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Decorative mosaic plaster

This material as a decorative mosaic plaster has a long history, it is connected with the explorations of the artists of the 19th century. They tried using points to represent the image of the object. Then, the image representations was borrowed by the TV. Currently pixels is used by almost all Internet users. That is what got mosaic plaster in which a binder were mixed grains.

Decorative mosaic plaster

Features material ↑

Decorative plaster used for interior decoration. The reason for its relevance lies in the diversity of colors, excellent aesthetic characteristics, the possibility of creating three-dimensional images.

Decorative mosaic plaster

Classification ↑

Facade mosaic structure has excellent protective characteristics. There are several options for its classification. The used filler, the finishing material is divided into marble, quartz, granite mosaic.

Depending on the size of the main component, it is divided into small-, fine-, coarse-, medium-textured options.

Decorative mosaic plaster

Main features of this finishing material must be specified by the manufacturer. Before you buy mosaic mix, pay attention to its parameters, in order to pick up decorative material.

Decorative mosaic plaster

The Council! Baby used in its manufacture, is not ideal from an environmental point of view. Therefore, this material is best used for exterior finishing of buildings.

Particular danger may be the quartz, as it has a natural radiation. It is for this reason mainly quartz try to only include in the mosaic plaster is intended for decoration of facades of buildings.

Decorative mosaic plaster

Key benefits ↑

As positive characteristics of this material include the possibility of laying it directly on concrete, brick, aerated cement, plaster, conventional plaster.

In addition, mosaic plaster is resistant to all kinds of radiation because it has a unique structure, which allows to reflect at each point of the sun’s radiation. During the long operational period of this material retains its original color.

Decorative mosaic plaster

The main filler the plaster makes this material resistant to extreme temperature, humidity changes of the air. Quartz, granite, marble are high mechanical strength, it is also important for facade materials.

Decorative mosaic plaster

In the mosaic facade plaster with excellent permeability. This type of plaster does not need special care, extra funds for maintenance of the facade.

Attention! The resulting solution of this decorative material is sufficiently elastic, so in the process of hardening it is possible to change the shape of the received image.

Decorative mosaic plaster

The main disadvantages of the plaster ↑

Besides the obvious advantages, is the decorative material and certain disadvantages. First and foremost it should be noted that damage to the finished surface will be very difficult to eliminate the defects without serious visible distortion of the facade.

Decorative mosaic plaster

In addition, the disadvantage of the plaster is the mandatory use of special primer when decorating metal surfaces. Otherwise, high risk of chemical corrosion in which the metal product will appear layer of rust, which eventually «manifest» through a mosaic plaster.

Decorative mosaic plaster

Features of application mosaic plaster ↑

The principle applications of this material is similar to using regular plaster mixes.

Attention! All works associated with plastering of the facades, are performed at temperature not below +5 degrees of atmospheric humidity not more than 80 percent.

First, the surface is thoroughly cleaned from dust, dirt. Then it must be sanded, execute (if necessary) alignment. After the working surface has dried, begin to spray pre-cooked weight.

Decorative mosaic plaster

There are certain rules of execution of such works, allowing to obtain the desired result. First, the plaster is applied to the decorated wall strips 80-100 mm, then smooth it well to between the grains did not pass.

The Council! Try directly on the entire surface, apply mosaic plaster. In this case, it will not be visible joints between the individual layers.

Decorative mosaic plaster

No need for mashing mosaic mixtures, this technology differs from conventional plastering compositions.

If desired, you can apply plaster with spray, armed with a special device. To get a particular pattern or ornament, professionals first create the part of the image of the vertical bars, then the spacing of the pattern is filled with colorful mosaic plaster. To give the façade a visual volume, mixtures with different grain size.

Decorative mosaic plaster

Mosaic decorative plaster – finding designers. When the manifestation of imagination, availability of skills, with its help you can create on the buildings are real architectural masterpieces. The video presents the application of this material

Properties facade the plaster ↑

While selecting the material for the decoration of the facade, consumers tend to choose in today’s construction market the option that would suit their price range, external characteristics, operating conditions. Mosaic plaster at the moment is quite expensive finishing material, to afford it can not all owners of houses. Decorative performance of this material in the construction market is not, therefore, given the lengthy operational period, resistance to various negative factors, fans of this plaster quite a lot.

Decorative mosaic plaster

In addition to the attractive design of the facade, the main purpose of facade materials should be high-quality protection against external influences that can cause destruction. The mosaic facade plaster fully meets all these requirements, having the following main characteristics:

  1. High moisture resistance. When the humidity of the air, this material does not lose its specifications.
  2. Resistance to climate change: precipitation, high temperature fluctuations, solar radiation. This option allows you to apply this kind of facade materials, even in those localities which have severe climatic conditions.
  3. Moisture resistance guarantees the preservation of the original color of the facade throughout the maintenance period.
  4. Excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation properties help to significantly save on heating costs by choosing to decorate this mosaic facade plaster. Extra sounds coming from the street will not be heard inside the house.

Huge selection of colors allows you to create on the facade a variety of textures. Using the mosaic facade plaster, the home owner will be able to implement any design ideas.

Decorative mosaic plaster

The Council! In order to obtain certain patterns, take advantage of our special stencils.

Given the comparative ease of coating on the surface of the finished plasters, it is possible to cope with the work on their own, saving on hiring a professional team of finishers.

Decorative facade plasters ↑

Depending on what binder is used, distinguish between different types of facade plasters. Mainly for mosaic mixes used filler, the grain size of which does not exceed 5 – 8 mm. Material, which is composed of decorative stone, guarantee obtaining unusual surfaces like paved of stone chips in different shades. Pigments used in such mixtures are suitable for all types of surfaces.

Decorative mosaic plaster

Conclusion ↑

Despite the high cost, this mosaic a decorative finish try to apply in the design of facades of country houses. The result deserves financial and physical costs associated with finishing works.

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