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Ideas for the cottage hearth: resettlement options campfire on the site

Ideas for the cottage hearth: resettlement options campfire on the site

Fireplace - the personification of family comfort and warmth. Soaring flames and crackling logs mesmerizing melodic and soothing, tuning on the relaxation and pleasant stay. Campfire nice to get together in the evening, enjoying socializing with their families and friends. To be able to enjoy the magic of an open fire on the site, you can arrange a special area for recreation, a key element of which will perform fireplace.


A variety of outdoor hearths options

Outdoor fireplaces, more recently, carrying only a utilitarian function, today has become a pretty popular element of landscape design.

A cozy sitting area

The unusual design of the courtyard area with a fireplace and original form of the hearth can transform any area

Fireplace, not to attract attention during the daytime, at dusk becomes a "zone of attraction" - the center around which is going to be happy with the whole family. To make the stay even more comfortable and pleasant, around the campfire equip stationary area with comfortable seats and garden furniture.

Shape Outdoor fireplaces can be any suitable for the overall style of the house. But from the standpoint of ease of access and maintenance, most homes give round shape.

The original cover pad

An excellent technique of creating a picturesque village with a campfire in the yard will be the most original coverage area

Area around the fire can pave tiles, pour gravel, stones lay. The choice of materials and processing methods determined by a plot style.

Construction of multi-level platform

One of the most convenient and interesting ways to zoning area where playground with campfire is lower relative to adjacent areas of the yard

To equip a cozy multi-level site is not difficult in the area. It is only necessary to remove a layer of soil and level the surface.

Making a sunken hearth

No less impressive look and recessed pockets, which are located below the level of the site around the campfire

Recessed hearth suitable for all households,decorated in different styles. The only requirement to the arrangement of the hearth: not bury too much focus as a natural process of combustion can only be maintained at the expense of fresh air. To ensure adequate air circulation, the wood in the hearth flush fold shalashika, leaving wide gaps between them and stepping back a sufficient distance from the walls.

We offer a couple of options to considereverything fireplace, which in addition to direct functional value will act as a spectacular element of landscape design. Hand made outdoor fireplace will be a source of pride for its owner and a favorite vacation spot of the entire family in the cool evenings.

Methods arrangement campfire

Outdoor fireplaces are inherently represents a holedug in the ground or above-ground structure, surrounded by a wall of solid rock. Solid walls help retain heat, preserve and protect the shape campfire hearth of blowing wind.

Option # 1 - aboveground construction

When planning to equip fireplace at the site, the first thing to do - choose place. The center has a distance from the spreading trees, outbuildings and the house itself.

The outdoor area for the hearth

The best option when the fireplace is located at a distance of 4-5 meters from the tree crowns and up to 3 meters away from buildings

A small hill or, conversely, floods low - not the best choice for accommodation campfire. There must be a happy medium. Better if it will be a flat area with good reviews.

Site preparation for fireplace

Having defined the seat of the campfire, prepare the site: purify it from plant roots and debris, level the surface and outline the site of the future focus

Traditionally fireplace give a rounded shape, for the convenience of doing it with a diameter of 90-100 cm. In this case, the metal rim is used for arranging construction.

Burying grounds grounds

For the arrangement of the hearth to remove the marked section of the layer of turf. Subsequently, the area can be tiled to issue dumping or arrange as desired

According to the planned installation of the rim contour desyatisantimetrovyh take out a layer of soil. The bottom of the excavated pit aligned, set the rim.

Construction of the outer walls of the chamber

Along the outer wall of the rim lay in several rows, stones or concrete blocks, the wall thickness is not less than 10-15 centimeters

Too thin wall of the structure is not able to provide sufficient strength, and with a bearing on their person and can not withstand the load.

From a decorative point of view is better to usepurchased concrete blocks that will simultaneously perform the practical and aesthetic functions. The sale can be found as blocks of cast concrete and natural stone. Alternatively, you can use the paving tiles, or even a real granite cobblestones.

In good also for the construction of the hearthonly need to use mortar with a fire retardant. Natural stone is better and does bind using a clay oven solution. Share robust design, you can also use a special glue, intended for masonry fireplaces and hearths.

Filling the gap between the walls

Formed between the metal rim and facing the void material and fill the gaps with sand, earth or clay mortar

Stacking will prevent further accumulation of rainwater and debris, thus facilitating the care of the fireplace.

Construction site around the hearth

Fireplace is ready, it remains only to arrange seating, departing at 70-90 cm of the border guard band, which will not reach flying sparks

To-equipped garden hearth after heavy rain does not turn into a small pond, you need to cover. Cut it will not be difficult from cutting sheet metal.

Option # 2 - recessed into the ground fireplace

For the arrangement of the stationary hearth can be applied to the other option - excavation. In place of the arrangement of the future focus of tearing a hole depth of about 30-40 cm.

The circuit arrangement of street hearth

To divert storm water drainage for everything under the walls of the structure being built dig a shallow trench

The bottom of the pit and trench littered gravel cushionfine fraction of the thickness of 15 cm. To extend the life and increase the reliability of the design, the interior of the hole must be cut girdle of the sheet metal ring.

Placing first series

the first row of blocks are laid out on gravel backfilling, we check their level and tamp protruding elements with a rubber hammer

When the ring is assembled from separate blocks, alwaysit is necessary to split the individual elements. To do this, on the surface of the block schedule line and then along the contour with a hammer and chisel to perform chips. Make the desired shape rough edges easily obstuchal their shank hammer.

Bonding construction blocks

The upper edge of the first row cover special adhesive for laying of fireplaces and hearths, lay the second row. Construction of structures filled with gravel

Making decorative stone

The upper edge of the design make out the best in style decorative stone which sadim on mortar

The same principle is laid and the subsequent series. Along the inner walls of the sheet metal campfire place. The voids between the inner ring and the block is filled with soil or sand.

Option # 3 - the budget of the center of the old barrels

Another option arrangement Outdoor fireplaces:

Making the site around the hearth

For vystilanija surrounding area fit anymaterials: gravel, pebbles, tiles for the tracks. But the most picturesque look flat slabs of irregular shape, spread out on the lawn in a bizarre pattern. On the broad, flat plate is convenient to put the chairs, benches and other garden furniture. Circular bench with backs - perfect for everything around the campfire site.

Circular bench with backs

Featured admiring open flame bench can be supplemented with warm rugs and blankets, as well as the colorful fluffy pillows

It is appropriate to supplement the hearth can perform and built of the same stone retaining wall the size of 50x40 cm. It protects against wind gusts, and perform the function of comfortable benches.

Decorative design woodsheds

Not far from the campfire is conveniently equipped with storage space for wood, decorate it in the same style with the site. Decorative design woodsheds will organically complement cozy corner

Other design examples can peek in this video:

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