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Decorative plaster ceresit

Decorative plaster is one of the most reliable materials used for the walls. Such compositions allow to simulate different textures and reliefs. The plaster Cerezyme well protects the surface from external factors.

Decorative plaster ceresit

Properties ↑

Decorative plaster Ceresit brand is available in several types, so it can be used for furnish of facades of houses located in different climatic zones. This plaster has the following characteristics:

  • good water vapor permeability;
  • resistance to physical effects;
  • the ability to repel moisture;
  • resistance to UV and low temperatures.

Decorative plaster ceresit

There are several types of mixtures of Ceresit CT 35, so it can be used both for external and for internal furnish of premises. These characteristics suggests that the described structure is universal and can be used in various types of premises. It is often used to cover the walls of public buildings, but if desired it can be used for decoration of living rooms.

Decorative plaster ceresit

To correctly select the appropriate composition, it is necessary to consider the scope of application of plaster and to find out more about its types.

Scope ↑

Such compositions of the brand ceresit created to create decorative surfaces with a grooved structure. Such compositions are ideal for coating surfaces of the following materials:

  • concrete;
  • sheet materials;
  • cement-sand or gypsum compositions applied as the basis for decorative mixes.

Decorative plaster ceresit

There are compounds ceresit CT 35, which is intended for subsequent colors, so the home owner can choose any shade.

Types of plaster and their purpose ↑

Mix Cerezyme St 35, mainly used for facades of buildings. But they also are often used for interior walls. With the help of this material you can create almost any appearance, so the plaster Cerezyme and is popular among people wanting to design your house in a unique style.

Mix ceresit CT 35 can be divided into several types:

  • mineral;
    Decorative plaster ceresit
  • silicone;
    Decorative plaster ceresit
  • for facades.
    Decorative plaster ceresit

To choose the optimal variant for your apartment, is to examine in more detail each form of such compositions.

Mineral ↑

Such mixtures of ceresit are cheap and require self-mixing of a person engaged in a repair. Similar compounds beneficial to tolerate moisture and other factors that contribute to the surface damage.

Decorative plaster ceresit

Mineral mixture ceresit CT 35 can be used for facades, as she is not afraid of direct sunlight and is shock resistant. But this type is a lack of similar compounds are not elastic. This means that during prolonged use the surface of the mortar ceresit can cause cracks. It is also worth noting that the material is applied thickly.

Silicone ↑

Such compositions have the following features:

  1. Strength. This allows you not to worry that over time, the wall surface will be less beautiful.
  2. The resistance to contamination. This feature will delight any owner, as the surface does not need to constantly wash if the house has children or animals contributing to contamination of the walls.
  3. The ability to combine the solution with multiple types of foundations. Whatever the basis, the composition will be well fixed on it and won’t be damaged even after prolonged operation of the premises.
  4. The many shades. If you wish, you can choose almost any color to decorate this place into desired style.

Decorative plaster ceresit

The only disadvantage of these compositions can be considered to be a great price if you compare it with other types of mixtures. But if you want to create an original interior, you should choose this type of decorative mixes.

Plaster for facades ↑

Plaster stamps for Tserezit facade, despite the versatility, can be properly applied to the surface only by an experienced person. Otherwise, the operation of the building, she can crack or start to crumble. But if you are sure that we are able to exactly follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the plaster, you can try to do everything yourself.

Decorative plaster ceresit

Plaster Cerezyme St 35 recommended for use on facades with expanded polystyrene slabs or mineral wool products. You can also find mixes designed for the application of paint. If the finish is in the winter, you need to purchase a mix that is designed to work at low temperatures.

Structure features stucco ↑

Texture decorative compositions St 35 can be divided into 2 main types:

  • woodworm;
    Decorative plaster ceresit
  • lamb.
    Decorative plaster ceresit

The first type allows you to create a variety of textures on the surface of the wall. The second view promotes the formation of standard forms. Plaster beetle is used to create thin layers inside the building and on the facades.

Surface, plastered with a composition of «lamb», takes on a whole different look. If there were irregularities, they start to look differently and are not seen as flaws. Such a composition are covered as exterior building wall and surfaces inside the premises. It can be used for decoration of rooms, decorated in different styles.

Preparation of substrate for plaster ↑

The subfloor must be smooth, dry and durable to the composition being applied at once firmly entrenched on the surface. The wall must be free of contamination. If this is not done, the adhesion of the material will decrease. If the wall surface has areas, in which there is sloughing of the material, they should be cleaned.

If the surface has bumps or cracks, they are sealed by using a repair putty for several days before will happen using plaster. To through a thin layer of a decorative covering do not show through the color of the base, it is primed and dried for 6 hours.

Rules of application of decorative plaster, ↑

Decorative plaster is applied only on the leveled surface. In this case the wall must be dry and clean. If these rules are not met, the coating starts to crack and flake off. The composition firmly entrenched on the surface, is precisely to observe proportions during the preparation of the solution.

It is also important to prepare the plaster that will be used at a time. This is due to the fact that the composition dries within a few hours and then no longer suitable for use.

Decorative plaster ceresit

It is important! Below the surface was the same shade, a whole wall covered with plaster from the same batch.

The coating solution Cerezyme St 35 should occur when a metal trowel at an angle of 60 degrees. The thickness of the layer depends on the grain size of the mixture. The larger components of the plaster Cerezyme St 35, the greater must be the thickness. The formation of the texture should begin only after the composition of the longer stick to the grate and Shine.

Decorative plaster ceresit

Creating a certain pattern using a wooden or plastic float. This motion is taking place without a strong push to the surface, and the tool is kept parallel to the plane of the wall. To create unusual textures enough to try to make circular and longitudinal movement of the float, after which the surface of the plaster start to appear furrow.

To properly use plaster, you should watch the video, which depicts the process of applying such compositions. Choose the style of apartment, for finishing using plaster, will help submitted photo.

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