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Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

Often speaking on the veranda, we mean a public or a private extension to one of the walls of the house, where it is convenient to spend time relaxing or to have lunch. But the terrace, being one of the varieties of the extension to the house, different, although their concept is somewhat similar. A terrace is a structure with supports on the pillars, the roof, adjacent to the house of one of the parties. This side is a terrace of houses. The rest of the sides open, the effect of unity with nature, which gives the terrace, very strong. Even the heavy rain, which can be seen under the terrace roof, fully feel its dampness, humidity , hear all the sounds, not soaked that is open on three sides the site. A Cup of tea before bed, in a chair in the fresh air – a luxury not available to many.

As for the veranda, this building is on the ground floor and on the second. Cottages with the construction of the second floor is quite stylish and impressive look. Therefore, finishing a closed porch on the second floor pays great attention – this indicates the status of the owner, his taste. This room also has a roof that can be performed in the traditional way, and can be glass, allowing a large amount of daylight during the day to be in the room.

Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

Finish the open verandas at dacha (in the photo you can see that it is stylized it can be anything) requires a special creative attitude. You can decorate it with evergreen cypress seedlings around the perimeter, then it will turn into a building in the Greek style. It is possible to design the veranda in the winter garden or stone Palace.

Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

The carefully designed interior will give the construction of a special kind, to make an ordinary house your own area of creativity and imagination. Decoration of pillars verandas with wood carving or decoration of their curly ivy or vines will add a charming look to garden design.

This design is based on the one side of the house (open or closed) and around the house. If it is built in the length of the perimeter of the house structure is a gallery, if it is the extension of the rectangular type, it looks like a pavilion. In the summer the construction of the building without insulation and glazing. The walls on the veranda can be made in different materials. As for winter living room goes, the kind where the Windows are fitted with double glazing. Finishing a closed porch in a private house (see photo) allow even the installation of the fireplace (the fireplace or fallscasino) to create a cozy atmosphere, a comfortable.

Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

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Verandas come in different types, depending on what design of the house, choose outdoor (terrace) or closed (glass) types. Various options covering will create a different impression when creating your design.

More important, what will the finish of the veranda, after all, the main purpose of this extension in the comfort of those who spend their leisure time here. According to his own taste in the process of finishing, do not forget about some rules to get desired result.

Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

If the finish of the veranda in a private house (see photo) suggests that it will be open, you need to ensure that construction materials that you will use for decoration, had a resistance against rain and moisture, withstanding high humidity.

Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

Among such materials are well proven plastic panels, perfolist, tile, stone. Wood finishing in verandas inside of your hands provides for a mandatory pre-impregnated with an antiseptic, such step will allow to not only avoid premature deformation of wooden elements, but also to protect the walls, floor, pillars from rodents.

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If a private home in which you plan to build a terrace, situated on the sea coast or on the waterfront, will be an interesting decision to make the finish veranda polycarbonate – transparent walls will protect themselves from the dampness in the cool of the evening, but will not interfere with the wonderful views from there.

Usually summer facilities do not need glazing, it is used only in the warm time of year, this seasonality does not provide for monolithic structures or fixed furniture. Here is more suitable lightweight plastic models of chairs, tables, or furniture-transformer. Create a beautifully themed interior, wicker chairs, tables, rocking chairs, fresh flowers hanging in pots around the perimeter of the terrace.

Materials for the construction of verandas ↑

One of the fashionable solutions in the construction – the choice of a frame of the veranda. For the construction of this design will require the laying of Foundation, erection of frame buildings. The finishes of the verandah – a matter of taste and possibilities, but the principle of establishing a design virtually identical.

Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

Need concrete poles, concrete (to build a Foundation), wooden beams to build the frame, sheathing at the perimeter to the bottom and finishing materials for interior walls of the porch (photo on stone finish):

  • wooden or plastic linings (PVC),
  • polystyrene tiles,
  • MDF panels,
  • composites, stone, perfolist, metal etc.

If you purchase brackets, angles, screws, anchors, tools, you can make the porch with his own hands.

The roof is optional wood, metal, profile sheet metal, glass, etc. Fulfilling finishing a closed porch on the inside (in the photo the wooden roof), you need to consider the degree of natural lighting because the only communication that is needed here is electricity.

Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

The floor will need water proofing, and, depending on the selected style, the type of surface plates are used for floor or stone, you can put beautiful high-quality linoleum. You should not rely on that wooden floor or laminate will be used, being at the same time spectacular, beautiful – if outdoor, summer, interior of veranda in a private house (see photo) for floor is also vulnerable to dampness and humidity. Therefore it is better to give preference to those materials that do not absorb moisture.

Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

Perforated sheet for decoration of the veranda inside will help divide the room into zones (for example, a dining area and relaxation area), showing imagination, you can perfectly decorate the ceiling.

Important in the interior decoration of a verandah to correctly calculate the lighting.

The walls on the veranda inside ↑

One of the most popular ways to make gated terrace is not only beautiful but also warm – finish porch plastic panels (in the photo you can see this option).

Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

In itself it is a lightweight construction, so the interior veranda in the country (photo illustrates one of the options), the ability to make Windows without using double-layered glass. Much better would be to take care of warming the floor and walls. As interior veranda in the country suitable moisture-proof plasterboard plate, you need to conduct a hydrophobization of walls of buildings on both sides: inside and outside. To insulate the walls, you can use mineral wool or extruded polystyrene. Interior trim porch (photo) is a strip heater which neatly sandwich insulation film, and placed on top of the MDF sheets, plasterboard, reinforcing PVC panels or paneling.

Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

The Council! Choosing as insulation mineral wool, remember its blagovijesti, in order to in a short time, the insulation crumbled into dust, provide waterproofing the walls!

Wall panels for interior decoration for the front porch can be made of any material, even painted decorative plaster. Wood panels are very impressive and respectable look, but you need to remember that they need to provide care. Cheaper and more practical finish veranda with timber imitation (photos), even on open design this form is preferable due to its durability.

Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

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Wall paneling — one of the most simple of materials with different durability, good qualities for wet areas, undemanding to care.

The advantages finish veranda lining includes its following qualities:

  • Siding is easily installed, allows you to create a smooth wall due to its own billing,
  • Is an excellent insulating material,
  • Differs durability and ease of replacement of damaged areas if necessary.

Finish veranda lining inside (photo) provides a great perspective on the color choice, neat and easy installation, but the lack of lining in fragility, especially in the cold season.

Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

Glazed winter veranda ↑

Today it is fashionable to use innovative solutions in the glazing, one of the ways to make your home an aristocratic and sophisticated is the French decoration of the porch (photo). It is an installation of plastic Windows in different shapes and large size. If acceptable, the interior is a nice built-in look French finish stained glass.

Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

Finish veranda and porch inside, the design of which involves the use of natural materials, beautiful looks in stone or wood.

Finish veranda outside ↑

Beautiful look for porch – this is the image of the house owner. Stone, wood – the classic versions, especially beautiful and impressive looks of carved wood in the finish. Cheaper, more practical, easier to care for finish veranda siding (photo shows this option).

Finish veranda inside and outside their hands

Among the advantages of vinyl siding – a high performance, a wide range of colors, ease of installation, affordable price. The horizontal panels make the structure very aesthetic.

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