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Alkyd paint for interior and exterior use on metal and wood

On the market there are a huge number of alkyd paints. They stand out from all the others due to the possibility of applying for a wide variety of surfaces and high resistance to wear and tarnish. Masters in civil engineering apply alkyd paints, for both interior and exterior works, because it has excellent environmental friendliness. Add to all this that alkyd paints come in both matte and glossy, the range of application become simply unlimited.

Alkyd paint for interior and exterior use on metal and wood

The principal features of alkyd paints ↑

All enamel based on alkyd boast outstanding durability. Such coatings are able to dry fast enough, this feature allows you to use them for interior decorating. They do not have features to shrink, turn yellow or crack, as is typical for other types.

Alkyd paints are ideal for work outdoors, for example, when painting fences, due to the high resistivity to all kinds of precipitation.

Alkyd paint for interior and exterior use on metal and wood

It is important! Alkyd coatings very effectively protect against corrosion of various metallic designs and are not afraid of water or, for example, wiping with a wet cloth from dirt. Some use it for bathrooms.

Alkyd paints. Classification ↑

Like all other dyes, alkyd, also have their own classification, which makes it clear which products will suit best. Each type of paint has its own unique code. For example, PF-133 – this product is used for painting of metal products, where PF means pentaphtalic article (the substance on which it is based paint), the first digit, with the article, shows what terms are paint. In this case, this product is applicable for street work. The remaining two digits is just a serial number.

If you delve, you can decode all the possible signs that meet the labels of alkyd paints:

  • 0 – this class is only suitable for the ground surfaces;
  • 2 – products for finishing works in premises;
  • 3 – temporary paint intended to seal any objects or markings;
  • 4 is a paint that is not afraid of contact with water;
  • 5 specialized products. It is used for objects needing deter rodents;
  • 6 – oil and fuel resistant products;
  • 7 – the products are resistant to various chemicals;
  • 8 – heat resistant paint;
  • 9 – insulating enamel.

Alkyd paint for interior and exterior use on metal and wood

Classification of alkyd paints we understand. Now for the types that enjoy the greatest popularity among the finishing work on the house and the apartment.

Paint GF-230 ↑

GF stands for glyptal. These materials are used exclusively for finishing work inside the premises. This enamel is not intended for the treatment of the sexes, because she is not physically able to withstand the load. Before applying it, dilute GF-230 with the help of white spirit. As for the shades, they are just a great many. Apply it a variety of ways, ranging from a brush and finishing spray. Drying time approximately 24 hours.

PF-133 ↑

Coating materials of this type are used for painting metal surfaces. The deposition process of this type consists of depositing the object of two consecutive layers. Hallmarks is the high-speed drying and longevity (about 5 – 6 years).

Enamel PF-115 ↑

Great for outdoor work if You need to paint the surface of metal or wood. Like the previous line PF-133, this also should be sprayed in two layers, and the period of drying varies from 12 to 24 hours. This class is distinguished by a pleasant finish that gives the surface special color saturation.

Paint PF-223 ↑

This brand professionals of the construction sector is used for internal finishing of wooden and metal structures. This enamel is perfectly used for painting of radiators. Color palette of 17 different colors, leaving You indifferent to it. Excellent adhesion to practically pre-applied paints and not afraid of high temperatures.

It is important! Before application, the brand PF-223, must be diluted with gasoline. Drying time approximately 25 hours. Has a specific smell.

Alkyd paint for interior and exterior use on metal and wood

PF-253 ↑

Pentaftalevyh products for finishing works in premises at number 53 is used for boardwalks, pre-primed sexes. It should be applied in two layers, not to get «empty» areas. It should also be diluted with gasoline. Dries in about 2-4 hours in a room with moderate temperature. After curing, it gives a great glossy shade.

Enamel PF-126 ↑

This form is used exclusively in conjunction with the filler NF-1, since the drying rate without it is around 72 hours. Apply paint material should be two steps every 35 minutes. Before applied, the surface should be cleaned with diluted white enamel.

Enamel with matte finish ↑

It happens that for the processing of metal structures fundamentally necessary matte paint. Products of this kind safe to work indoors and outdoors. It stands out due to its resistance to water washing solutions and high strength. Does not lose its qualities even when the temperature changes from – 40 to + 60 degrees Celsius. To fully cover the surface of this paint is usually only one layer. To be diluted with white spirit.

Enamel for spraying ↑

The enamel of this type is very convenient for work, because You are freed from the routine process of applying enamel with a brush or roller. Also, the paint dries very quickly. In about 2-4 hours.

The Council! This product has high penetrating power, so it is recommended to use for hard to reach places and crevices.

How to apply alkyd paints ↑

The process of applying alkyd products is carried out using a spray gun, roller or brush. If You noticed that in the process of enamel in the Bank starts to thicken, it should be diluted with white spirit or turpentine.

Alkyd paint for interior and exterior use on metal and wood

The Council! Before applying clean the surface from any dirt, be it dust, stains or anything else. Do not leave the paint for a long time outdoors.

Typically for use on one square meter is enough 30-150 grams alkyd paints, be guided by these figures during the application. To achieve a decorative shade or your own accessories should be added to the enamel tinting pastes, oil or other enamel – it will help You achieve decorative shade.

Conclusion ↑

Approach to the selection of alkyd paints with the mind. Do not skimp on the purchase of paints of questionable manufacture. Often you will save only on your health. And, define the purposes for which it is needed, and you can never go wrong with choosing the type and color alkyd enamel for painting wood and metal both inside buildings and outdoors!

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