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How to choose a matte paint

Modern paint on the market there are many paint products, including the basics for decorating the ceiling. This products fits perfectly into modern interior spaces, makes it more attractive, significantly increases the service period, the service ceiling coverings.

How to choose a matte paint

Classification of coloring compounds ↑

All coloring materials are divided into three types:

  • glossy, with a specific Shine. They are suitable for painting a smooth ceiling coverings in commercial premises. All the irregularities and defects will appear on the glossy ceiling;
  • semi-gloss with a slight Shine;
  • matte, non-gloss, perfectly hides all imperfections and flaws present on the walls or the ceiling.

The varieties frosted ceiling coverings ↑

Painting the ceilings in the kitchens and bathrooms performed compositions having high moistureproof performance. There is another unit matte Kolerov:

  • mineral;
  • latex;
  • acrylic;
  • polyvinyl acetate;
  • silicate;
  • silicone;
  • latex.

How to choose a matte paint

Mineral ↑

The basis of such materials are cement or hydrated lime. If it is similar to a traditional wash.


  • moisture permeability;
  • breathability.


  • minor abrasion;
  • quick washout.

Polyvinyl acetate ↑

Released on the basis of PVA glue. Such materials are able to create a durable coating, resistant to high humidity.

Disadvantages of the material:

  • it is difficult to remove drips and splatters from the cover;
  • insufficient mechanical resistance.

Latex ↑

Ceilings-covered with latex based, do not represent for a person inside the premises, no danger. Such material is suitable for all surfaces, from the top you can paint.

The Council! To remove water-based foundations, it is sufficient to use a simple soap solution.

How to choose a matte paint

Acrylic ↑

With the introduction of the composition of special acrylic resins, non-shiny coating has improved resistance to water and abrasion. The ceilings, covered with matte acrylic paint, easy to care for.

Attention! Before using this cover, on the ceiling you need to apply a penetrating primer. In this case, significantly decrease material consumption and increase the adhesion of the material with the base of the ceiling.


  • does not fade;
  • retains the original characteristics;
  • hides surface irregularities.

The disadvantages of this material include the fact that after complete drying of the paint darkens slightly.

Latex ↑

Tikkurila latex suitable for rooms with high humidity, make the ceiling a matte and silky. The coloring composition after curing forms a thin film, it is difficult to remove from the ceiling.

Silicone ↑

Similar to non-shiny paint has the following advantages:

  • vapour permeable;
  • not afraid of the water;
  • elastic;
  • mechanically strong.

The disadvantages of such materials can be attributed only to the high price.

It is important! No need to observe special precautions when working with such materials, they are safe for humans.

How to choose a matte paint

Silicate ↑

Similar paint done on the basis of clerical or silicate glue called «liquid glass».


  • slight resistance to water;
  • instability to abrasion.

To apply such a coating on a silicate, cement, lime, surface.

About the advantages and disadvantages of matte coatings ↑

Let’s start with the positive parameters of the matte paint:

  • the lack of glare on the painted surface;
  • visual hiding of defects and irregularities;
  • quick drying of the applied paint.
  • the absence of unpleasant odors, harmful substances, do not assume additional ventilation in the painting process;
  • when adding colour, you can create any desired shade.

Disadvantages of matte materials:

  • the absorption of a significant amount of dust;
  • the complexity of the laundering of the dirt from the surface.

How to choose a matte paint

Specific applications ↑

Water-based matte base is the perfect option of staining concrete and wooden walls. It is suitable for children rooms, hallways. If you want you can easily to wall pan, without fear of changing their appearance. Like matte paint on metal and wood offered by manufacturers in a variety of options that guarantee coverage of various degrees of strength, including heavy-duty Foundation.

Glubokova the paint does not Shine, it is increasingly possible to see in ultra-modern design of city apartments. This Matt paint is used for creation of interior doors for painting glass.

How to turn a gloss paint into a matte finish? ↑

To solve this problem will require a glossy base, matte acrylic lacquer, a matting additive. Stages of transformation:

  1. first you need to paint the walls gloss paint to the specifics of the premises;
  2. further, in the glossy layer can be applied a matte varnish. After complete drying of the walls of the Shine will not remain;
  3. to resolve a glossy Shine, you can use gasoline, rubbing them to the wall. You can also try to get rid of the Shine using fine-grained sandpaper;
  4. as matting additives can be considered baby powder, tooth powder, rice flour;
  5. to remove the gloss suitable wax or paraffin. If you add such components to the paint, eliminates unwanted Shine.

How to choose a matte paint

Selection of paint for the ceiling design ↑

There are many coating materials, giving the matte effect, but interest products «Snow Paint». Among the most popular brands of white matte paint select:

  • Deluxe;
  • text;
  • tikkurila;
  • Caparol.

All products of these companies are in demand, have proven their quality, aesthetics, safety, sustainability. Depending on what the required performance parameters of the finished surface, you can choose the brand of paint. «Snow» offers white matte formulations, suitable for indoor decoration ceiling coverings, paint the walls. The Foundation paints are offered:

  • latex;
  • acrylic;
  • oil.

This paint you can buy to cover wood, concrete, drywall, plaster ceilings.

Recommendations ↑

Remember that matte formulations are not suitable in all cases. For example, to decorate the ceiling or walls they are perfect, but the floor is not suitable. Recommendations for:

  1. choosing to repair the vehicles matte paint, choose paint in the can;
  2. do not buy water-based materials in stores, in which there are no special facilities to accommodate them. At low temperatures, the solidification of water affects the structure of paint material, after the temperature rise, restore the structure impossible;
  3. not colruyt white matte acrylic paint. Better pick up some color at the hardware store, use a special apparatus so as not to disturb the proportion;
  4. a good matte paint is quite expensive;
  5. ceiling paint matte materials should be high covering power, maximum adhesion, it should not be spread on the surface.
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