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How to make shelves for the bath

If you love baths, and you have a cottage, you had to think about how to not be dependent on private steam rooms and build your own. If desired, this project can be done by hand. Moreover, from a technical point of view, the construction does not represent special complexity.

A special role plays in the bath shelves. How properly you do depends comfortably in the steam room. The design consists of: lag and frame. Of particular importance is the ratio of the elements. From the correct selection of the size depends on how handy on the shelf to sit or lie.

How to make shelves for the bath

What should be the shelves ↑

Usually in the bath make bunk shelves. On the first floor you can sit, and the second is perfect for lying. Herein lies some difficulty. The upper floor needs to be broad enough so that it could lie.

It is very important to choose the right thickness a log shelf for bath. The fact is that if you buy too thin logs, they will bend under your own weight. But on the other hand, the thicker the product, the higher its value.

Fortunately, this situation is more than a worthy exit. Need to make holes in the frame small. This will allow you to pick the boards thinner and cheaper, but the shelves for the bath will have sufficient strength.

Relative to the size shelf for the bath opinions quite vary, but if you take into account Canon, then the total construction height must be 70 inches. The first tier is necessary to make a height of 40 cm, and 30 second.

The distance between the joists shelf for bath should not be too large, but if it is not done at all, it can lead to deterioration of operational qualities of designs.

How to make shelves for the bath

If desired, the lag can not buy, and do them with your hands. But you need to have the skills of a carpenter at least a basic level. You will also need tools and drawings.

Of particular importance when designing a shelf for bath is the number of people that will be here to bathe. Thus it is necessary to take into account the size of the room. After all, if you make the shelves too high, the inside will be uncomfortable to move.

Attention! The size of the room depends on the parameters of the regiment.

Shelves for bath is better not to place near the window. The fact that high temperatures can cause the glass to burst and cause injury to people inside.

Shelves for bath best done along the blank wall. In this case, the interior space can be quite diverse. If the room is quite large, it is possible to place benches on several sides. This will allow the most efficient use of available space.

Make shelves with their hands ↑

We select the tree ↑

Selection of the correct wood for the regiment — this is the Foundation on which to base your comfortable pastime in the bath. Often use these varieties:

  1. Aspen. Features high moisture resistance and can easily stand high temperatures. Therefore, it is often used to make shelves. The strength and color are not altered. Besides, its price is at an acceptable level. The disadvantages include the tendency to internal decay in a wet environment.
    How to make shelves for the bath
  2. Alder. Has a high resistance to deformation, easy to tolerate elevated temperatures. Its main advantage is the low conductivity. It is considered the traditional material for shelf bath.
  3. Linden. This tree has a lighter shade without a clearly pronounced texture. Board of lime not shrink and do not crack under high temperatures. Unfortunately, the strength of the wood is quite low. Despite this the shelves it’s pretty often.
  4. Maple. Is considered the best alternative to the lime, but in contrast it is less prone to deformations. The texture is always bright. Performance an order of magnitude higher than that of lime. It is preferred to use professional builders to make shelves.
  5. Poplar. It is a lightweight wood with a whitish tint. It is easy to handle. Great for make decorative items shelf.
  6. Abashi. It is African oak, which is often used for finishing baths. Its advantages can be attributed to the low thermal conductivity and resistance to high temperature and humidity. Smooth surface structure makes it ideal for a shelf. It is practically not heated and dries quickly, so in contact with the body discomfort occurs. The price of this wood is suitable, but the shelves for the bath it is best to do it.

In principle, each of the above types of wood are suitable shelf for the bath. They all have suitable conductivity and high moisture resistance, although its disadvantages have each of the varieties available.

Training ↑

How to make shelves for the bath

Before you make shelves for bath with his hands you need to ensure that to create it you have everything you need, namely:

  • level;
  • roulette;
  • gon;
  • electric drill;
  • hacksaw with teeth designed for wood;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill set;
  • screwdriver set;
  • mallet;
  • a pencil with a ruler;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • hammer;
  • abrasive cloth for several types of treatment.

Having collected all this set of tools, you will be able to make shelves with their hands. But you should be aware that there are a lot of projects. All of them, you need to choose the optimal for your premises.

The General algorithm ↑

Some builders in order to make shelves for bath use nails, but such a solution is not considered the best as it does not guarantee robustness. So we will use the wood screws.

Attention! Shelves, United by nails without damage to dismantle virtually impossible.

It is best to make the mounting of shelf boards from the inside. This approach will allow you to hide the screws inside of timber. As a result there is no risk of getting burned when touching bare skin with metal.

But for fixing of boards of the regiment requires exact calculation. Fortunately, there is another way to furnish the interior of the bath. Enough to make a blind hole for the cap. Then you need to prepare a wooden pin. With it, you will be able to close the metal.

How to make shelves for the bath

The pin needs to be processed carefully to shelves in the bath had a homogeneous surface. For this you will need abrasive cloth. After all the work will be performed, you will receive a perfectly smooth surface.

Special attention when creating a shelf for the bath should be paid to the course of action, it consists of the following stages:

  1. To make shelves mark for rear racks.
  2. Attach the stand to the wall. For fixing the bottom ends use a rubber gasket.
  3. Mount the upper beam and secure them in racks.
  4. The upper side member needs a little fix.
  5. To the extreme front racks necessary to mount the side rails. This will make the shelves more comfortable.
  6. Install load-bearing beams in the front.
  7. Assemble the top frame.
  8. Make measurements and adjust the angles. Loosely tighten the screws.
  9. By analogy with the upper frame take bottom. Consider shelves ready.

Before the final Assembly of the whole structure shelf for bath make up all elements with each other, to see how seasoned size. Only after that, attach the jumpers and lock design bolts.

Shelf designs for baths ↑

Two levels ↑

How to make shelves for the bath

Two tier shelf is ideal for small baths. Design with three tiers may be suitable only for large rooms. Also need high ceilings and excessive financial investments.

To make a two-tier shelves with their hands for a bath you need at least four meters. The height can be as high as 2.3 m. This is the ideal ratio at which the bench will perfectly fit into the interior.

Attention! Small baths are good because they heat up quickly.

When you create a shelf for the bath you need to consider that the lower the bench is the initial level where the temperature is much lower. The higher you go, the harder it will be to breathe.

To create a bottom shelf for bath need to carry out the initial calculations. The ideal height is 30 inches, but it can be increased up to 35, so if you would prefer.

Calculation shelf for the bath begins with the fact that you measure the height from floor to ceiling. It is very important that from the top shelf to the ceiling was not less 1.2 meters. This distance is more than enough to make the bath comfortable.

Attention! The maximum distance between the shelves 50 cm.

Three tiers ↑

How to make shelves for the bath

Three-tiered shelf design for the bath is considered more complex and not everywhere it is appropriate. But if you have enough space and you are counting that the bath will benefit a lot of people, it is better to make this option.

Also you should consider that a three-tiered shelf design requires more materials, and hence high cost of its construction. For example, the first bench cannot be more than 25 centimeters.

Second shelf is installed at a height of exactly 55 inches from the floor. This is the optimal proportion, tested by time. The third shelf needs to raise to 95, see the result, you will get convenient shelves for bath, which will be very roomy.

Attention! Width of each shelf can not be less than sixty centimetres.

If the room you have a small, but you still want to install shelves for baths on three levels, the upper shelf can be hinged. Such a move will allow you to save some space and add the bath functionality.

The results ↑

Bath is an opportunity to get rid of toxins in the body and feel fresh after a busy week. In particular it is the role of shelves. On how well you do depends on the overall comfort. Special attention should be paid to the selection of wood and design.

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