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How to make an incubator for eggs

In a market economy, each person is master of his wealth. Now anyone can lead a decent life, because opportunities for earning more than enough, for example, it is possible to make an incubator for eggs. This will allow you to create a small farm that will become source of income.

After you make an incubator for eggs with your hands, you will have the opportunity not only extra income but also to provide their household. However, for this to become a reality must be the most responsible approach to the creation of this device. After all, how properly it will work — depends on the success of the whole idea.

The design of incubator for eggs is not particularly difficult. If you have long been engaged in breeding of poultry, you know, that chick might hatch even when the light is usually lamp. However, if you ask too low a temperature and nothing will happen. High temperatures will not lead to anything good.

So before you make the incubator itself can not hurt to thoroughly examine all drawings, and most importantly to understand how it works thermostat. Then you have to choose the appropriate mode and load the tray.

Of course, you can just buy an incubator for eggs, but the price of the device for such a simple design is really too high. Much more practical and cheaper to do it yourself.

Requirements for the design of the incubator ↑

How to make an incubator for eggs

There are many different drawings of the incubator for eggs that you can bring to life with your own hands. However to have the need and you built a device could adequately perform his functions, must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. You have to focus not only on the temperature of the eggs, but the number of degrees around the future chicken. According to the set agriculture norms temperature in two centimeters from the eggs should be in the range from 37.3 to 38.6.
  2. So the chicken has hatched you cannot use eggs that are stored for more than 10 days.
  3. It is important to monitor the humidity in the incubator. Before a PIP it should be at least 40%. In the process of removing this figure increases to 80%. If you do it right, then you can get healthy and strong chickens. Just before brood humidity should be slightly lower.
  4. The eggs in the incubator that you make yourself, should be only vertically. Moreover, the sharp end always goes down.
  5. In the process of incubation all the trays should be tilted to the left.
  6. Eggs need to flip at least three times a day. Before the brood they cannot be touched.
  7. When you make an incubator, take care of ventilation. You need to make the movement of the air was to balance the humidity and temperature. Speed of 5-6 meters for this task will be more than enough.

Before you make an incubator with their hands, watch the video below. Despite the seeming primitiveness incubator works perfectly and allows you to bring the chickens at home.

Drawings for incubator ↑

How to make an incubator for eggs

To do it yourself is really a high quality incubator you have to approach this case with the utmost responsibility. To begin to examine the drawings, without them to make a good project just will not work.

In the project documentation needs to be information, including a diagram of the temperature control. This should be, where are the heating elements. Then you are able to make a incubator, which for years will serve you, allowing you to remove chicken.

You will have to study the mechanism of rotation of the structure, should be chosen such that at the same time provide a stable job and at the same time would be pretty easy to manufacture.

It is important! When you will create the design, consider the possibility of laying in the cells of eggs of different sizes. This will allow in the future to expand the household with minimal costs.

The fact that the market is very flexible. At one time popular can use chicken, tomorrow all will begin to ask goose. Day after tomorrow will return to fashion for quail eggs.

In the drawing, you have to consider the mechanisms of temperature control. The fan should be installed exactly where it will do the most good. Besides will not prevent to consider alternative light source. Even a small period of time without preheating can cause abnormal development of chickens.

How to make an incubator for eggs

Based on the above, choosing a drawing of future construction or making it yourself, it is best to focus on the following parameters:

  1. Capacity of incubator is best done medium. First, this will allow you to place it in about 100 eggs, and secondly, you can always fill in more cells, the stock will not interfere.
  2. Optimum design for 108 cells. The size of each must be 45 mm (diameter). The height may not be less than 65 mm. Also the design has to be provided for the replacement of the internal lattice. Then you will be able at any time to change it and redirects the device to the other eggs.
  3. As the heating elements it is best to install 6 lights. Four of them should be the power of 100 W, and two for 60. The new led or fluorescent lighting elements that are not heated should be avoided. The scheme of the serial connection, the next 4 and 2.
  4. The temperature sensor should have a resistance of 1.8 To.

The speed of revolution it is best to set for one hour. This will allow you to achieve the greatest effect in the whole system.

Do the incubator with their hands ↑

Case ↑

How to make an incubator for eggs

In most cases, people who want to make an incubator for eggs with their hands, as the starting material used is the refrigerator. The fact that its design is perfect for this task. Besides the financial costs under this option will be minimal.

So, if you are wondering how to make incubator home, start by finding the old refrigerator. From that point will begin the implementation of this project.

