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How to make a solar collector to the pool with their hands

Solar collector for swimming pool is a special solar thermal system with which you can just cheap enough to provide acceptable comfort temperature of the pool water of any kind, size. Solar collector «absorbs» the solar energy and converts it into heat, which is used to heat water.

How to make a solar collector to the pool with their hands

The efficiency of the entire heating system depends on the quality of the solar collector. The design of this heating system needs to provide maximum «absorption» the energy of the sun and minimise heat lose.

Why heat water with a solar collector in the pools ↑

The water in the pools is heated mainly in the off-season (late spring, early fall), sometimes even in summer, when the air temperature is not systematic and not well heated. Low water temperatures can lead to colds as adults who bathe in it, and children.

How to make a solar collector to the pool with their hands

Domestic (private) pools mainly characterized by small size, optimum water temperature for swimming in the pond from +25ºC to +30ºC. To prevent a strong feeling of coolness, chill, the difference between temperature of water and air must be within 2-3 degrees.

The use of solar will help maintain the data the optimal temperature of water. This design eliminates large financial and labor costs.

When using a solar collector, closed type of pool can be used all year round.

Features homemade solar collectors ↑

When mounting a solar collector for heating the pool water with your hands, you must deal with the peculiarities of these structures. They differ in cost, materials, technologies to use when building.

How to make a solar collector to the pool with their hands

If that’s right, look carefully at the Assembly with their hands solar collector for heating the pool water, it will not be inferior in quality, technical characteristics of their professional, industrial analogs, and in some cases exceeds these specifications.

Despite the contrast of materials to mount the solar collectors, the principle and features of data structures similar.

Stages of Assembly of the dispenser of solar energy ↑

How to make a solar collector to the pool with their hands

Stage 1. A model of the solar distributor of energy power up to 2000 watts is one of the most quality and expensive. To mount the needed materials:

  • Pipes of metal;
  • Wooden box;
  • Plastic mount;
  • Screws;
  • A special frame (frame), to secure the boxes from the tree in the correct / required plodine;
  • Paint black;
  • Surface, which will perform the function of protection (preferably glass);
  • Pump small size.

Stage 2. Following the procedure for the selection of materials, it is necessary to choose the place where to locate a solar collector for heating the pool. To avoid heat loss during transportation of water, experts recommend to choose to install solar collectors open, well-lit place near the pool. The header must be placed at a certain angle, which depends on the characteristics of the terrain.

To mount the frame of the structure is prepared a place on which to build infill «pillow» on the basis of gravel, concrete ties (or platform of sidewalk tiles).

Further mounted a special coil: cut the beams, which connect with screws and clamps, sheathe with plywood. This platform is characterized by a rather large up to 35 kg, in this regard, the supporting framework should combine durability, reliability. It is also worth considering that the frame will influence the weight of snow, glands dripping. After the construction of the platform, paint it black paint.

Further mounted frame header (frame carrier). There are special anchors, which are fixed cross-bars. Given the lower corner is the wooden frame on an individual plan, a platform mounted on the frame with respect for the bottom corner.

Attention! Pre-mark the spots, which will be placed tube. Set of plastic mounts that are purchased together with the pipes. Mounts painted with black paint.

Stage 3. The Assembly of the solar battery. Sliced rolls and collected by the fittings attached to the coil. The design with the help of a spray (spray) painted in black color.

Stage 4. To the assembled structure is connected to the pump. Pipes are in the pool given the fact that they should be in and out from the bottom of the pool.

Attention! Because the water needs to flow slowly enough to heat up for the solar thermal system is recommended to use the pump average power.

5 stage. Next, set a special protective glass, the thickness of which shall not be less than 4 mm, to prevent heat loss.

Stage 6. Conducted testing of the installed design. If the test gave a positive result, the solar collector for heating the pool ready for a permanent job.

How to save money during the construction of the solar collector ↑

How to make a solar collector to the pool with their hands

To save money in the construction of solar batteries for heating of the pool with their hands, you can replace expensive materials by cheaper, slightly inferior in terms of quality. In this regard, experts recommend:

  • To save the family budget, pipes of metal can be replaced with their PVC counterpart. The analogue is much cheaper and they are connected by special adhesive, which is a reasonable price.
  • If you use a special «bars» (the first of its corners are replaced by tees) instead «snake», you will need a pumping system that is characterized by less power and therefore will cost less.
  • In order to prevent the loss of heat, increase the efficiency of the solar battery, it is recommended to insulate the back wall with foam, special mineral wool. The gaps between the manifold and the skirting are sealed with silicone.
  • To prevent heat loss between the glass and the design around the perimeter is laid with a special rubber sealer.
  • To automate the process of heating water it is recommended to set the thermostat, whereby the system will automatically shut off after heating water to the required temperature and turn on when the water in the pool to cool.
Attention! If required, further simplification of the design of a solar collector for heating water in the pool, you can use the normal plastic pipe or tubing.

It is mounted on the Board in a spiral form. The optimum pipe length of 50 m. It is connected directly to the pool. To pump cold water circulation pump.

The advantages of the solar collector ↑

How to make a solar collector to the pool with their hands

The use of the solar collector by heating the water in the pool has its advantages:

  • The most effective method, which allows to maintain a comfortable temperature of water in the pool.
  • This type of pool heating is the most economical financially, as the costs are spent on the purchase of all necessary materials and mounting design in General pay off in the short term.
  • In the event of any interruption of electricity, solar energy remains the only available, reliable source of electricity.
  • Solar collectors are easy to operate, easy to care for them (in order to maintain good performance systematically clean the filters from the resulting pollution).

What to consider when using solar collectors ↑

How to make a solar collector to the pool with their hands

Using metal pipes when mounting design of the solar heater for the pool water, it is recommended to pay attention to the fact that this material will be affected by high humidity, extremes of temperature indicators.

Attention! Until frost collectors who have in their construction a metal pipe must be disconnected from the supply. Merge the remaining water from the system. If you do not conduct these activities and in the pipes will remain even a little bit of water, this will lead to their destruction in the cold.

When mounting the solar collector is installed a special filtration system. The pool is recommended to cover with a tent to avoid reducing the temperature of the water at night.

Thus, a solar collector for heating the pool – a required design for optimum temperature characteristics of water. It is quite easy to assemble with your hands. You must adhere to certain stages in the construction of the solar collector. The heated water is characterized by a huge number of benefits from material savings in the purchase of all materials to the ease of use and care.

For more information about how to install solar collector to heat the water in the pool you can see in the video

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