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Sandbox of tires with their hands

Children and fun are inextricably linked to games in the sandbox. Keen class modeling of sand of various shapes have a positive effect on physical and psychological development of the child. Improving fine motor skills, instills perseverance, so necessary for rest for young mothers, when building magic castles formed spatial perception. Therefore, arrange for child games attractive sandbox – one of the first tasks of caring parents.

Design features of tires ↑

The problem of organization of children’s leisure to residents of large cities most often not familiar to the operating companies centrally involved landscaping sandboxes and swings. Living in a small village or being the owner of your own site, parents have to worry about installing a sandbox. The budget and simple to implement will be a variant of the sandbox of tires. Depending on the expected number of kids participating in games, sandbox of tires can be small size or larger. It is characterized by the following advantages:

  • does not require acquisition costs of material;
  • under the power to make any interested person, professional skills are not required here;
  • sandbox of tires formed in the shortest possible time;
  • degree of safety with finding it at a high level;
  • with proper design – a variety of forms and decoration;
  • long service life.

Sandbox of tires with their hands

The nuances of the placement ↑

A key advantage of a sandbox of tires is the lack of sharp corners. This prevents the risk of injury to a child in the fall. Increased security measures will help additional use plumbing insulation or rubber hose when working on the design of tires. These materials are processed cropped the edges of the tires.

Attention deserves the question of the location of the sandbox. It must be placed within sight of the parents, to be able to monitor the baby from different parts. It is desirable that the design was in the shade. First, it is necessary to prevent direct sunlight on the baby during the exciting game on a hot day. Secondly, under the scorching sun rubber tyres can produce an unpleasant odor. To ensure this condition for the construction of tires in several ways:

  • Set the sandbox in the shade of the trees. Then it is necessary to simultaneously worry about the presence of a closing element on the tires, in the absence of the child in sand does not fall foliage, and watch out for the lack of tree pests, otherwise inquisitive kid may be very familiar with caterpillars and worms.
  • If the design of tires is installed in an open area, then it is recommended to equip it a cover or original mushroom.
Comment! It is not recommended to choose a place for sand from the North side of the building, otherwise the sand will not get heated and remain raw.

Sandbox of tires with their hands

Materials and tools ↑

A widespread prejudice about the harmfulness to the health of volatile substances tires. However, according to the current classification they are in a group of materials with low hazard class, the same home Wallpaper. The release of toxic substances is typical for very old tires, so to use such material for children’s sandboxes really desirable. For hedging in the formation of design apply not worn tires. To make a sandbox from compact tires cars, and bulky items from tractors or heavy trucks.

Not having their own transport and end-of-life tyres, do not despair: tire workshop are happy to share rubber products for the future of the sandbox. Selecting the material, note the lack of obvious damage, it should be smooth and without dents. Regardless of the presence of stains, the tires should be thoroughly cleaned with a detergent. If the sandbox is equipped for a single baby, whose age does not exceed four years, we can do a bus, but it is desirable to choose the maximum diameter. The grown-up child or a few neighborhood kids in need of more three-dimensional structures of the sandbox, so the tires will need at least four.

In addition to car tire you will need:

  • sharp knife;
  • rubber hose for finishing cuts;
  • waterproof paint and brushes or spray cans;
  • when forming the design of the sandbox of several tires – fasteners.

Sandbox of tires with their hands

Production and sale of furniture of different configurations ↑

No matter what configuration you choose, follow these guidelines:

  • Beforehand, prepare the site, digging a small cavity equal to the diameter of the sandbox. This will ensure the stability of the structure, if the sandbox is made of one tyre, and will facilitate the movement of the baby in the case of large-sized tyres.
  • An insulating material arranged on the bottom, prevents the germination of weeds and the penetration of insects in the sandbox of tires. Also it does not allow mixing of sand with soil. It is desirable to arrange the drain hole to prevent moisture after rain to evaporate faster.
  • To fill the sandbox you can use two types of sand: clean river, or pit mixed with clay.
The Council! If you decide not to spend money for purchase of sand, and collect natural material yourself, be sure to sift it to cleanse from debris. In the absence of the construction of sieves, you can use metal mesh. The sand must be dry.

A simplified version of the single bus ↑

For a young child will be enough construction of one tyre. You can use the above-described recommendations is to dig a cavity to lay an insulating material and after mounting the tire, fill it with sand. One way to equipment a small sandbox can be selected the following option:

  • The upper part of the tyre is cut to the tread.
  • The circumference of the cut make the cut rubber hose, for durability of fixing it is glued.
  • On the bottom of a mini sandbox, put a plastic or wooden plate. It’s better to move the small tire with sand on the site.
  • Tires make colors bright colors. Besides the decorative function, the coating prevents excessive overheating of the sandbox out of tires.
  • You can beat the design of additional elements, allowing to simulate the shape of any animal, turtle.
  • It is useful to worry about protecting: to have a simple way to cover the sandpit to make the sand not polluted Pets, as well as set an umbrella or an awning.

Sandbox of tires with their hands

Generated from tire flower ↑

The grown child needs to expand their holdings. For larger designs you will need some small tires. The most popular option is a bright flower, which will require:

  • Four tires cut in half.
  • All cutting edges are carefully processed to nylon or metal cords does not hurt the baby. To the rescue again, comes rubber hose.
  • All items are painted. For the children’s sandbox of tires it is desirable to use colored environmentally friendly paint.
  • After drying, the halves of the tire are placed horizontally in the shape of a flower.
  • Individual items carefully connect the wire loop, taking care of the safety of the child.
  • Next it is recommended to install a couple of stumps or a low bench on which children can place their creations or sit down.

Sandbox of tires with their hands

Sandbox of tires with their hands

Curly fancy ↑

Show imagination, you can build a variety of sandbox tires. For example, the design shown in the photo below, are made as follows:

  • Original frame set the desired diameter.
  • Each tyre for sand is cut into three equal parts.
  • All parts, including the frame, are covered with bright colors.
  • The individual elements of the tire are fixed to the frame of the sandbox is convenient for you way: with the use of screws, nails or glue. The main thing – to continue about the fasteners tires children not to hurt himself.
  • It remains to fill the finished design with the sifted sand.

In the end you’ll have a similar creation:

Sandbox of tires with their hands

You can also cut in half tyres buried upright in the ground. What form of sandbox you choose depends on further processing. It may be a trivial circle, the shape of a boat, ship or car. The only drawback is the sand in this design of tire keeps badly, so be prepared for it to spill beyond the boundaries of the sandbox or equip tyre additional elements, to prevent unwanted process.

Sandbox of tires with their hands

Sandbox of tires with their hands

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