First and foremost, to make myself a high quality and durable incubator get rid of the freezer. You will also need to get rid of the rest of the embedded hardware. Fortunately, all of this you can easily do yourself. For further realization of the project you will need the contactor relays CR-6 and a thermometer with electrical contacts.

Attention! The coil in your device should have such a resistance that will limit power to 1 watt.

After trying all these devices, you can connect the mains themselves without any difficulties. Power must be supplied from the network with a voltage of 220 V.

Operation mode ↑

How to make an incubator for eggs

First includes the first four lamps. Their task is to raise the temperature to 38 degrees. After this you will need to close the contacts of the thermometer. The result of this action, the coil CU get food. Advanced open contact KR2. As soon as the temperature is reduced, the process is reactivated.

As you can see to make a quality incubator yourself pretty easy. The main thing to adjust the temperature, to take care of the turn over system and so on.

Uniform heating provides a lamp L5. Moreover, it is necessary to provide the desired humidity. Moreover, its presence reduces the load on the contactor relay. So be sure to install it. Fortunately this can easily be done yourself.

Attention! Once the air inside the incubator will heat up to temperature will need to turn off 2 lights. Without automation you’ll have to do it yourself.

The estimated capacity of the incubator that you should do will be 40 watts. That is, if no ventilation, and the rotary mechanism. They can be excluded from design for greater savings, but that the result was satisfactory is first necessary to establish natural circulation of the air inside. This will help you a drawing.

If you want to abandon the rotary mechanism in the design of the incubator, which will put eggs, you’ll have to turn the cell itself. This should be done at least 3-4 times and only in the daytime. However, the speed of the maturation of this approach will fall significantly.

Attention! As the cells for eggs it is best to use the trays.

On the ninth day in the incubator you will need to lower the temperature to 37.5 degrees Celsius, for 19 to 37. If you don’t want to spend the money on an uninterruptible power supply, put it inside some hot water bottles. That should be more than enough to maintain the desired temperature.

Create automatic system temperature adjustment ↑

How to make an incubator for eggs

The heating elements in the incubator, which you do by yourself, can be placed not only above the tray, but the side and even underneath. Many experts agree that the best option would be to put the lights in all perimeter. This will ensure the most uniform heating.

Attention! The distance between the light bulbs cannot be less than 25 cm.

Some breeders go to the craft they buy nichrome wire. It is quite a powerful heating element that gives you the opportunity to shorten the distance between heat sources up to 10 cm.

There are three types of thermostats that provide the right temperature conditions inside the incubator that you make from former refrigerator with his own hands:

  • Elektrokontaktor. In fact — it is a standard thermometer, within which is mercury. Only in a tube sealed in a special electrode. When heated, the mercury rises. In the result, the electric circuit is closed. After which the incubator turns off.
  • The bimetallic strip can also provide uniform heating in your absence. Unfortunately, once you make an incubator for eggs with their hands with this device, the reliability of the system will decrease several times. The principle of operation of the plate is quite simple. When reaching a certain temperature, it bends, touching the electrode. As a result, the circuit is closed.
  • The barometric sensor. Imagine a cylinder that is made of flexible metal, whose capacity is filled with air. When heated is formed on the inside excessive pressure, so that the closed circuit.

If you think how to make an incubator for eggs with their hands, think about the automatic thermostat. Of course, it will take more time, and money to buy still need. However, it will provide almost complete autonomy.

What is incubator for quail eggs ↑

How to make an incubator for eggs

It is recognized that the quail eggs, it is desirable to vigreat in the special conditions. First, the heating element in the incubator that you make yourself, you need to use a tank of water. It provides sufficient heat.

The tank is best made of iron. The thickness of the walls will be about 4 mm. do Not forget to carefully solder the joints. The height of the upper nozzles must be 30 mm. the Diameter of the pipes is not less than 4 mm. They are welded into the top cover.

And now the most important. To get the design down 100-watt bulb. The flask should be immersed in the liquid to the cartridges. And it is necessary to make two heating elements overlap each other in the incubator for quail eggs, which you make for yourself.

The results ↑

See how to make an incubator myself more than real. It’s enough to find an old refrigerator and remove all the equipment. The middle tray in the incubator enough that hatched about a hundred chickens.

Of course, to make a incubator for quail eggs, you will need to put a little more effort. But their value in the market justifies this step. Don’t forget to include these costs in the business plan.

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