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Venetian decorative plaster

Since ancient times decorative plaster attracted the attention of artists. They have carefully hidden the secrets of its composition, the technology of ready-mix to the decorated surface. But despite this, and in the modern world applies Venetian plaster. Any freshman who dreams to make your home or apartment a real work of art has all the chances to learn how to work with Venetian plaster. The photo sample of the finished surface for decoration which is used such decorative plaster.

Venetian decorative plaster

Features «Venetian» ↑

«Venetian» gives the desired result only if it gets in the hand of a true master. Technology of applying decorative Venetian plaster on the walls currently is not a secret any difficulties in this process. Option «Venetian» shown in the photo.

Venetian decorative plaster

Where to buy ready mix? «Venetian» available in many specialized stores specializing in the sale of decorative coatings and plasters.

The use of Venetian decorative plaster ↑

It is suitable for decorating bathrooms. In the photo – the use of this plaster. To achieve the same result, you’ll need special tools.

Venetian decorative plaster

The Council! It is better to buy a ready set of tools for «Venetian».

In the set are a trowel in different sizes, polished to a mirror Shine. It is the quality of choosing the tool depends directly on the quality of the surface. With the help of small spatulas plaster is applied on hard to reach surface areas.

Venetian decorative plaster

Beaters included in the kit, contribute to the maintenance for all repairs uniform composition of the plaster. They do not allow it to harden in the container in which it is stored.

Attention! As a necessary attribute of the master, specializing in the application to the surface of the Venetian plaster professionals call sponge or damp cloth.

Using such familiar objects on the surface «Venetian» looks very aesthetically pleasing. Marble finish after its revival began to call it «Venetian plaster».

Venetian decorative plaster

Attention! Its «recipe» this plaster obliged Italian Andrea Palladio. In the 16th century he had restored the ancient recipe of this decorative plaster.

His contribution to the revival of old technologies, the architects consider this «bridge», connecting the Renaissance and Baroque. In photos options the modern use of decorative mixtures obtained according to an ancient recipe.

Venetian decorative plaster

Features material ↑

Venetian plaster is a transparent finishing material, after applying, which is amazing refraction of the sunlight. The photo – variant of the coating.

Attention! In order to get the desired effect, it is important to follow all the rules of preparation of the surface.

Despite the simplicity of this decorative plaster, if improperly covering quickly crack and lose its aesthetic characteristics.

Composition «Venetian» ↑

The basis of this plaster stone dust. It can be represented in the form of marble, granite, and quartz. Additionally, the mixture includes a binder and a dye. In addition to stone dust, plaster and stone have a baby. Pick it up from the same stone as the stone dust. The photo – variant of the coating.

Attention! The size of the dust depends on the quality of paving material on the wall.

Neomenie components of the plaster are binders. During the Renaissance masters used slaked lime. The photo – finish, decorated in Venetian style. To obtain a viscous mixture composition was added water, and the color of the mixture gave a natural dyes. Their ancient masters was obtained from the SAP of plants, the blood of cattle. Components are thoroughly blended, getting the consistency of thick cream.

Currently lime traditional finishing decorative plaster has a modified composition. It added a synthetic polymer binders or chemical. In the photo – the application of the Venetian mix. Finish is beeswax a natural wax.

Venetian decorative plaster

The main characteristics of the material ↑

This coating is environmentally safe. When you apply classic «mineral Venetian» no need to worry about any allergic reactions. This finish is non-toxic, so the plaster can even be applied for decorating ceiling and walls in children’s rooms.

A variant of registration of premises is durable. The average duration «life» Venetian blends is 18-20 years. Throughout the period of application, the coating retains its original appearance, Shine and the color intensity. «Venetsianka» durable, it easily withstands temperature changes from -50 to +80 degrees.

Venetian decorative plaster

These decorative materials there are several textures and colors. With its help you can create a background for decorating walls indoors. In addition «Venetian» it is possible to make the key detail of interior design, to give with its help, house or apartment luxury and sophistication.

If you want you can choose glossy, semi-gloss or embossed decorative plaster.

The coating will not require you some careful maintenance. It easily transfers and wet and dry cleaning. To remove from the surface dust will be a regular dry cloth. Using a damp sponge with plastered walls easily believe the mud.

Venetian decorative plaster

The Council! If the surface is decorated with Venetian plaster, turned out to be too dirty, you can wet cleaning with soap and water.

Among the disadvantages of this decorative material note its high cost. Also have «fork» the services of a professional, as their own newbie not to make a perfect surface in the Venetian style. Also Cedi cons of this compound professionals call it is the complexity of the application. To obtain high-quality coatings require at least 2-8 layers of the mixture.

Immediately after the composition is applied on a plastered surface, is absorbed from the air carbon, this process is accompanied by the reaction of carbonization. The result is a dense carbon film that gives this type of wall coverings-specific operating characteristics.

Venetian decorative plaster

If you want you can choose for any interior style and furniture your variant texture coating.

Popular color ↑

The most popular among consumers colors of Venetian plaster are natural, noble colors, which allow to fully simulate natural stone. Mix grey, emerald, brown, recognized as real favorites of modern decorative facades. If desired, you can use synthetic dyes to add to the decorative plaster desired shade.

Venetian decorative plaster

Types of decorative plasters ↑

Manufacturers offer different variants of Venetian blends, differing in composition, areas of application.

«Veneto» ↑

This version of the plaster has the best combination of quality material with cost. Additionally, this mixture is easiest to apply to the decorated surface. If on top of the plaster additional surface to apply the wax, it will be possible to carry out wet cleaning of the finished surface.

Venetian decorative plaster

«Trevignano» ↑

This «Venetian» has a translucent composition. It allows you to get an amazing resemblance to the stone surface. Professionals believe that this compound has the unique resemblance to travertine, crystalline rocks, a cave formed by stalactites and stalagmites. The mixture includes a polymer that gives the surface a volume that guarantees the combination with any interior direction, including Baroque and classical music.

Venetian decorative plaster

«Marbella» ↑

This classic type «Venetian» the velvet surface, combined with a polished glossy streaks. It can be used even in rooms with high humidity, as there is a special copolymer additives.

Venetian decorative plaster

«Encausto» ↑

This mixture will give the surface a semi-matte finish. It has dark blotches that look like natural granite. After using this mixture as a final treatment, apply additional wax coating.

Venetian decorative plaster

«Imperial» ↑

Consider a mixture of modern plaster in its composition is an innovative gold pigment. Thanks to this Supplement, the plastered surface is truly luxurious. The color scheme of these mixtures in the tens of shades, it is rightly called «shining stone».

Venetian decorative plaster

Depending on what type of Venetian mixture was selected, there are some differences in the method of application of the composition onto the surface.

Venetian decorative plaster

Conclusion ↑

For lovers of beautiful coverings, Venetian decorative plaster are the best option. Choosing one of any color and price decorative material, pay attention to what works they are intended: inner or outer. With all the recommendations offered by the manufacturer of the Venetian plaster, eventually you will get the desired result, and the plastered surface will be for a long period of time to delight you with its brilliance and quality.

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