System of storage, walk-in closet: Aristo, larvidzh, elf, net

Modern wardrobes design storage allow you to use the maximum available space. They look aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, help to store different things and they are convenient to use.

The modern market presents a variety of picking systems of storage of things, and each deserves detailed consideration and study.

System of storage, walk-in closet: Aristo, larvidzh, elf, net

Varieties of hull structures ↑

Interesting option storage, is a small dressing room made from the pantry. Such kind of furniture for storage is optimized for small space. To collect design possible on their own, using ready-made modules and components. The designers who developed the design for such a system of storage for wardrobe, offering one or several cabinets made from particleboard. They are different variety of shelves and baskets attached to the walls of the room.

Most affordable walk-in closets are a mesh design, you will be able to install them with their hands. The advantage of this Cabinet furniture design is the possibility of picking based on individual needs, the specificity and size of the room. Net walk-in closets designs ideal for modern studios.

Popular and recognized modern metal modular wardrobe systems. Such systems assume the presence of an aluminum frame to which the brackets are attached to the hangers and shelves. In addition to these structures there is a chest of drawers. Such a dressing structure, assembled with his own hands, is easily assembled and if necessary disassembled. To collect it, even beginners, after all, the manufacturer provides detailed instructions for the collection of furniture designed for storage. Metal wardrobe light, is protected from corrosion, for lovers of high-tech.

System of storage, walk-in closet: Aristo, larvidzh, elf, net

Metal mesh and wardrobe systems, you can install your own hands, following the manufacturer’s instructions. To do this, attach to the walls of the panel, then fasten it to the shelf, record holders, clothes baskets, hooks, various elements of the dressing room. Assembly and disassembly of furniture frames – long procedure, you’ll need certain tools and fixtures. Mainly furniture designs of this type are divided into three main parts:

  • the upper part is used for placement of headgear;
  • the middle part is intended for storage of linen and clothes;
  • the lower part is a place for storing shoes.

Modern furniture design Leroy Merlin ↑

Net walk-in closets allow you to store things in nesmyataya form. Thanks to the flexibility of the manufacturer, the consumer has the opportunity to pick up such accessories and details that would fully meet the needs and desires, to create with their hands own version of the system for storage of personal belongings. An interesting solution is the option of several baskets for linen, which differ in capacity. These baskets are suitable for knitted things, socks, underwear.

System of storage, walk-in closet: Aristo, larvidzh, elf, net

You can quickly find the desired object, there is no need to move all shelves and drawers, to spend the time and effort. Try to find out the main advantages of furniture construction wireframe view:

  1. These structures have high strength, abrasion resistance, elegant and modern appearance. In creating these dressing rooms are modern alloys of steel, and original elements of decor from natural wood.
  2. When using these furniture structures can efficiently use the space when placing personal belongings. Having a small area, you can put many times more things than a simple closet. You will significantly simplify search of the necessary items, as in this system include convenient and transparent linen baskets, universal racks, Shoe shelves, and many other convenient items.
  3. Dressing rooms have wonderful ventilation. You will not have the problems of unpleasant odor «stale» things, which is typical for standard closed cabinets made of particleboard or wood.
  4. Assembly and disassembly of such systems you will be able to perform on their own without involving professional furniture craftsmen. In addition, you can easily move the closet from one room to another without thinking about if she would pass through interior doors.

System of storage, walk-in closet: Aristo, larvidzh, elf, net

The main difference between such a dressing room system from other modules for storage, is the variety of component elements. You can think through every detail that will distinguish your dressing room. In the Cabinet is difficult to put a number of things that are easily accommodated within the Cabinet system. Each handbag, belt, scarf, will be placed in a separate basket, convenient to use.

