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Heat resistant paint for metal and rust

Heat resistant paint for metal and rust

We live in a world where almost everything is made from «black» metal. In their homes it can be found as balcony railings, stairs, radiators, pipes for hot and cold water in private homes is a different fence design, gate, roof, bars on the Windows, various communication items, and more. But everything has its limits, and even such durable material as the metal tends to deteriorate. One of the reasons for this is corrosion. It almost totally destroys all metal construction for the entire operating time in the first place, striking in appearance of the metal and its strength.

The Council! With the finishing of metal structures paint metal, You will be able quickly to prevent the destruction of.

By applying a thin layer of metal designs will become immune to aggressive external factors such as air temperature, rainfall and light man-made factors. It should be noted that any paint on the metal add special components in connection with the surface of the metal as would restore it, getting rid of unwanted corrosion, as well as from the already started oxidation.

At the moment there is a wide choice of colors, the most popular on the market are foreign brands Beckers, Meffert and domestic Novbytchim and EMPILS.

Paint can cover a wide variety of designs, starting from the notched fence in the garden and ending with the colossal, the size of the area of the roof. In modern conditions an enormous variety of materials will help to make you a desirable choice in favor of colors, and in favor of your wallet. It all depends on you. Note that no matter what paint you choose, the main thing is to properly clean the surface to be treated. Alas, as in the case of metal, the paint is not too durable, therefore it should be updated periodically.

As the right choice of paint ↑

A wide variety of paints on the market a little astonishing, when you personally get to that seemingly simple question – like the choice of paint to metal. First and foremost, you must know that the effectiveness of the protective functions of the coating will proceed from his power to resist corrosion. Importantly, the deposited layer was left behind a protective function for years to come.

It is important! The cost of coverage for all subsequent layers will be costing You far more than during the first processing in connection with the high cost of finishing and preparatory work.

Do not skimp on quality, trying to win at the store couple of days for cheaper products. Therefore, buy only products of reputable manufacturers and do not skimp!

Because as they say – the avaricious pays twice. Compare the cost of paint, its consumption per square meter and the amount required for the deposition of layers. These are the main factors that should to compare products. Also, don’t forget to ask the store consultants what types of surfaces designed paint – internal or external. When choosing products professional manufacturers, this problem will be alleviated for You, because banks are trying to paint detail all the important information for the consumer.

Heat resistant paint for metal and rust ↑

In the urban jungle, the main source of artificial heat is the Central heating. Starting from the prescribed battery of norms, water in streams with a temperature of 45-70 degrees Celsius. If to protect them from corrosion, use oil paint or alkyd enamel, the color of these pipes will quickly turn from white to yellow, the paint will crack, and eventually all will wither. All this is due to insufficient heat resistance. According to GOST 1972-83, for heat resistant paints, the threshold of heat resistance must be at least 160 degrees Celsius.

It is important! In any case do not begin to apply paint to a hot battery, otherwise it won’t harden.

Note also that all this work must be done only in a warm room (but not too), so that the paint could dry. About the time this takes is 2 to 4 weeks.

Heat resistant paint for metal and rust

Such paint is very useful because most metallic elements that surround us, exposed to high temperatures. This means that the applied paint must match their performance. These include fireplaces and stoves, dampers and grilles to them, and all your favorite grill and barbecue. Over time, all metal products quickly lose their aesthetic appearance, but the use of heat products, supports them in perfect condition for years to come. For example, for corrosion protection of chimneys and heating systems use the products of the brand Tikkurila resistant with a threshold of 390 degrees Celsius. Similar to the scope of use has a brand called Meffert Silber Dufa. Its thin layer is able to withstand temperatures up to 490 degrees Celsius!

What is rust? ↑

Each of us from our chemistry lessons in school, remember that rust is the oxidation process of metals-based products. If metal products are stored in dry areas, they are unlikely to be subjected to this process because the rust appears only under the influence of oxygen in combination with water or high humidity.

It is important! In the case where the rust managed to penetrate to the metal surface, it will be an endless increase, even in the absence of the necessary appearance factors.

As it progression, the metal will lose its functional abilities, namely strength and power, appearance and even think is not worth it. Just clearing the subject have appeared from corrosion by 100%, and covering it with a layer of paint, you can avoid its further development.

The Council! To prevent the problem, much easier and cheaper than to deal with its consequences!

Steps to be followed in the processing of metal products:

  1. The treatment area should be pre-cleaned with sandpaper or grinder from all sorts of rust, sand and other pollutants.
  2. After cleaning, the surface should be degreased like a cleaner or improvised – a ten percent solution of acetic acid.
  3. The weld is treated exclusively with a brush.
  4. When working with large areas used rollers or small spray guns.

Personal application ↑

There is one important step in the process of processing of metal – as a preliminary stage of applying the paint. It means that if you are not working with materials from steel, and conventional “black” metals, it is important to remember that they need enhanced protection. To do this, use the following: after Stripping, the surface is coated with a special primer with anticorrosive properties, and then applied the paint. Because of this, your metal-its durability will not be inferior to steel.

Special primer for precious metals, such as copper, brass, etc., can significantly increase the adhesion to the paint layer. Choose a primer for non-ferrous metals is not difficult, all you need is to read carefully the information on the label.

Heat resistant paint for metal and rust

How to remove old paint from metal ↑

If you decide to upgrade to the metal structure with new paint, you should know that to start you need to get rid of the old. How to remove the previous paint? It’s very simple. There are three most common ways to remove old paint:

  1. burning. This method involves the use of radiators or other high temperature element is able to heat the old paint to a liquid state and burn.
    It is important! This method is not suitable for sheet metal.
  2. manually, with a brush or sandpaper. Pick up the grinding element and forward through half an hour of old paint will not be over;
  3. with the help of chemicals. This is a more advanced, but also poisonous method. It should be done only in special gloves and a mask. It consists in dissolving the paint with the various cleaners and solvents.

Paint based on organic solvents or on water? ↑

Most consumers are interested in the question: buy the paint on organics or water? Remember that these and other functional indicators are good, then you need to think about the purposes for which it is needed. If for interior work in residential, then of course suitable products are water-based, because there are no chemicals used in paints solvent-based. So the paint on the water is very environmentally friendly and safe. But as solvents, the products on their basis it is rational to apply only to external works such as facades or fences, where her human contact is less likely. However, the production of water-based there is one huge disadvantage, they increase adhesion. Despite all the above pros and cons, based paint solvent widely used for finishing works on load-bearing structures in buildings.

What paint to use for decorating, you choose. I hope that after studying this material, you will be able to decide on the name, type and category of paints for coating metal structures.

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