How to warm a winter refrigerator under the window with their hands

In modern conditions the concept of the refrigerator under the window, for most people, might be confusing. The fact that this type of refrigerator is gone in connection with the impracticality. He rescued people in the winter in the cold season, helping to save a lot of money. They were popular with engineers in the 50-ies, but now there is no need in this device. Most people have either been dismantled, or put the fridge under the window, because it is used only in winter and modern refrigerators are full size and practicality have replaced this device.

How to warm a winter refrigerator under the window with their hands

The design of the refrigerator ↑

The fridge is a niche under the window, deep, with a small layer of masonry, separating the street from the premises. There are technological gaps and cracks through which air passes into the device in cold weather and winter.

The size of the refrigerator under the window saves before a lot of space in the kitchen and keeping perishable products in a suitable place for six months. Very convenient sill replaces the table in the warm season. It can also be used as a shelf. In summer, the refrigerator may be suitable as a storage for cereals, flour, and other things. This saves a lot of space both in winter and summer.

How to warm a winter refrigerator under the window with their hands

The advantages of refrigerator under the window:

  1. The appearance of additional space, without sacrificing room.
  2. The ability to modify the niche in the case where there is no need for the fridge.
  3. Saving electricity, refrigerators, under the window can save substantially on electricity.
  4. A great place to store canned and other warm time of the year.

Options the remaking of the refrigerator ↑

Refrigerator under the window has its faults, which many are not satisfied, such as poor insulation of the room, therefore, most devices of this type have undergone various modifications.

There are three main options:

  1. To fully or partially seal the space from the bottom of the sill, and leave a small niche for battery setting
  2. To glue the insulation refrigerator, especially the door so the winter air penetrated into the room, and use it for its intended purpose, in the summer as the wardrobe in winter as the fridge.
  3. Completely remove the partition that separates the premises from the street, to remove the sill, and put a large window. Of course, insulation would be even worse, and so to compensate, you need to make a loggia or a balcony, so that was another layer of air.

How to warm a winter refrigerator under the window with their hands

Remove the refrigerator ↑

This is the best option, which is suitable for most, because in the warm season the room is very hot and winter is cold. For inhabitants of Northern areas is ideal to provide a good heat capacity of the room.

How to warm a winter refrigerator under the window with their hands

To seal the niche with bricks it is best to ensure the reliability and durability of the structure. Ideally, aligning the niche with the main wall thickness. It is advisable to leave in the middle of the space for the air to avoid condensation due to sudden temperature changes. You can insulate the wall on top of the brickwork on the inside that will make problem area’s a lot more comfortable. There is an option of external heating of the premises, then the entire surface is sheathed penopropilena plates, plus plaster with a painted surface that will completely eliminate the problem of cold room.

You can leave a small niche for the battery, 10-15 cm, and to hold the radiator, so as to fully compensate for the lack of the cold wall. The sill can be replaced, because in homes with the same refrigerator they are very large, because of the space from the bottom.

How to warm a winter refrigerator under the window with their hands

The Council! To use the window sill as possible and the countertop, and place under it to use for chairs and other things, it will not interfere with the feet.

Improvement of refrigerator ↑

To improve the refrigerator it is possible on their own without the help of professionals.

The main problem is the fridge door, if it is well insulated, it will make the room more comfortable. Door better to take a plastic, of the same profile as the window. It is not necessary to install the sliding and other doors with unreliable fixation and multiple gaps, which are more expensive, and will skip a lot of cold inside.

How to warm a winter refrigerator under the window with their hands

The Council! You should pay attention to a snug fit door to the refrigerator, it is possible to sizing at the place of contact an additional tape insulation.

As the inner material you can use special sandwich-panels, optimally keeping the cold and not passing it through the structure. This will reduce a little refrigerator, but allow to isolate the air in it and spread it on the walls in the room.

When replacing the window sill for less, and when I brick a number of not posted (if any), it is possible to slightly increase the refrigerator by height, reducing the useful part of the window.

How to warm a winter refrigerator under the window with their hands

The internal space can be repaired plasterboard or plaster. The drywall need to putty the joints and make edge about 20 degrees, to avoid deformation, because it can expand, and stucco edge will take all the load.

In any case, the internal space must be warm, so the cold does not penetrate into the wall, and was concentrated and left in the fridge, and summer heat also lowered the comfort in the room.

To avoid destruction of the walls from condensation, you need to make the gaps between the drywall/sealant, and the wall that had an extra layer of air to minimize a strong temperature gradient, warm home atmosphere and cold streets.

How to warm a winter refrigerator under the window with their hands

Can be done in the refrigerator the light for a better view, using simple elements for standard refrigerators, for example, the transformer and other, pinning them in the drawer next to the fridge, in a warm place with a stable temperature.

They can withstand freezing temperatures, but moisture and frost in the refrigerator can produce breakage of the device and will occupy additional space.

It is important! Inside the fridge is the worst place for electrical equipment.

The rear wall can be insulated and a layer of brick masonry, but we should not forget that the main source of the cold in the winter are holes in the wall that shouldn’t be covered. Also when plastering can not be repaired.

During the construction of the veranda or the insulation already existing, we must not forget about the necessity of air flow to the holes. To improve efficiency it is possible to hold up through the porch to the outside, and carefully sealing all around it so the air only went for the tubing, and glue it with thermal insulator to maintain the temperature and efficient operation of the refrigerator to come up.

How to warm a winter refrigerator under the window with their hands

At the last stage mounted shelves and drawers.

The Council! They should be oversized and easy to save precious space.

Glazing unnecessary space ↑

It is a good way to visually expand the kitchen, and makes it an excellent masterpiece of design, a large window is necessary to set the mood each morning, if you live in a region with not very cold winters.

This part of the wall, with a fridge, a special burden itself does not carry, so you can fearlessly delete it.

How to warm a winter refrigerator under the window with their hands

You first need to measure and make at least a rough plan for the future of a window or veranda, to see the store size, and have them order future window.

Maybe leave a window sill, but be careful to deal with him, not forgetting the fact that the bottom and top glass.

It is important! When you delete partitions above the first floor, it is important that the bottom was a man or a pointer that work is underway. Ideally, you would cut the possible fall zone of the material bright ribbon, so that people can see the danger and more accurately passed this phase.

After cleaning the fridge and the wall it is important to clean up the edges so that installers did not have half a day to break the unnecessary and disturbing plots.

After insertion of the window workers, the gap should blow out the foam, wait until it hardens, a knife to cut off the excess.

How to warm a winter refrigerator under the window with their hands

The Council! That foam did not deteriorate from moisture and sun, it must be putty or plaster

If you plan to make a small porch, it should bottom on the floor to secure the anchors in the channel, and the protruding portion to sheathe with sheets of iron.

The resulting step u can be neatly decorate the railings to fix to the wall, and on the Playground, to fix the stops in floor.

If the veranda is fully cased glass, this will help to keep warm.

The Council! You can also do Underfloor heating so the room was much more comfortable because these Windows are large heat loss.

But these works require permission, because what we do may will harm the whole structure of the floors above and below. As well as the demolition of load-bearing walls and other elements that can lead to the destruction of the entire building.

Conclusion ↑

Refrigerator under the window is a very handy and practical tool with which, unfortunately, many parted. If you are lucky and you have another refrigerator you can use to save money on electricity, and as additional space for food storage and preservation.

How to warm a winter refrigerator under the window with their hands

If you don’t have the need, you can make a lovely veranda that will cheer you up every morning for Breakfast.

How to make a refrigerator under the advanced window you can see from the following video

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