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Polymer exterior stucco

Currently in the construction of buildings use a variety of building materials such as aerated concrete blocks. On the outer surfaces of the building materials appear chips and cracks that ruin the perception.

Polymer exterior stucco

With facade polymer plaster can partially hide defects, increase insulation, improve the appearance.

Manufacturers offer different materials for inner and outer decoration of buildings, among them a clear favorite is a polymer exterior stucco for facades.

Polymer exterior stucco

The reasons for the popularity of the material ↑

To explain the relevance of facade plasters, polymer-based may be the fact that it provides a good grip. And eliminates the defects present on the exterior walls.

The Council! For the outdoor works suitable facade polymer plaster Hercules, featuring great waterproofing characteristics.

The functionality of the external protective layer of the plaster can be attributed to its technical properties:

  • water-resistant;
  • climate resistance;
  • vapor permeability;
  • mechanical strength.

The decorative material enhances performance of the whole building: improves soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Polymer exterior stucco

Facade decorative plaster is applied with the help of available tools and resources, special theoretical knowledge is not needed.

This mixture has an affordable cost, good aesthetic characteristics. Manufacturers offer a variety of textures and colors, so you can make a reality all your design ideas.

Classification of exterior plaster ↑

The outer polymer plaster is divided into several types depending on certain qualities: waterproof, fireproof, resistant to abrasion. In addition there are different types of performance and composition.

Mineral ↑

This is the most affordable among the thin-film protective materials. This plaster high strength, it is fully suitable for treatment of external surfaces of all buildings. In construction shops you can buy dry mix manufactured on the basis of gypsum. In the composition there is a special mineral additives that improve the operational characteristics of the mixture. As the operation the plaster enhances the strength and hardness, which is especially important. Such mixtures do not differ a wider color range, it makes no sense, as also on the wall is applied to the silicate paint. This material is an excellent protection to walls built of cinder blocks, brick, aerated concrete. The operational life of mineral mixtures is 10-15 years.

Polymer exterior stucco

Acrylic ↑

Produced on the basis of aqueous acrylic resins. This facade material is tinted, it is useful to implement the most daring design ideas. The main drawback of these materials is their low water vapor permeability. The advantage of material professionals believe elasticity, which can eliminate all the bumps, fill cracks.

Attention! When working with acrylic blend keep in mind that if you work step by step, all the joints will be clearly visible on the wall.

Polymer exterior stucco

I do not advise to choose such a structure in the case that a lot of dust, will need extra care. A similar finish is suitable for buildings constructed of aerated concrete. The average operational period acrylic plaster is 20-25 years.

Silicate ↑

Silicate plaster is based on liquid potassium glass. It has high water vapor permeability, excellent elasticity. The antistatic properties of the material ensure repulsion from the walls dust, preserving the aesthetic appearance.

This material is suitable for all types of surfaces, including concrete. You can buy it ready-made, choosing the appropriate color. Facade wall, decorated silicate plaster will last you at least 25 years.

Polymer exterior stucco

Silicone ↑

Experts say she has the highest performance characteristics: elasticity, water vapor permeability, environmental friendliness. The material is a universal type outer cover, resistant to climatic and mechanical changes.

Polymer exterior stucco

The Council! This composition is suitable for the decoration of private buildings, since it has a high price. The average lifespan is 25 years.

Mosaic ↑

The texture is grainy, has a multi-colored crushed stone with the size of 0.8 – 1.2 mm. the Advantage of this plaster mix is a complete ready to use. Manufacturers offer 48 colors of this material. Plaster has a high resistance to contamination and abrasion, resistant to low temperatures, suitable for internal and external works.

Polymer exterior stucco

Among the main areas of its application, scroll work, cement, concrete, gypsum surfaces, chipboard. After drying the surface is durable, abrasion-resistant. With the help of such material can be removed minor cracks in ashes, on staircases, in corridors.

With the use of reinforcing mesh ↑

Gradually replaced the traditional shingle comes reinforcing mesh for plaster. This material is required in order for the layer of plaster could have the maximum time to stay on the surface of the wall. The fastening of the mesh depends on the application of plaster: the scratch coat, or finish coat. The grid allows you to deal with cracking plaster, to reduce defects to the minimum rate.

Polymer exterior stucco

Advantages of plastic plaster mesh:

  • resistance to corrosion;
  • minor weight;
  • reasonable price compared to metal equivalents

There is a certain algorithm of work associated with the application of polymer plaster mix:

  1. Firstly, the mesh is fixed on the surface of the wall, this takes reactive solution.
  2. Further the mesh applied to the first plaster layer, its thickness is 3 – 5mm, press the solution inside the grid with a trowel.
  3. After curing the first coat, apply the second layer with a thickness of 2-3 mm.

Video spray mixture, see the link

Equipment for application of plaster ↑

Equipment for the production of polymer textured plaster is divided into two groups: professional and Amateur. Professionals prefer to use air guns. As standard this instrument is composed of additives of different diameters, a particle size.

Conclusion ↑

Facade polymer plaster has become a brand name last season. Is it necessary for decorating fireplaces, interior walls. In the composition of the material is synthetic resin, filler and special additives: preservatives, preservatives, thickeners. Manufacturers offer three types of fillers: granite, quartz, marble chips. Major baby suitable for exterior, a small crumb allows you to create unique interior spaces.

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