System Kansas ↑

Classic dressing system in Kansas involves the use of rods with a height of 2 m, on which is fastened the linen basket. The system has three sections to a depth of 30 cm, a width of 2.4 meters. This dressing room suggests the presence of all the necessary elements to embed things. Need a top shelf for gloves, hats, caps, followed by the hangers for clothing. There are three sections, which keep the shorter clothes. On special shelves that are in the closet, you can put umbrellas, gloves, and other accessories. In the lower part of the system placed Shoe racks. Such a dressing system suitable for small spaces.

System of storage, walk-in closet: Aristo, larvidzh, elf, net

Aristo shelf system ↑

Modern dressing system Aristo has a huge number of shelves. This dressing room is much more compact than other dressing options, and therefore popular with owners of small urban apartments. You can choose the option main components to embed things, make them their own unique system. If you wish, over time you can add, upgrade the dressing room, changing some parts.

The manufacturer offers to make their dressing the following elements:

  1. Shelving. You can pick up a ready-made rack. As a material for the production of such a rack can be selected as plastic, metal, natural wood. Fans of high – tech style can opt for shelves made of durable glass. The parameters of the racks and also the shelves can be choose according to your personal request.
  2. It is possible to be ordered separate shelves. Their size you can choose based on the area of the room. Material for shelves is also chosen based on your taste preferences. Manufacturers of modern furniture systems offer shelf transformers, characterized by a high degree of functionality.
  3. You can order a full Cabinet of storage to choose from professional advisors such a dressing that is convenient in location, use.
  4. Manufacturers of furniture offer a variety of container which can store various objects and items of clothing. For example, you can pick up boxes for placing of tools, toys, ties. If you want you can put a modular element on the plot, having thought it storage boxes garden tools.

System of storage, walk-in closet: Aristo, larvidzh, elf, net

In addition to recessed accessories, you can order and optional elements for their wardrobe systems.

Manufacturers offer a variety of decorative furniture facades. Of particular interest are sliding doors to a dressing room. They significantly save space, which is optimal for use in small urban apartments. As a material for doors, you can choose natural wood, durable glass polymer depending on personal preferences and financial capabilities.

To visually expand the space, you can pick up walk-in closets with mirrored surfaces.

System Elf ↑

The Swedish company ELFA is known worldwide as a leader in the production of hull system, designed for storing clothes and personal items. This company is the official founder of the mesh versions of the modern wardrobe systems.

This company for the last sixty years perfecting modular furniture system, looking for innovative ways to upgrade them. In all European countries, you can find Elfa wardrobe systems, combining years of experience and traditions with the latest achievements of the global furniture industry. Furniture frame construction Elfa rightfully called the most versatile modular systems that have made them popular among consumers. Furniture hull structures Elfa spacious with its compact size, saves space in the apartment.

Systems quality ventilation, you can store your belongings for a long period of time without fear of odour. Clothes similar hull designs maintains its original appearance for a long time remain fresh, with a pleasant smell.

The Assembly of this Cabinet design can be done by hand, spending a small amount of time.

System of storage, walk-in closet: Aristo, larvidzh, elf, net

Thanks to the patented quick-mount system, all design furniture Elf going without the involvement of professionals, thus saving financial resources. The installation of such a Cabinet system is permitted in any part of the apartment, regardless of the parameters of the room. You will be able to dismantle the closet, move it to another room. In addition, such a modular design can be supplemented with new elements in order to fully meet the needs of all members of the family.

Conclusion ↑

Modern freestanding furniture systems are available in different colors. You can pick up these systems not only according to the color index, but a number of elements, given the free space of your apartment. The cost of the finished Cabinet system will be calculated taking into account its size, components used and functionality.

The final decision about what kind of closet design to choose, make you. If you are uncertain, use the help of professional furniture consultants will examine all the types of hull furniture designs, their technical features.

System of storage, walk-in closet: Aristo, larvidzh, elf, net

Numerous online shops offer colorful catalogues, in which demonstrated all the basic elements of modular structures, suggest you carefully study the pictures, and only then make a purchase of a new modular design for storage. Products of reliable manufacturers of furniture has security certificates, you will be able to establish such a modular design in children’s rooms, not fearing for the health of your baby.

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