Wiring Regulations in the house alone

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

Any construction or repair is necessaryvypolnyatkachestvenny wiring, because of this in the future depends not only safe and nadezhnayaekspluatatsiya appliances and electrical equipment, as well as life and health of you and the people around them.

We will tell you about the basic safety rules during the execution of electrical work with their hands, the methods and characteristics of wiring.

Types of electrical ↑

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

To date, there are several types of wiring:

  1. Internal wiring (internal wiring installation);
  2. installation of overhead lines (overhead lines);
  3. podklyuchenieelektropriborov: boiler, air conditioner, washing machine or oven;
  4. cable installation (cable) in the corrugation;
  5. Installation of the cable into the cable channel;
  6. cabling in Stroebe (installation of interior wiring), etc.

This article will discuss the main features when:

  • Wiring with their hands in the house or apartment;
  • Compliance with the requirements of SNIP and RB at the electrical work;
  • Vyboretipa, brands and cable size for a specific task;
  • Shtroblenie walls and installation of indoor / outdoor wiring.

Wiring your own hands: step by step instructions ↑

To begin, we recommend you to read the video, which allow you to better understand the key moments in the performance of wiring installation with their own hands.

The main objective of montazhaprovodki own hands is to minimize the financial costs of maintaining the quality and reliability of electric communication.

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

Getting Started ↑

Any jobs require certain skills and the availability of appropriate tools, such as:
  • Roulette;
  • pliers;
  • side cutters;
  • screwdriver;
  • punch;
  • Uglovoyshlifmashiny (Bulgarian) or wall chaser with household cleaner;
  • Voltage Meter (DMM);
  • Cable knife.
IMPORTANT!!! Wiring in a private house with his own hands starts with defining the scope of work:
  • Quantity and power of home appliances;
  • The number of sockets, switches;
  • installation household appliances Places;
  • Neobhodimogokolichestvo cable or wire;
  • The quantities of circuit breakers with the calculation of power consumption;
  • Positions where the electrical panel.

Installation of the control cabinet (panel) ↑

Any electrical installation begins with the installation of electrical distribution panel. There is 2 types of these devices:

  1. Vnutrenniyraspredelitelny plate (mounted in a cut by using a grinder or the opening wall chaser appropriate size);
    Wiring Regulations in the house alone

  2. External or nakladnoyraspredelitelny plate (mounted by means of dowels or directly to the building wall nails or some other structure).
    Wiring Regulations in the house alone

IMPORTANT!!! Any electrical cabinet (distribution board), regardless of the structure and the method of installation must be grounded !!!

Before direct montazhomego in placeinstallation, you need to dial the interior. It is sufficient to determine the number of circuit breakers based izkolichestva rooms iihfunktsionalnogo prednaznacheniya.A well as the number of necessary equipment in it.

How to assemble electrical panel ↑

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

If you perform wiring in a wooden house or apartment, let's calculate the number of machines and their power of appointment:

  • For apartments needed bipolar AB (circuit breaker) 25A input - 1pc, and private homes in which power is supplied from the 3-phase network - three-phase AB to 40A;
  • 10A SPST AB illumination (dependingthe number of rooms, given the bathroom, toilet and other facilities). Since the lighting network potreblyaetmalenky current, efficient use of the machine 1-2 to connect the entire apartment or house;
  • Single-pole 25A AB - a rate of one switch per room. They serve to protect the wiring, appliances and equipment from short-circuits.
  • If you have smontirovanboyler, and it requires an additional two-pole AB 25A;
  • To connect the electric needs one- or three-pole AB 40A, depending on its type.

As a result, you need poluchitsyavot such or similar electrical panel

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

After sborkielektricheskogoschitkaneobhodimovypolnit shtroblenie walls for wiring or installation cable cable channel or corrugation directly on the walls of the room, depending on your chosen method of electrical cable.

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

Shtroblenie walls ↑

Grooves - a special ditch (grooves) in the wallcut through with a special tool (grinding machine or wall chaser with an industrial vacuum cleaner) in cases where the installation of hidden wiring needs any other communication (water, internet, telephone, sewerage, etc.).

