The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue

The modern holiday home is hard to imagine without beautiful gazebo with barbecue barbecue and stove. It is here that is the summer life of the inhabitants of the garden: meeting friends, playing with children, treat guests to culinary delights.

The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue

A simple gazebo BBQ for the garden can be done in a couple of days, if you are ready oven. Brick oven grill barbecue in the gazebo you can do with your hands.

A gazebo with barbecue facilities ↑

Any gazebo can be considered as a canopy made of metal, wood, or brick pillars. Floor creates a wooden flooring or a concrete screed. When assembling the supporting frame of the roof used wood or metal. The material for the roof of the gazebo is polycarbonate, shingles, or metal profile. Want to make a beautiful gazebo with a barbecue grill and BBQ your own? In this case, pick up the finished project with a gable roof, resting on four or six poles.

Fashion for construction in these sections of the gazebo with barbecue and grill came to us from Europe. Similar structures consider small architectural forms. Their main purpose is decoration of the infield. There are several options for a gazebo with a barbecue:

  • BBQ and grill;
  • fireplace, grill, barbecue, cauldron;
  • Russian oven, grill, BBQ, oven;
  • spit, cauldron, grill, barbecue.

The most common variation of the gazebo garden is a gazebo with grill and barbecue. The materials that are used for building garden arbors, able to satisfy the most demanding gardeners.

The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue

Materials for construction ↑

The basic materials for oven-barbecue and gazebo:

  • vermiculite;
  • basalt;
  • fireclay brick;
  • clay;
  • tiles;
  • natural stone;
  • stainless steel;
  • wood;
  • copper;
  • clinker;
  • superised.

The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue

You can combine just a few materials, building a garden gazebo. To traditional gazebo is not allocated from the General suburban area of landscape, its exterior, you can make a variety of garden shrubs and plants.

The options of materials for the classic gazebo ↑

  1. Basalt is the rock, which can range in color from green to black. ?Basalt optimal for the masonry furnaces in the gazebo, as it is mono to be used as a cladding material. This natural material has the following characteristics:
    • low melting point;
    • high hardness;
    • chemical resistance;
    • good electrical insulating characteristics.
      The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue
    • Vermiculite demand in the lining furnace material. It is a plate of Golden crystals of basalt mineral. Vermiculite mainly used for lining of furnaces.
      Main features:
      • low density;
      • excellent thermal insulation properties;
      • reasonable cost.
      • Clay. It is considered the main material for garden fireplaces barbeque. The advantage of clay is that it is accessible.
      • Natural stone has a wide color range. Decorating furnace in the gazebo multiple colors of the stone is visually reminiscent of a medieval masonry.
        ?Advantages of natural stone:
        • maximum strength;
        • resistance to low temperatures;
        • aesthetic characteristics.
        Attention! The main problem in the construction of a gazebo with a barbecue oven according to numerous building and fire regulations.

        The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue

        The construction of the gazebo with oven in the suburban area ↑

        For proper placement of the furnace in the gazebo, you should consider the following points:

        1. Need to protect the oven from rain (to find the correct size of the gazebo).
        2. The Foundation of the furnace must be higher than level with the spring melt waters. This requirement is important for furnaces, the construction of which used the sandy – clay solution.
        3. The gazebo should be free space around the barbecue, it is a requirement of fire safety. Less than three meters should be from firing the furnace until the walls of the pavilions, with the other sides not less than 1 meter.
        4. The size of the furnace depends on its functionality. During the construction of the massive furnace, increasing the load on the arbor, increases wear. If you want to make the gazebo a smokehouse for systematic use, it is better to choose a detachable design.
          The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue
        5. If your plans do not include construction in the arbor stationary supply and discharge of water, plan the construction of the drainage system.
        6. Gazebo with a barbecue must be erected away from power lines, dense shrubs, pipeline.
        7. If your plans include the construction of additional lateral structures at the furnace-a barbecue, use gas silicate blocks.
        The Council! To build the furnace and chimney of red brick furnace.

        Cast iron is desirable to make the following components of furnaces barbecue:

        • futerovku;
        • fireplace (hearth);
        • grill;
        • grate, grating;
        • stand – trays;
        • spit.

        As an alternative to cast iron can be used stainless steel with special titanium coating.

        The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue

        Attention! Cannot be used to create a barbecue in the gazebo plain stainless steel. In the cooking process in the oven of plain steel, the formation of iron oxides, which adversely affect the human body.

        The gazebo needs to be ajar, to provide it with full breathability and ventilation.

