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How to choose a washable paint for kitchen walls, bathroom

What is a washable paint ↑

Even very careful owners will not be able to avoid stains on the walls. In the kitchen it can be splashes of grease and detergent in the corridor – the tracks from the clothes, the prints of wet umbrella or strips from grazing the walls of the bags. To has the capability to remove dirt as their appearance, while not marring coating walls, it is better to use a washable interior paint.

How to choose a washable paint for kitchen walls, bathroom

Characteristics ↑

Washable paint tolerates high humidity, not bubbling, does not form stains and divorces. If desired, it can be used even in the bathroom. This coating withstands a wet cleaning rag with the detergent. However, it is not necessary to RUB hard, abrasive brushes or sponges, so as not to damage.

Washable dye can be applied to almost any surface. It fits well to many types of Wallpaper and plaster, concrete and masonry walls, gypsum sheathing and wood.

In addition to cleaning, washable paint for the walls has another nice feature – the color long do not fade, maintains a bright and fresh look.

Types of washable paints ↑

Water-based washable paints have a quick drying, ability to obtain a wide range of colors by tinting and applying. In the group of dyes, water-based dispersion is composed of three large classes: acrylic, latex and silicone.

Washable acrylic paints are composed of resin, making the cover very flexible. This allows the paint does not crack in the formation in the walls of small bumps and cracks, and in the process of expansion-compression of the wood surface temperature fluctuations. This coating is able to withstand several thousand cycles of cleaning without loss of performance and neat appearance. Wash acrylic coating for walls is recommended with a mild detergent and cloth or sponge. Acrylic paint is considered environmentally friendly during application and use, odourless and does not emit toxic volatile compounds, but due to the porous structure allows room «breathe». Therefore, it can be used even for residential premises, for example, for children, if children love to draw on the walls.

How to choose a washable paint for kitchen walls, bathroom

Latex washable paint designed for regular exposure to aggressive cleaning agents. Often used in public buildings, schools and hospitals, where health standards require regular cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces. In apartments this washable paint is great for walls in the kitchen, which often gets dirt in the process of cooking and washing dishes. To clean painted walls it is possible to use not only a soft cloth, but not too stiff brush, coating it perfectly stand. The paint is vapour permeable, and therefore can be used in places with high humidity – bathrooms and bathrooms.

How to choose a washable paint for kitchen walls, bathroom

Silicone paint combines the advantages of the previous two types and has no equal in wear resistance. In addition, it is not just good to clean, but also has stain-resistant properties that make the cleaning much less frequently. Often used for exterior works.

How to choose a washable paint for kitchen walls, bathroom

Alkyd dyes have high strength, achieved by deep penetration into the surface of the wall. In addition, they endure the UV light and aggressive cleaning.

Although the well-known oil paint can also be washed, but they often replace other types. The reason for this Flammability and toxicity, as well as the strong smell during application that disappears for quite a long time.

All types of washable paints can be divided into:

  • Matt;
  • semi;
  • glossy.

The choice between these types depends on visual preference of the buyer because the characteristics they do not differ.

The Council! If it is obvious that some portion of the surface will wash much more frequently than others, you should give preference to glossy or semi-gloss coating.

Washable matte paint for walls from the constant harvesting over time will buff right out and be ugly to contrast with the rest of the surface.

Recommendations for use ↑

Washable paint is quite picky – it can be applied to the wall surface of the conventional roller or brush. As a rule, for a uniform coating enough for one layer. But if through it all shines the surface, or paint «thin» and falls unevenly, then the next layer can be applied to the wall only after full drying previous. Otherwise, due to the viscous structure and good adhesion of the paint coating can form streaks and unevenness.

It is important! The paint acquires a high abrasion resistance immediately, but after some time. So the first few weeks after the repair is limited to using a gentle detergent and soft tissues to wipe the walls.

Paint in the sale is a ready to use form. Before application it is necessary only to thoroughly mix to homogeneous structure.

The coating will dry faster, the work is best done in dry warm weather. To paint the walls during the heating season is possible, but it is worth considering the risk of uneven drying near and far from the battery.

Washable paint is often used not only for painting walls, but for ceilings and other elements in the room. Its often trim the slopes of the Windows. Due to the proximity to the street, these places are polluted more and faster than others, so to be able to clean them – a very convenient and useful option.

The Council! You should not use the remaining unused washable paint for the walls on the radiators. For them there are special heat-resistant dye, and the usual will quickly flake and peel off with the beginning of the heating season.

Tips for choosing ↑

Assortment of washable paints huge, are available as generics and are appropriate exclusively any one view of the surface. The coating lasts a long time and not delivered in the process of operation inconvenience, you should carefully consider the choice of the product. He should not only be applicable for this kind of walls, but also have high quality. Do not be shy to ask store employees where to buy paint, its certificates. It definitely will save from buying a bad or faked products.

The most popular and proven manufacturers:

  • Caparol – produces high-quality acrylic blend for interior repair works;
  • Sadolin bindo – specializiruetsya to latex dye for concrete, brick, products for painting drywall and various types of Wallpaper;
  • Kolorit – manufactures acrylic paints for rooms with high humidity;
  • Tikkurila – offers buyers a durable acrylic blend, designed for dry areas with good ventilation;
  • Belinka – produces a latex paint for toilets and bathrooms.
It is important! When you buy washable paint for the walls, you should ensure that it is suitable for interior works.
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