Paint for Wallpaper, oil, latex

Repaint the walls can at least every day, if you hang in the room wall for painting. That’s only for their color will not be suitable for any colorful material, and the only one where water is the solvent. Other chemical solutions will damage the outer layer of the Wallpaper paintings.

Attention! Oil paint for painting Wallpaper in any case can not be used.

Colorful water-based materials are water-based and dispersion. The difference lies in the size fraction after mixing them with water and properties after drying. Latex paints have a fine grain and, once dry, exposed to water, dissolving in it, a water dispersion of a larger fraction of the polymer and dries to become water-repellent and resistant to water. To remove them you need special solvents.

Paint for Wallpaper, oil, latex

Dispersion paint materials in its composition have a polymer (acrylic), so they are often called acrylic. They quickly freeze, so the painting process significantly reduces.

Another type of coating materials suitable for tapestries are latex paints. The walls are covered with them, have a flexible glossy surface, excellent moisture resistance and resistant to mechanical damage. Their cost is more than covered by their excellent properties and resistance to ultraviolet rays, that is, will not fade in the sun. Painted Wallpaper properties washable, which is very convenient for use in the kitchen.

How to choose the right paint for the type of Wallpaper ↑

Not every paint material suitable to a specific type of trellis. To get best performance you need to take into account the type.

Painting vinyl and paper Wallpaper with latex paint ↑

The most undemanding to the choice of colourful materials are paper and fiberglass Wallpaper cloth. Will fit almost all types of latex and dispersion paints. However, the highlighting on the room where sticking trellis.

In rooms with bright sunlight does not fit colorful materials based on PVA as they will quickly burn out and fade. It is recommended to use latex paints, they are resistant to sunlight.

So as in the kitchen, water vapor is able to destroy PVA, so you should pay attention to the latex or acrylic paint materials.

Paint for Wallpaper, oil, latex

What paint to use for non-woven Wallpaper ↑

Tapestry-woven on the basis of the aforementioned well-painted latex and acrylic coloring materials.

Color choice ↑

When we select the color colorful material for the interior, usually to the hardware store and we already come with a clear understanding of what the colours we need. But when a catalog is lost. The choice of colors is so great that to give preference to any one very difficult. Modern manufacturers can zakalebali primary colors in an infinite number of colors and shades.

It is much easier to choose from than 3-5 out of hundreds of shades. Ask the consultant at Leroy Merlin show you a General catalogue of all the possible color options, but limited. Many brands of paints, such as Tikkurila have a brief Atlas of the most popular shades. Use it.

Paint for Wallpaper, oil, latex

Remember that the color of the colorful material in the brochure on your PC monitor because of the peculiarities of color rendering may not be correct. Choose the color you need only a special catalogue, which contains samples of materials painted this color. Directories are doing in the form of fans, sets of cards, color atlases or wall stands.

How to glue Wallpaper to paint ↑

Determine what kind of paint covered the walls ↑

In order to understand whether it is possible to apply Wallpaper to the paint or need to remove it be sure to set the type of old paint. As a rule, they are water-based and oil.

Water-based paint materials absorbed deeply into the surface of the walls. Have high water resistance and abrasion resistance, odourless. The painted surface is matte and is not erased with a wet sponge.

Oil paint materials are more resistant structure, odor and form a continuous moisture-resistant layer on the painted area. The painted surface is glossy and smooth.

To determine the type of colorful material used, with a spatula remove a test strip coverage. If the paint has separated from the wall layer, rather, it oil. But if the cover is like glued to the concrete in one is water-based colorful material.

Is it possible to glue the Wallpaper on latex paint ↑

The answer to the question «Is it possible to glue the Wallpaper on latex paint?» obvious:

  • no, if you are going to glue them directly to the painted wall without surface preparation;
  • Yes, if you pre-prepare a previously painted wall.

Everyone can choose for themselves the most suitable of the two options of preparation of the painted surfaces old you have.

  1. Liberally spray the wall with a soap solution and when they are melted, remove the coating with a spatula. If having a hand in the surface, it will stay clean, you can begin to wallpapering.
  2. Apply to the walls a mixture of solvent and primer at the rate of 1:1. The solvent is partially eats away the old paint, so the primer penetrates, and the new finish will firmly stick to the walls. When the walls dry, they applied a fine layer of primer, then glue the Wallpaper onto the paint. The glue coat is not only a wall, but trellis.

Paint for Wallpaper, oil, latex

Is it possible to glue the Wallpaper on oil paints ↑

Oil paint is very firmly bonded to the concrete and, of course, to Bang her hard. Glue the trellis directly on the painted wall is hampered by the fact that its surface is too smooth and the Wallpaper sheet slides if not immediately, then on the next day. How pokleit Wallpaper on the oil paint, to beat down every wall.

Paint for Wallpaper, oil, latex

Preparatory work should be carried out in sequence:

  1. To make the notch with an axe as often as possible;
  2. To strip the remaining coating is the largest emery paper so that it formed a scratch;
  3. Thoroughly remove all dust from the walls;
  4. To put on the walls a primer of deep penetration;
  5. To paste the selected finishing material on the prepared wall after the primer has dried.

How to paint Wallpaper paint ↑

Pre-wall alignment, shpaklyuem and primed. Further, from the roll sheet cut into the desired size. Trellis without a pattern to cut out the exact size of the walls. Choose Wallpaper with a complex pattern, with both sides leave 5 cm, then no problem connect figure. Make a glue and apply it on the wall. Trellis treated with glue is not necessary. Glue them starting from the corner and moving to the exit. Canvases abutting each other, then the seams will not be noticeable. To remove from the upholstery cloth excess glue and air bubbles we iron them with a roller and a plastic spatula. Then treat the joints with a damp cloth to the wall was no spot of glue.

You begin to paint paper Wallpaper latex paint is recommended not earlier than the day when the glue is dry. But before that, the walls are primed, then colorful material will fall evenly. Wait two hours and apply paint. Do it one of two ways. The first and the easiest to apply paint to paint roller Wallpaper.

Paint for Wallpaper, oil, latex

Remember, the mixture should be liquid like milk, so in normal you have with a Kohler add water, stir and just roll out the composition on the wall. In this case, the texture of tapestries will be almost imperceptible, and the surface will be even.

The second way: apply a colorful material with a metal trowel. The main thing here is to choose wisely the tool. The new trowel edge is quite sharp and it is easy to damage the Wallpaper. Better to use a spatula that has already been used.

Attention! If painting, I decided to do with a spatula, add water to the colorful material is not necessary. The paint under the Wallpaper should be thick like sour cream otherwise the work will be almost impossible. Spread with colorful material on the surface of the walls with a spatula, then the pattern of the Wallpaper will show through more clearly than from a cushion.

You can also watch the video «paint the Wallpaper with latex paint».

If the color of the walls tired of them again can be repainted 5 times.

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