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How to make a composter garden with his own hands

Having a plot, each owner concerned about getting a rich harvest. Fertile soil is one of the conditions for achieving high performance. If the land does not have good quality, to improve its properties it is necessary with your hands. It’s not necessary to invest in the delivery of topsoil or purchase ready-made organic substances. Preparation of compost in the garden compost will solve the problem of fertilizing the soil and improve crop yields.

Types of garden composters and their arrangement ↑

Varieties of garden composter set. They differ in design, size, material and shape. The most common containers are of the following types:

  • wooden box;
  • compost pit;
  • plastic container.

How to make a composter garden with his own hands

The first two options of garden composter can be done by hand, the latter type is sold ready to use. Before making a composter garden with your own hands, you should worry about choosing a location. It must meet the following requirements:

  • to make a composter garden with their hands must be at a minimum distance of 20 m from the well, otherwise the products of decay can ruin the taste of water quality and harm to health;
  • for this reason, make sure that from where the composter is to the well flowed streams of rain water;
  • composter garden without a bottom with his own hands to do better away from the fruit trees, otherwise their death is imminent;
  • distance from residential structures (including neighbor’s) is not less than 10 m;
  • consider the wind direction, it is better to eliminate the possibility of regular unpleasant odors in the area;
  • optimally to make the composter in the garden with his hands in the shadows, the sun’s rays are able to constantly overdry preparing humus and need frequent moisturizing;
  • to install the composter in the garden, preferably out of sight of others, so as not to spoil the scenery of the suburban area.

How to make a composter garden with his own hands

To make a composter garden with your own hands is particularly difficult. There are two main types of such structures – compost pit or box.

Manufacturer of compost bin ↑

To make a composter garden with their hands in a box is the most rational option for the preparation and storage of compost. To make a composter better than 2-or 3-sectional. The optimal solution is a structure consisting of three departments:

  • section landfill;
  • section «ripening» humus;
  • section for finished compost.

You can make a composter garden with his own hands stationary or equipped with wheels to move around the site. From the dimensions of the box depends on the speed of maturation of humus and its quality. The height of the composter must not be less than 1 m, the length and width of one section varies from 1.0 to 1.5 m. When planning the deepening of the wooden pegs in the ground, these parts are treated with tar, oil or old motor oil to prevent them from rotting.

So, how to make a composter garden with his own hands:

  • Wood in 8 pieces buried in the ground.
  • Partition walls are equipped with connecting peg boards. They are mounted so that through the left slit will allow free passage of air.
  • The front part of the two bays is sheathed from the bottom to the middle, the remaining space is intended for the equipment of doors. The last section of the composter is equipped with a large door, so the bottom is nailed in just one Board.
  • Then sheathed with boards back wall and end part of a garden composter.
  • In the last turn on the front wall are fastened the door – two small and one large, simultaneously acting as a cover.
  • Before making a composter garden with his own hands, with the purpose of extending the time of operation, all wooden parts are pre-treated by impregnating with a solution that is able to protect the structure from insects and moisture. Impregnation buying in the store, stop the choice on non-toxic vehicle.
  • Ready garden composter is coated in two stages, and the next layer is applied after complete drying of the previous.
  • For easy operation the box mounted handles and latches.

How to make a composter garden with his own hands

To make a garden composter is not enough, you need to take care of the increase in the period of its operation. Will help in this matter concreting of the bottom. To ensure good ventilation on the top is lined with drainage, this role can perform the dry branches of trees. If desired, the bottom placed plastic shields.

There are several popular solutions how to make a composter garden with his own hands. Some equip a container without a bottom to the free penetration of earthworms and microorganisms. It is possible that the boards on the side walls are mounted with clearance in 2-3 cm for improved ventilation. If the container has 2 compartments, instead of the caps on the front wall at the bottom of the composter is equipped with retractable strap. When this organic mass is not moved from one compartment to another, and is used below. Such garden composter with your own hands definitely has a top cover that protects the compost from rainfall and penetration of animals.

