Interior options and design a large dressing room

Of course, each of us has a need in a small room, simple language the pantry where unnecessary, from time to time, things. But if a lot of things? They have to hide, in addition, also in the Cabinet, many drawers, marring the interior, and after all this it was possible to hide behind the mirrored door of a large spacious walk-in closet.

Anything more will not spoil the General appearance will not be bulky cabinets that take up half the room, and even expand the space and will decorate any room, this is what we offer modern trends, saying that this is a big plus for any room.

Interior options and design a large dressing room

The advantages and disadvantages of a large dressing room ↑

Contrary to many guesses a large dressing room has many advantages – first and foremost, as though it may sound paradoxical, space-saving. After all, would not be necessary in the cases, which detracts from the appearance and take up much space.

Ideally, you can divide a big room into several zones, for all family members, place the bottom of the division for shoes, top for clothes and other things that are not needed in the other rooms. We will have a special working place for Ironing boards, no need for closets, because why hide something if it is already hidden in a special room? Savings on repair and purchase of various cabinets, in the pursuit of more modern materials.

It is possible the placement of full-length mirrors, and other elements necessary for trying on clothes. Here you can also move the toys and put them in a special Department, spare towels, dirty and clean clothing, winter, and spring clothing items, shoes, coat, etc.

As to the advantages of the large dressing rooms include:

  • the appearance of the space.
  • leave all cabinets in the past, along with unnecessary elements, which were nowhere to be found;
  • you can extend the nursery, by removing from it all superfluous, and expanding the Playground.

We have long wanted to expand the bedroom, too many things that have no direct relationship to everyday life? Then a large dressing room that we need!

Interior options and design a large dressing room

But also have large closets, there are drawbacks:

  • like bathroom, large walk-in closet will also be the place in the morning when everyone rushing to work and school, this family members will either have to get up early to feel the full owner of the room, or to accept the fact that someone stood up before us;
  • the disadvantage is that for large dressing rooms require additional space.
Interesting! The biggest dressing room in the world belongs to beauty editor of the publication Vivre – Tina Craig.

What style to make a great dressing? ↑

When choosing the style of a large dressing room also need to view the various options on paper first, special programs for designing and then actually. This is a huge field for imagination, a special emphasis may be placed on the shelves as the walls will be visible only a small part.

Interior options and design a large dressing room

A good idea to look dark floor, bright niches and shelves for clothes, and light the ceiling with spotlights. Can much time be given to the choice of material, because a large dressing room is not noisy, no heat and sound insulation, no one here will pour water shelves, so you can limit the wood and the finish will take a minimum of time and money.

There is also a caveat – if possible, you can make brilliant design decisions, but it will be difficult because of the simplicity and banality of the room. The main obstacle will be the large quantities of items, and the need for practicality, but now you can devote much time and imagination to implement the space vacated by cleaning cabinets and other.

Dressing equipment ↑

When building a large dressing room, we need lighting, ventilation, various hangers, boxes and stands for shoes. Let us consider all of the above.

Lamps ↑

If ideally then, of course, better suited to spot lighting that distributes light around the room, but you can use any available light source, you should pay attention to the place near the mirror, there should be a light when you need a night out to go without lighting in front of the mirror will not be very convenient.

Interior options and design a large dressing room

Ventilation ↑

Of course, without the ventilation is bad, because dirty or fresh, but a little bit will deteriorate, and the room will smell bad, and find the problematic thing will be difficult. We can come warm floors, mesh boxes in which the clothes will dry faster, and at least minimal ventilation, providing for the removal of air from the room.

The Council! Ideally, ventilation should be exhaust and supply where, on the one hand, will be fed with fresh air, be removed wet.

Window ↑

It is impossible to ignore the window, it is a source of light and fresh air in the warm season, which is very important for a large dressing room. Also, there is a caveat, as the fading color in the sunlight, so you can forget shuttered blinds or the clothes of all family members may lose their bright color. Best fit blinds, even if they forget to close, the light will be diffused in the room will be light and without direct sunlight, and that the need for a large dressing room.

Interior options and design a large dressing room

Equipment for dressing ↑

You should also pay attention to the location of the hangers, shelves, stands for shoes, of all things, which will be located in the large dressing room. Should all be carefully considered, on the top shelf to put the less popular items in the middle and at the bottom is often necessary things.

You need to provide a place for the Ironing Board, so it does not interfere and has not blocked access to other things, all things were equally accessible regardless of its location. The mirror should be placed near the window or near the window, next to the mirror is required, hotel lamp, the room should be well lit.

You should consider various options for the location of hangers, fasteners for ties, stands for shoes, mount, shelf for trousers of linen, and other equipment that will be stored in the room. For example, sports equipment, vacuum cleaner, toys, Ottomans and so on.

Dressing room in the bedroom ↑

Very interesting and practical looks very small, but compact dressing room in the master bedroom. On the floor is a fixed structure in the form of steps, which are things, they serve a dual purpose – a repository for things and stand under the legs for the top shelf. On the contrary, at the top is a rack of clothing, and around all embedded small shelves for different things. Again, there is an advantage in that things are always at hand, and one need not look far, for example, children’s toys.

Interior options and design a large dressing room

To make such a small, practical and compact dressing room can be almost any suitable location. The only drawback is the lighting, but you can make transparent walls and place it near the window, but this option is, of course, imperfect.

The mirror here, of course, is not a place, but at desire it is possible to make, for example, sliding doors to wardrobe, with a mirror finish, they make the room visually more than it was before the repair, and completely compensate for the lack of space. The door at the same time perform the function of a large full mirror that will clearly seen the clothes in full growth.

Dressing room in the hallway ↑

Of course, not everyone has a separate room for the wardrobe, to the aid can always come many design decisions how to arrange the maximum things in the minimum volume. This is possible even in the hallway, enough to fence off a space by a partition wall and make a corner wardrobe.

The Council! Doors have a sliding and mirrored to a lack of space, which is a dressing room to compensate for visual.

Interior options and design a large dressing room

In country houses often do. Equip sometimes dressing in a boiler room or pantry, which can be used not only for its intended purpose.

It is important! In the case where the boiler performs the function of a dressing room should pay attention to hot pipes and other elements.

When you have two choices it is better to do a dressing room closer to the main, to not have to go far in search of the necessary things. Also, if there are two dressing rooms, the better each of them to determine for certain things, in one example, clothing and other sports equipment.

Conclusion ↑

Large dressing room has always been an integral part of the housing, but modern trends have put the need for a higher level, offering to place it in a separate room. It was a successful attempt to raise our mood and forget about scattered things in the living room to give more space for children and aerobics, so unproblematic to do morning exercises and to give others a lot of positive and powerful flow of positive energy!

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