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Composite Decking

Modern cottages are very different from the cottages of the XX century. Now, instead of small houses that was convenient only to change, but to wait out bad weather, suburban areas are good houses in which you can not only spend the summer days, but also to live through the winter. Providing light, heat, autonomous system of water supply and sewerage garden houses are not inferior to the comfort of urban apartments.

Landscaped home gardeners have begun to equipinfield. First we get rid of the potato plantings and beds. Instead, they appeared patios, pergolas and terraces. The modern man has no time to take care of a vegetable garden, a mad pace of life takes a lot of time and effort. However, the desire for nature in each of us in the blood, so the end of the week everyone wants to go outside the city to cover the table in the garden, take a steam bath and a chat with friends and family.

For the arrangement of the barbecue area, patio orarea around the pool until recently was run from stone or concrete slabs. However, with the development of the construction industry every year an increasing number of new building materials. That is why the more popular landscape designers use in their work, or deck board decking.

Decking made of natural wood ↑

Decking can be naturalwood, while due to its shape: the longitudinal grooves, it will not yield to the depravity of the array of oak. However, any wood exposed to insects, rot and is fire-hazardous material. Even after passing the processing of various protective structures, wood decking will last for long. For example, sexual flooring made of larch in the open area in three years will need to re-process the impregnation, and after 5 years will require repair with partial replacement of the boards due to the fact that due to the moisture and board temperature drops lead, and the surface will cease to be smooth.

Decking ↑

A good alternative to the proposed construction marketmaterials in the form of wood-plastic decking. This - this is the most popular material for arrangement of open areas at the pools, gazebos and outdoor areas on private land. With a variety of colors and textures decking products made of it to be not only functional and beautiful, but also unique.

Composite Decking

Production ↑

In the manufacture of plastic composite boards(WPC) using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and wood flour. wood flour content is about 70%. As a result, the connection of these two substances is a material resistant to mechanical shocks, sunlight, not inferior to the natural strength and sustainability.

Composite board made byhigh-pressure molding. Board turns tough and durable, so you can use it even in places with high traffic: street cafes, bars, dance floors.

The composite board is available in two types: solid and hollow. Full-bodied board is much more expensive and are used for sites with high traffic devices in public places. For the summer work is advantageous to use hollow board. the board can also be shared on the type of connection.

The appearance of the board differs not only in color but in texture: they can be classic - with the longitudinal grooves and simulates the texture of wood.

Composite Decking

Standard size boards:. Length of 3-5 m width 28-150 mm. Choose the best board on wider. This will save on the fastening elements.

Advantages of composite boards ↑

What makes the use of the PDK?

  • There is no need to support the appearance of the floor and elevate it every year. This will save time and money.
  • During the rains there is no danger of slipping: this raised surface of the board would not allow, and the water will not stay on the floor surface, and will flow down the grooves.
  • Composite decking thrives in our complicated climate and can withstand temperatures from -50 to +80 ° C.
  • Floorings of the KDP are able to withstand heavy loads, especially if they are made yl corpulent board.
  • The material is eco-friendly and at the same time does not rot, is not flammable and it from moisture mold can not grow.

Composite Decking

Mounting ↑

Since the material is easy to process, forIt requires the simplest tools: a tape measure, a saw: can be hand, but the best jigsaw, screwdriver. Given that the work will be done in the air, it would be better if the screwdriver is wireless, so as not to depend on the length of the cord.

Before the device is leveled flooring base. After that set the joists and secured. When the device in public places terraces distance between logs should not exceed 350 mm. For home decking enough pitch 450 mm. On the set design of composite flooring plank in accordance with the type of attachment. It is important to observe the technological gaps so that the board was able to expand freely under the influence of the environment.

Important! If the flooring adjacent the wall is required to make the gap between the boards and the wall.

For in the autumn and winter water trapped inside the board without damaging it, the flooring should be laid with a slight slope.

What are the advantages decking as a building material?

  1. The flooring is going to element-wise, that is, the boardare attached to the logs alternately using special clips, which provide the necessary clearance between the boards automatically. A particular difficulty in that there is no deal with this kind of work, anyone can own.
  2. In case of damage to one of the boards can beeasily replaced without disassembling the entire flooring. At the end of the season if there are no guarantees of safety cover in the winter, it can be dismantled and removed for storage in the inaccessible place.
  3. In order to close the ends of the boards there is a special plinth.
    Composite Decking
  4. Guarantee for decking is 10 to 50 years, and some manufacturer, and does give a lifetime warranty.
  5. Wide field of application: in the garden, bath, around swimming pools, on the balconies. Some decking is used when constructing the garden paths.
  6. Economic benefits. Despite the high cost of the material itself, the flooring of the KDP very quickly pay for itself. Save as possible, ranging from handwritten assembly to the lack of need for the annual painting. Moreover, the floor made of wood will serve a minimum of two times less than the floor decking.

Everyone wants to make your site beautiful and unique with the help of decking may do so any site.

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