor ↑

The most realistic and natural look finish with imitation ceramic bricks or decorative tiles. Sticker panels «brick» on smooth and primed surface can accomplish, even without having experience of similar work.

How to make a decorative fireplace

The easiest and most affordable option is the latex paint composition in color, the most suitable for the interior of the room. If the top shelf of the fireplace is suggested for constant use as a working surface, in this case, it is better to make laminated or lacquered furniture Board panels.

Often in the combustion chamber, decorative fireplace vmontiruet electronic photo frames with images of fire, flame or hot coals. For lovers of complete reconstruction, you can make decorative fences of the furnace, to amend the restrictive mesh and candlesticks.

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