Location shelves in the closet room

Dressing room is the perfect place to store all your things, but the location of objects requires from the home owner not only of the selection of a particular design style, but also the correct positioning of shelves. This will ensure comfortable use of the premises and the speed of selection of things. In the shops you can meet a lot of cabinets that may not always be suitable for specific rooms.

A place for dressing rooms ↑

To use the room was more than comfortable, you must first determine her a more suitable place. If it will be used by the whole family, it is best to place it where it will be accessible to everyone. But most often this room is located near bedrooms. When you create a dressing room it is advisable to place it in a place that the passage was carried out through open spaces available for guests.

Location shelves in the closet room

It is important! About creating a room next to the bedroom you should think only if all the people spending the night in her get up at the same time. Otherwise one of his household will constantly disturb the sleep of another.

Basic rules of planning a dressing room ↑

To use the room more effectively, you should heed the following advice:

  • occupy all the space;
  • when placing men and women the things they should be stored separately;
  • outerwear should hang closer to the exit;
  • if we arrange all the things by color, the search will be simplified;
  • shelves for shoes in the dressing room to do better sloping.
  • when changing in the other room should get special cabinets that are easy to move from one room to another.
  • the use of glass walls allows you to see all things and so you quickly find what you need;
  • for convenience, the room is better to install an Ottoman, and a wall to hang a mirror;
  • to facilitate the capture of things will enable elevators-pantographs.

Location shelves in the closet room

How to choose the items filling the room ↑

Before creating a room for a wardrobe, you need to plan ahead, which painted the placement of the cabinets and shelves. This will make the room more comfortable. You should pay attention to a variety of retractable designs. You also need to install:

  • boxes with compartments for storing ties,
  • shelves for shirts,
  • containers for things
  • mesh shelves, walk-in closet.

Location shelves in the closet room

To reduce space, you can use the sliding table with mirror. For a more efficient use of space, many use rotating columns of circular shelves and drawers on wheels. Often bought metal shelves in the closet, which is a cheaper option than custom-built cabinets.

Location shelves in the closet room

Whether to make shelves with his own hands ^ a

In furniture stores presents many options for wardrobes, so almost everyone will be able to choose for the best product. But in some cases the space of the room is not designed for standard furniture. In such a situation it is best to create a shelf for dressing yourself. To do this, just look at the existing shopping options and create the like of them with different sizes.

You can also purchase prefabricated shelves, walk-in closet. They are good because the size of the whole structure can be changed by removing or adding new elements.

Location shelves in the closet room

Before positioning the shelf in the closet, consider the benefits of their self-production:

  • you can consider the size of the room and create furniture that allows to use all the space available;
  • the location of the shelves with based on the personality of the owner;
  • the opportunity to combine different options of retractable structures.

How to choose a material ↑

First, you need to think about what to do shelves for closets. A large selection of building products to satisfy any taste of the buyer. The most practical were:

  • plywood;
  • tree;
  • drywall;
  • plastic;
  • Chipboard.

Are also frequently used metal shelves in walk-in closet.

Location shelves in the closet room

In great demand in the construction market uses wood chip Board. Its design has a high degree of load capacity and is being sold at a bargain price.

It is important! Before you create a shelf of this material is to clarify the subtleties of the cutting plates. This requires special skills to operate the instrumentation and accurate execution of the user.

A great choice is a wooden Board. Before you purchase the material it is selected according to the following criteria:

  • wood – shelves better to do of pine or fir;
  • type material – the boards can be planed or not planed;
  • the quality of the products – you can choose the tree of the second class;
  • surface finish – shelves are chosen only to clean the Board without visible damage;
  • moisture – the product should be well dried, which prevents their deformation in the future.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice is made depending on the preferences, resources and General style of the room.

Design ↑

Before you make the shelves in the closet with your hands, you should consider their location. Designs are constructed not only in the form of a rectangle. The angular space is more rational to fill in the round designs. This allows you to place things without adding the depth of the shelves in the closet, easy access to clothes and increases the free space.

Location shelves in the closet room

It is important! On passage it is necessary to allocate not less than 80 cm.

Shelves can be fixed and extendable. This solution is convenient for the lower part of the dressing room. They can store both large items and a variety of things. They should gently place over the entire surface. When proposing design things will appear again in the same location. This shelf can successfully replace baskets and boxes that are represented by more expensive options.

For increased usability, the retractable design made with shallow cells, which increases the ease of use. It is worth remembering that the location of shelves in the closet must be convenient for the landlord. If standard options are not suitable, they should be changed.

The size of shelves in the closet ↑

When creating a wardrobe shelves with his own hands made a careful calculation of the parameters of each module. Normal height for medium is 160 cm. This length has a standard dress. The upper part of the dressing design must be at a distance of 7-10 cm from the ceiling. The height of the whole structure is taken away, the size of the middle tier and work characteristics of the lower part. The depth of the middle segment is not less than 50 cm, This is due to the standard dimensions of a coat hanger (45 cm).

Location shelves in the closet room

When calculating the width of each module must take into account that all family members will be made a separate section for hangers, garments and lingerie. Standard width inner shelves is 40 cm Mezzanine and offices with hangers created standard width of 80 cm Lower tier can be made of arbitrary size. For example, a pair of men’s Shoe is 25 cm wide.

It is important! Large deep shelves made it difficult to access their content. For clothing optimal parameter is 30-40 cm.

The levels of the shelves ↑

In the closet stands only 3 areas:

  • lower,
  • average,
  • top.

The first should not be above 80 cm, the second is usually in the range of 60 to 190 cm, the Upper area must be placed at a height of over 1.9 m. It is most effective to divide the space. On the shelves of the lower areas are rarely used stuff. There are drawers with clothes. Also on this level are shelves for storing shoes. The height of the compartment in the dressing room must be greater than 45 inches. This allows you not to wring his calf women’s boots.

Before positioning the shelves, you need to make a list of rarely used things and put them down. It is not necessary to fill all the shelves just because they are for something intended to create a wardrobe should only be based on their needs.

The average zone is for frequently used items and is composed of rods and hangers, and shelves and drawers. As a rule. Hangers with clothes are in the middle, and the shelves in the corners. This contributes to a more comfortable use of all items. It is worth to calculate the height position of the rods in advance. Usually it is a maximum of 1.9 to the lower zone. If desired, you can install lifts, which cost quite high.

Location shelves in the closet room

When you create a dressing room, it is worth remembering that the drawers should be placed above eye level. Otherwise, to view all things will be problematic. Should pay attention to the space between the shelves. All things located in the dressing room should be well ventilated, which will prevent appearance of moths. The upper zone is designed for hats and things that are used less frequently than those that are in the middle.

When creating cabinets is sufficient to comply with the approximate height of the shelves in the closet and the depth of each of them, their number and appearance depends on the preferences of the owner.

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