How to make a composter garden with his own hands

Options for the establishment of compost pits ↑

Deciding to make the country a compost pit, be aware that fertilizers in this compost Mature longer, and stir them harder. However, it has a significant advantage – less visible on the site and do not darken its appearance.

One of the main conditions for the maturation of compost is enough oxygen required for the decomposition of organic matter. Proper arrangement the compost pit with their hands contributes to the proper course of the process of formation of humus. How to make a composter in the form of a pit with their hands? Consider two options.

Compost pit with wood trim ↑

In the first case it will be the original box, sunk into the ground. His arrangement includes the following steps:

  • Digging a hole with a depth of 1.0 m, width 1.5 m length – 2.0 m.
  • Stepping back from each wall at 20 cm, the corners dig four columns.
  • Wood joined boards, are fixed they are not close, and with a step of 5 cm to ensure oxygen supply.
  • Received a box divided in half, for this purpose, suitable wooden Board. In the process of operation of a garden composter will be filled in only one compartment.
  • At the bottom is equipped with drainage height of 10-15 cm with the use of straw, bark and thick branches. Such a construction facilitates removal of excess moisture and good aeration of raw materials.

How to make a composter garden with his own hands

Warning! The sides and bottom of the composter does not cover for the free penetration of earthworms actively involved in the formation of humus.

Maintaining a certain level of humidity in the pit is an important condition for the maturation of organic matter. In the event it dries, the pile is watered from a watering can with water. To create sauna effect the pit is recommended to cover the film.

As filling the same office, garden composter waste, their travel in the other half for oxygen saturation.

Concreted compost pit ↑

If you wish to make garden compost with your hands for a longer period, the pit is equipped with concrete. The cost of this design undoubtedly increases, but the lifetime is greatly prolonged. The procedure for concreting of garden composter the following:

  • The top layer of soil is removed and digging a hole to a depth of 60-80 cm, its length is 3 m and width 2 m.
  • to make the formwork and prepare the mortar consisting of sand, cement and gravel. Usually in 10-liter bucket filled with gravel, is placed 5 l of water. In this case, is added to 5 kg of sand and cement in the ratio 3:1.
  • The prepared mixture was poured into the formwork.
  • Do not forget to make a separator that improves the operational capabilities of the compost pit.
It is important! Observe the proportions of the solution and avoid the formation of numerous bubbles.

To make the cover for the pit from the mesh, netting, metal frame or wooden planks. In the latter case it is recommended to provide a few holes for improved ventilation. Invested funds, time and effort to make this garden composter with your own hands will pay off in the future, without requiring additional cost.

How to make a composter garden with his own hands

To accelerate the maturation of compost in a concrete pit capable of earthworms, to get them to be responsible.

You can make a composter garden with his own hands, buried in the ground 2-3 barrels. These can be wood products or concrete ring. In this case, it should take care of drainage at the bottom of the design and to equip the cap to allow venting.

How to make a composter garden with his own hands

Compost pit by the Finnish technology ↑

If you make a composter garden with his own hands there is no desire, you can purchase a compost box for Finnish technology. This fixture is in the form of a bio-toilet is able to turn waste into compost.

The construction is made in the form of two containers, each with a volume of 80 liters. After using the toilet, in a container add a special mixture of peat and sawdust, a layer of 1-2 cm For a uniform distribution on the hull designed handle, which must several times turn.

To improve heat transfer on the seat of the Finnish dry toilet has a lid. The possibility to recycle with a composter waste food. They also need to cover the dry mixture.

How to make a composter garden with his own hands

As filling of the first container, it moves with the help of special handles and the second set in return. Compost-filled container is ready to fertilize garden soil. Because of its high concentration, before using the fertilizer should be mixed with peat, sand and soil. As the empty container is washed and returned to its original place.

Compliance with the recommendations will make a reliable and convenient composter garden to obtain high-quality organic fertilizers. The correct laying of the raw materials also plays an important role in the formation of humus.

The most simple variant of the equipment of garden composter can be seen in the following video:

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