Built-in dressing rooms with their hands

Built-in wardrobe is the most advanced and the best option for storing clothes and shoes, which, moreover, can be a separate element in the design of the room.

Due to recessed walk-in dressing room you can get rid of bulky and heavy cabinets, replacing them on the convenient shelves, drawers, baskets, cupboards with pantographs and more.

The benefits of the closet:

  • fits a lot more stuff even in the largest wardrobe;
  • you can easily change, as all things are stacked in one room;
  • don’t have to get a house (apartment) wardrobes, chests of drawers, hangers;
  • through proper storage, increasing their service life;
  • you can store any clothes, shoes, bedlinen, towels, bags, umbrellas, hats and so on;
  • the whole dressing room is used 100%, from floor to ceiling, all corners and walls, which you can’t get from the cabinets and drawers.

The only one drawback is required more places than one Cabinet.

Built-in dressing rooms with their hands

Site selection and project development ↑

The first step is to determine the location of a recessed dressing area.

It can be installed in absolutely any room, but most often are mounted in bedroom, hallway, corridor or in the spare room.

A minimum spot size – 3-3. 5 mTwo. If less, it may be better to set as a dressing room built-in wardrobe.

To be able to safely change between the Cabinet and the opposite wall there should be a distance of not less than 1.5 m, unless walking is 0.8-1 m.

Built-in dressing rooms with their hands

Room width is calculated based on the depth of the cabinets, the width of doors, depth of the boxes and pass.

Depth built-in wardrobe in the dressing room is determined by the width of the hangers. For outerwear will need not less than 55 cm, and 50 cm for a light If you plan on rack to install door coupe, add to the overall width 13 cm.

To reduce the depth by using rods mounted across the Cabinet. Then, it will take no more than 35-40 cm.

It is important! Calculating Cabinet dimensions, remember, one end of the rod fits up to 8 hangers.

Height zones for the top and long clothing should be not less than 1.5 m, and area of short things (shirts, sweaters) is not less than 1 m.

The Council! Make the dressing in advance project to calculate the required amount of materials and not to make a mistake during installation.

If the dressing room is small in size, it is necessary to abandon the doors on the cabinets and drawers. By the way, is much easier to choose clothes, because everything in sight.

If there is a separate room (pantry, closet), then a dressing room can be separated part of the hallway or bedroom.

It often happens that in the house or apartment is too long room, just her and you should make a built-in dressing room at one of the short walls. Then the room will become more intimate view, thanks to proportional size.

Built-in closet in a small bedroom can be separated by glass walls, but this option is suitable for those who are able to always keep the order.

A small and square room is recommended to do a corner built-in closet.

Built-in dressing rooms with their hands

If the house or apartment a lot of space, it is possible to arrange two walk-in closets. One built-in closet in the hallway for coats and shoes, and another in the bedroom for other things.

In the attic you can also make a place to store things. The main thing that was insulated and have good ventilation.

Equipping the closet in a small room, you must keep several rules in mind:

  • dressing mounted only in a dead-end or corner part;
  • the whole room should be used rationally and fully.

Several recommendations that are suitable for any walk-in dressing room:

  • on the upper shelves (mezzanine) better store the things you hardly use (seasonal);
  • shelves or drawers for shoes it is best to place it at the bottom;
  • in the middle of the take place only for the hangers;
  • shelves located close to the entrance and easily accessible, take commonly used things;
  • provide a place (box) for small items (gloves, neckties, socks), and hats and umbrellas;
  • install mirror (preferably full length), then it is not necessary after changing clothes to go to the bathroom or bedroom;
  • must be great lighting.
Attention! In any dressing room must be ventilated, otherwise things will acquire an unpleasant odor, which can be removed only through washing.

Built-in dressing rooms with their hands

Installation ↑

Once decided on the location and size of the closet, you can proceed to its installation.

By the way, to build a built in closet by yourself, it is not necessary to call professionals.

The cheapest and most convenient material for the construction of a dressing room – plasterboard.

Built-in dressing rooms with their hands

But first you must make a skeleton to which later will be assigned to drywall. It is made of galvanized steel profile.

  • According to the previously developed project and standards, the profile is cut to the desired part of the snips.
  • First, is fixed by screws the profile on the floor, then the walls, and only in the last instance to the ceiling.
  • That the frame was sturdy and stable, all profile are interconnected by a transverse profile (at a distance of 40-50 cm from each other).
  • Once the frame was assembled, it fixed the drywall. Decorate the frame they are recommended from both sides, then between the layers can be put insulation and hold the electrical wiring.
  • All the cracks between sheets sealed with putty.
  • Decorate the resulting wall can Wallpaper, decorative panels or paint, but it will have drywall carefully sanded to a perfectly smooth surface.
  • Very rich and beautiful look of built in wardrobes in the array. But this option should only be done on order.
  • On the floor is often tiled, parquet, linoleum. Not recommended to lay carpet, so how much accumulates in itself the dust.
  • For room lighting are ideal suspended ceiling with lots of lights, then in the dressing room will be very light.
  • The door to put the best sliding, as it is convenient, takes up little space and looks great with any design the rest of the room.
  • Shelves, cupboards is still possible to make profile and drywall or buy (make to order).

Built-in wardrobes-compartments ↑

Unlike ordinary wardrobe, consisting of four walls, the wardrobe has only (mostly) the front side, which consists of sliding doors. All the shelves are attached directly to the wall.

Built-in wardrobe is conveniently mounted in a recess. Then, even in a very small apartment to spend quite a bit of space. While visually the room can be increased, choosing the right color for doors.

Also often, closets inserted in the interior walls. In this case, too well-saves space and cost of materials is small. Inside the Cabinet and doors can be made of particle Board, so all the details in the future, will still be trimmed.

Built-in dressing rooms with their hands

During project development, you should consider the material from which it will be built, as the installation process may be different.

Wood is a beautiful material, but not the best for built-in wardrobe, as in the niche humidity will be higher than in the rest of the room. If you still decide to do wood, you should take the material of excellent quality and treated with emulsions or with drying oils.

Wardrobe from drywall is not the best option, because the material takes a lot of space. Because drywall cannot be used without back-up (frame to which it is fixed).

MDF, laminate is the most suitable material for the built-in wardrobe. They have all the same properties as wood but resistant to moisture.

Built in wardrobes wardrobes can be direct and angular.

If the wardrobe is installed in the hallway, be sure it has set the bar for coats down to make shelves for shoes and top for hats.

In the bedroom, the main attention should be paid to the large number of shelves for clothes and bedding.

Built-in dressing rooms with their hands

When you build a closet with your hands, you have the advantage as you all adjust to fit my needs and desires, or can at any time to change something. All this saves money, as it does not use the services of specialists.

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