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All about linoleum Tarkett

From all existing types of flooring, perhaps only linoleum is the most popular among all categories of the population. And the explanation lies not only its relatively low cost, but also outstanding performance in terms of durability, speed of installation and ultra-wide color gamut. The Tarkett linoleum in the domestic building materials market is a stable leader, which contributes to the huge diversity of textures that can be seen from the product catalog that contains colorful photos of sample products.

All about linoleum Tarkett

Features of the production and use of linoleum ↑

Unlike natural (very expensive) linoleum, modern PVC covering made of synthetic polymer composition, which added plasticizers, fillers and pigments are required. Depending on the peculiarities of production, the coating may be Homo – and heterogeneous. Homogeneous is a continuous sheet with thickness 0.3-1.5 mm and painted it in all its depth. The degree of wear of such a coating is quite small, and it is often used for commercial areas with high load.

The heterogeneous option is more complicated to manufacture, and is a kind of sandwich consisting of several layers. The result is to produce coatings with a pronounced texture, which are so fond of using in their work the designers. In addition, this type of linoleum can possess various additional properties – for example, soundproofing, high resistance to water, heat insulation. Separately, you can mention a non-skid surface has bumps is to slip on this is problematic.

All about linoleum Tarkett

How to choose «right» linoleum ↑

Many positive reviews on the linoleum tarket allow to assert that this brand can be used almost everywhere – from industrial facilities to small cozy bedroom. In order not to burden oneself with the peculiarities of production and other technical details, it is possible just to look at semi-commercial linoleum Tarkett, which is almost ideal for both home and office use – this option would be appropriate almost everywhere.

So, linoleum Tarkett «Idyll Nova», having only positive reviews and high strength, will not require replacement due to wear for 15 years. Specifications Tarkett linoleum allow it to be used for premises with very high load or in the office, where the permeability is somewhat lower. In the linoleum of the same brand name is used numerous innovations that significantly improve its performance:

  • extra PU protection, increasing the service life to 25 years;
  • strengthening the Foundation of the canvas Styrofoam thread;
  • for household and commercial types widely used introduction to the composition of the antibacterial component, based on silver;
  • the used technologies allow as long as possible to preserve the relief surface intact, and to use one canvas in a combination of matte and glossy surfaces.

In addition, Tarkett linoleum antistatic, which greatly facilitates the process of care because it inhibits the attraction to itself of impurities. Choosing flooring for your home, you should prefer a semi-commercial linoleum Tarkett from the catalog, since the cost is slightly higher than the household version, and operating characteristics are much higher.

All about linoleum Tarkett

Tip! If you purchase multiple rolls, be sure that they are from the same party (on the label) – this will allow you to avoid some divergence of shades, since its presence is natural and is not considered a marriage.

The main characteristics of linoleum ↑

The most important characteristics of this flooring can be seen on the example of linoleum Tarkett «Idyll Nova tango 4», very realistic and mimic the motifs of wooden flooring:

  • high protection class for areas with a heavy workload;
  • top film EXTREME PROTECTION effectively prevents the penetration of dirt into the coating;
  • ease of cleaning;
  • double-based linoleum Tarkett «Idyll Nova Atlanta 1», for reviews, significantly improves acoustic comfort in the room, and helps to preserve heat;
    All about linoleum Tarkett
  • high color fastness, prevent fading when exposed to direct sunlight;
  • the possibility of using it in the warm floor, where the maximum temperature does not exceed 27 degrees.

Besides, just look at the photo directory Tarkett linoleum to pay attention to the infinitely deep, lifelike colors and rich textures. The Tarkett linoleum in the interior will always look rich, elegant and give the room a unique, as a coating used will depend on the overall impressions of a home, apartment or office.

Commercial linoleum, or maximum strength flooring ↑

Homogeneous commercial linoleum Tarkett technical characteristics can be used in premises with the most intense load, in which its service life is 25 years. Naturally, in addition to its exceptional strength, the heterogeneous commercial linoleum Tarkett «Acczent mineral», as samples from other collections, for example, Grand, Tarkett Yalta 3, Force Premium feature excellent design, diverse colors and shades.

In order to take full advantage of this cheap, beautiful and durable coating should be more attentive to the process of its installation, because, no matter how strong or was laid with linoleum, all the imperfections in the substrate will seriously reduce its lifetime. If installation is expected on a wooden base, and fairly smooth, can be limited to only the sealing of joints and small bumps. If the floor is far from ideal, you can use chipboard or OSB-plate, and then quietly to lay the selected coating.

All about linoleum Tarkett

If the commercial linoleum Tarkett placed on a concrete base, which is rarely perfect, will have to work a little more. All joints and changes in elevation less than 2 cm shpatlyuyutsya carefully, sanded and primed. If the height difference is more pronounced, you will need the installation of new ties, which can be used as standard cement mortars and ready-made floors, which will save a lot of time.

You should pay attention to the method of installation. Despite the fact that the glueless method is still used in small spaces, it is not optimal. Better to spend a little more time for quality bonding than in some time to deal with the need of replacement coverage. For example, you can use a special adhesive for linoleum Tarkett, which can operate independently and which ensures reliable fixing of the chosen covering of any type (commercial, household) on any square.

How to conduct a proper stacking can be seen on video

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