If you are planning to sheathe the walls and ceilings with plasterboard, then shtroblenie walls are not required.

In such sluchayahneobhodimo perform wiring in boxes or panels with fastening on the wall with special clips.

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

IMPORTANT!!! Wiring in Privypolneniiwooden house with their hands need to settle it in the corrugation (plastic flexible PVC pipe), because it is one of the most important requirements of the SAE and industrial bezopasnosti.V if a metal flute, it must be grounded.

Let's take a further look at how to perform a direct installation of electrical wiring in the house.

Wiring in a wooden house with his own hands ↑

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

And since you have already decided on the number of outlets,switches and lamps. Next, you select the brand and the cross section kabelya.Chtob not talk for a long time, "how and why?", Say at once - the best option to use VVGng 3h2,5 mm2 cable (phase, zero and earth) to connect the sockets and appliances, fixtures kabelVVGng 3x1.5 mm2dlyapodklyucheniya and switches and VVG VVG 3x4 or 5x4 cable for connecting the electric furnace (depending on the number of phases).

To start stretch cable (wire) in the corrugations, and then using special clips fasten it to the walls of a wooden house or apartment.

As a result, one end of the wiring in the ripple will be at the points where you want to connect, and the second - in the place of installation of the electric panel.

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

Note! Hole sockets and switches is best done using a punch with a special nozzle of suitable diameter (60mm2 for standard).

How to connect the wires? ↑

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

Very often "amateur electricians' connect wiring using twists. This is a gross error and a violation of all electrical safety rules.

In such cases there is a heating and oxidation kontaktov.V resulting in the best case just otgorayut wires, and at worst - there is a fire or a fire.

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

Previously, high-quality wiring using a soldering iron and tin solder, but now-special clamps.

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

They provide good contact and sealing contact connections. However, they can be soedinyattolko wire with a small cross section. (10 mm2).

Wiring Regulations in the house aloneIf the need to connect the cable with a 10 mm diameter2 above, special hermetic coupling calculated voltage 0.4 kV to be applied (220 - 380).

They provide a perfect contact, fully protect the junction from moisture and serve for decades.

Features Wiring with their hands in the bathroom ↑

IMPORTANT!!!Since the bathroom - it is high-risk premises, SAE requirements for installation of wiring in these areas prohibit the following:
Wiring Regulations in the house alone
  1. It prohibited the distribution and installation of junction boxes;
  2. Do not install the sockets and switches near sinks or other water sources;
  3. To protect people against electric shock in the electrical panel must be mounted RCD (protective device off;
  4. All equipment must be grounded!
    Since 90% of the apartments since the Soviet Union is notground, it is necessary to lay yourself. To do this, mount the additional cable (for example, 1x4 PV3) from the main electrical panel in the common corridor to the bathroom komnaty.Est also another barbaric method - to score in the wall iron pin with a diameter of 10 mm to a depth of 1 meter. This can be done only if in your house concrete walls.
  5. To highlight the need to use safenapryazhenie.Konechno 90% of the item is not met and the lighting is powered from a stationary 220V.Dlya AC power supply to eliminate the infringement must be completely remodel the bathroom circuit power and installed outdoors down transformer 220 / 12V.

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

Prices for wiring in a private home ↑

Wiring Regulations in the house alone

Depending on your region, the pricing may differ significantly. So to answer specifically to the question "what is the cost of installation of wiring" in a private home will not work.

Some experts believe based on the number of points, and other footage from the method of laying the wiring, and others take the numbers from the ceiling ...

Well, for example, a full installation of electrical wiring in an average-key will cost:

  • For a studio apartment - 5 000 rubles;
  • For one-bedroom apartment 40 m2 - about 8000 rubles;
  • For one-bedroom apartments up to 60 m2 - about 10 000 rubles;
  • For 3-bedroom with an area of ​​up to 72 m2 - about 15 000 rubles.

If you are interested in prices for wiring in a private home, there is still more complicated and each private electrical wiring or organization has its own price.

Also, to secure the material "wiring in the apartment with his hands," we recommend to view the following video.

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