Bedroom design in small apartment

The main problem faced by designers in creating the interior bedroom in small apartments – very small area, usually reaching only 12 square meters. It is also worth adding about the low ceilings and elongated shape of the room, which prevents the installation of the furniture in standard sizes. To create the most beautiful and pleasant setting, you need to use a few simple rules.

Bedroom design in small apartment

The basic style of decision ↑

When you design the bedroom you can use several different stylistic solutions which are designed precisely for small rooms. Their main distinguishing features is the use of minimal furniture and lack in the finishing of bulky items.

Popular bedroom design in small apartment:

  • The art Nouveau style. Perfect for bright individuals who love all things interesting and unusual.
    Bedroom design in small apartment
  • Conservative style. Will appreciate people who prefer calm and harmony. When designing the interior used traditional finishes.
    Bedroom design in small apartment
  • Minimalism – a style in which the interior remove all superfluous and unnecessary. Together with this are welcome the unusual colors.
    Bedroom design
  • The retro – style, the creation of which used the characteristic details of the interior, lamps, pictures, etc.
    Bedroom design
  • High-tech is one of the most popular styles, which is dominated by metal and glass materials, interesting color combinations.
    Bedroom design
  • Ethnic style. If the choice fell on this option, when making use of one particular tradition of the people (but not everything). Design bedrooms in small apartment is perfect for those styles, which can be limited to a minimum of accessories (African style, Chinese, Mediterranean, etc.).
    Bedroom design

Finish ceiling and walls in a small bedroom ↑

One of the most important places in the design of a small bedroom is choosing the right colors for the walls. If your design uses paint, it is recommended to give preference pink, peach, purple, beige and blue hues. Wallpaper also must be purchased light colored, preferably without a pattern (if the pattern is present, it needs to be small). Large patterns on Wallpaper, as well as dark colors visually reduce the space, so their use is prohibited. Warm colors are able to bring the space, so the short wall is desirable to arrange in shades of ivory or beige, but a long wall, you may arrange for pastel cool colors.

The ceiling is painted in white color, but if possible, better to order the installation of glossy stretch ceiling, coating which reflects light and thus visually expands the space.

Bedroom design

Living room design bedroom small apartment ↑

In creating the interior should use the most simple colors and shades. The furniture should be light and fairly simple, as the minimalist style brings a sense of freedom and space.

The furniture should be arrange in such a way that movement around the room didn’t cause any inconvenience. That is why, for example, the bed should be placed so that it lies along the wall.

Attention! In a small room should always be perfectly clean, and small items neatly in its place (because the clutter makes the room cluttered and crowded).

Visually enlarge the space by mirrors that should be positioned in such a way that they reflected the opposite wall.

In addition, when making use of a simple textile, bright, solid shades or with a small figure. Extremely won look fabric in dark colors with large patterns, since they look too bulky.

Bedroom design

Coverage ↑

In a small room is not recommended to install floor lamps and large chandeliers, decorated with lots of small parts. Instead, opt for a small chandelier, which is fastened under the ceiling, and sconces mounted on the wall beside the bed. If the room has ceilings, the chandelier is perfect spotlights.

Bedroom design

Workplace ↑

Some people often use their sleeping space as a working office. The most optimal location for the working area will be the pier next to the window, where you can put a small table for laptop.

Storage of papers and documents over the table are mounted some shelves. Also, the shelves can be placed in the space under the window sill (when there is no Central heating radiator).

If free space is very little, you can purchase a folding table, which is used only during operation.

Bedroom design

Furniture ↑

To develop a bedroom design should be with strict regard to what items of furniture are positioned in such a confined space. Of course, the most binding element is the bed, followed by cabinets, tables, mirrors and everything else that may be useful to the owners of the apartment.

Bed ↑

As a rule, the longest wall in the bedroom is not more than 2.5 metres, so the bed should be a minimum size (of course, so it was convenient for the owners). You can put a double model, but its design should be in harmony with the environment. Ideally, if it will not be too heavy and bulky items. Perfect platform bed, through which it is possible to save additional space. The drawers are mounted on a podium, you can store things, and next to the bed to place a couple of bedside cabinets. The bed must be padded headboard, otherwise the wall will look quite unattractive.

Bedroom design

Wardrobes ↑

Will be just fine, if you put in a bedroom closet with mirrored doors that visually expand the space. Get even more free space is possible due to built-in wardrobes also feature mirrored doors (instead of them will also fit stained glass illuminated). Its height should ideally reach the ceiling, as this might compensate for the small width and length. To keep things in small niches, decorated lighting elements.

Bedroom design

Cabinets and drawers ↑

Cabinets and drawers, especially too massive, the bedroom is better not to, because their ratio of functionality and size just does not allow to place them in such a small room. Instead, you should use all kinds of bedside tables or shelves, which can be positioned along the entire height of the wall. To visually expand the space, the walls with shelves can be supplemented with mirrors, lighting etc.

Bedroom design

Repair bedroom in a small apartment ↑

Owners of small bedrooms often wonder about how to increase the space of the room, if you put the right furniture or to make a cosmetic repair is not possible? In this case you need to get rid of some things that will increase precious inches in the room.

Radiators ↑

Repair bedroom in a small apartment should start with replacing existing radiators for a more modern one. Old batteries are usually too bulky, and placed at some distance from the wall, thus taking up too much space. In turn, modern battery slim (but has a large exchange surface) and nicely decorated.

Bedroom design

Windows and window sills ↑

The next step of repair would be to replace the old wooden window frames with plastic double glazing. Because of this Windows will be visually lighter and more compact (i.e., will not project beyond the window opening).

Bedroom design

Door ↑

When installing in a small room swing doors are very often unable to use a certain area of space required to open and close the door. That is why for bedrooms in small apartments is recommended to choose sliding doors to open which requires almost no space (only a couple of centimeters). When you purchase the correct door should pay attention to its design – it should be light, complemented by frosted glass. Due to this, the room will be covered, which will visually increase its size. This door will be as well to let the review bedroom, both with and without glass.

Bedroom design

Attention! Sliding doors are recommended only in cases if the room does not require additional soundproofing.

These simple tips will help to visually expand the space of small bedroom making it not only beautiful but also functional. Naturally, to achieve the desired effect, and can be other ways, but you should always remember about the required free space is available, only thanks to which the room is cozy and comfortable.

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