        The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue

        Floor design suitable refractory tile or other noncombustible material.

        From the fireplace to the outer perimeter, it is important to make the slope at least 2 degrees for water drainage. In the case of floor washing, heavy rain, no problems with the stove – barbecue is not going to happen.

        When choosing for the construction of country pavilions of natural wood, the best would be to install a collapsible metal grill. In a wooden gazebo blends harmoniously with the Finnish grill involving cooking on an open fire.

        The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue

        The construction of the gazebo furnaces ↑

        The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue

        Simple oven – barbecue is a building construction on the concrete Foundation of a solid refractory brick. The laying is carried out by means of linking the sandy – clay solution (the ratio 3 to 1), brought to smetanopodobnogo consistency.

        Lay out the stove in the form of the letter P, making the height of the furnace is about 1 meter. In the case of a masonry fireplace is put between the parallel sides of the lattice at intervals of 20-25 cm above the grating pitch of a conical view of the chimney.

        The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue

        You can build a gazebo and a fireplace a more complex configuration, put the furnace in the form of letters «E». The furnace upper part is spread from special refractory brick. For the lower part, which is the role of the woodpile, suitable silicate brick.

        Between the grill and barbecue oven there is a design difference, the grill has a back wall running to the furnace as a heat insulator. Such technical solution allows to efficiently use the heat of the coals.

        Need prior to the construction of the furnace to think of all dymosbornik and not to make changes in the design of the BBQ facilities in the course of its construction.

        The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue

        Design with BBQ area from a shaped metal pipes ↑

        This design has a considerable rigidity, it is possible to save on the use of OSB and plywood sheets. For roof coating suitable metal or corrugated sheet. For fixing metal profiles to the crate will fit the screws. If such a porch post near the metal fence, to create a unified stylistic composition on the plot. Floors in such building equip pavement of colored tiles.

        The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue

        Solid foundations will be required for the construction of a brick hearth.

        A gazebo with a grill made of wood with a hipped mnogoskatnoy roof ↑

        To make the frame of these gazebos require a wooden pillar – posts. For reliability, they are bonded on top of the extra frame. The floor is made of planks, which lay on wooden logs, pre-coating with an antiseptic solution.

        The base of the structure is slightly raised above the surface of the earth, overlaid on the outside of river pebbles or gravel (to create a drainage system). No showers will not damage the structure, runoff water will go directly into the ground, wooden joists will rot and deform. The best material for the roof in this building is shingles.

        The Council! Selecting a project for construction, avoid sharp contrasts.

        Finish ↑

        The interior space can be decorated with a wooden openwork grating, the optimum cell size of 15-25 cm BBQ facilities decorated with artificial stone countertops and shelves can be made of natural granite.

        The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue

        If the roofing you choose shingles, take care of dense wooden crate. Convenient option for the arrangement of the hood is an umbrella with a metal pipe from stainless steel sheet. This kind of drawing has no such expression as solid brick masonry, but for its production will need much less time and effort.

        In construction you can combine the oak stand with forging. There is no need to become a professional blacksmith in order to decorate the building a homemade metal bars. You can order such a decoration, welding to attach the lattice to the metal.

        Tents with barbecue, built of round logs, it looks like fairy houses.

        The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue

        Build rules tent with a brazier of a metal frame ↑

        If you decide indoors to build a brick grill, its size should not be less than 3 to 4 meters.

        Algorithm of actions:

        1. First you need to dig 4 holes around 45-50 cm in depth around the perimeter of the site.
        2. In the pit set metal rack, checking the building level the verticality of their placement.
        3. Uprights are concreted for maximum strength will take 5-7 days.
        4. Welded on top of the horizontal construction of the pipe receiving zone of rigidity.
        5. Plumb put extreme end rafters of a metal tube, welded them to the horizontal beam.
        6. Between the rafters lighthouse pull cord put on it rafters.
          The modern design of the gazebo with grill and barbecue
        7. To give the roof strength, do metal lathing.
        8. Fencing can be chosen in the form of a lightweight wooden crates, glass storefronts, metal openwork meshes. For attachment of the decoration to the main frame will take horizontal pipe with the parameters of 20 to 40 mm.

        Conclusion ↑

        The construction of a covered veranda with a barbecue professionals call one of the most difficult aspects of improvement of the suburban area. In addition to the aesthetic features of such structure must be multifunctional and safe. Preliminary design of future buildings should take into account all details: location, material, type of veneer, decor.

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