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Design bath inside

Design bath inside

Comfortable and quality made finish bath inside is the dream of almost any Russian person who knows a lot about this case. And such pleasure is not a pity neither the means nor the time. What would the interior decoration of the baths was carried out efficiently, before you start working it is important to know the basic rules of decoration, because the bath is built not for beauty, but primarily for health, in order to be on full to feel the impact of hot whisk on the human body.

If we are talking about the Russian bath, the material from which is built the design is irrelevant – steam is required to run exclusively from wood. Is tradition, covenants, and so say – «Russian spirit». To justify the reality may the following scientific facts:

  • The tree is one of the most environmentally friendly materials, for a human it is most nice and helpful;

  • Wood has low thermal conductivity, in consequence of which the probability to burn is extremely small;

  • However, the tree characterized by the ability uniform distribution of heat over its total volume, which affects the speed of heating steam;

  • If the wood for the interior finishing was handled correctly, there is a continuous air – and then the bath does not require additional ventilation unless she is built entirely of devera;

  • The tree, when the temperature rises, secretes substances influencing the improvement and relaxation of a person;

  • On the whole, very texture of the wood is already a decoration, and does not require additional painting.

The interior of the baths on the inside photo:

Design bath inside

The choice of materials for interior finishing baths. ↑

Design bath inside

One of the main stages of internal work can be considered as the choice of finishing material. Its quality must meet the following criteria:

  • To be resistant to hot air, contact with water and increase humidity.

  • Be hygienic.

  • Fully not have toxins that would stand out in the heat.

  • Should not cause allergies or burns upon contact with human skin!

  • To be strong and durable.

  • To be decorative and nice to please the eye with their colors.

It is believed that how to build the Russian bath and decorate her best entirely of wood: the smell of fresh drevesini, along with the aroma of birch switches, fuse together to give an atmosphere of comfort and bliss.

Important: special attention should be paid when you finish washing.

As coniferous materials are absolutely not suitable for finishing the steam room(also known as pine very hot, and touch it during the procedure may not be very nice), they are completely perfect for rest rooms and dressing room. In them the temperature is not so high that the needles would start the selection of resins, but its flavor will not only please your soul, but also to bring a healing effect to the body. In principle, in the washing room you can use a variety of materials: gypsum, River pebbles, PVC, moisture-proof fiberboard. But better of course would be to use tiles. Given the fact that tile becomes very slippery in contact with water, it is recommended to line the floor with wood reshetochki, which at any time after the adoption of water treatments, it would be possible to dry.

Trim steamy ↑

Design bath inside

If we are talking about a real Russian steam bath, with its heat and steam, according to tradition, its internal finishing is done only from hardwood (birch, aspen ,poplar, Linden, etc.).

Attention: Ash has a very beautiful decorative effect, beautiful core. Bathhouse love this material for its beauty, strength, durability and longevity. Also, it can be noted exotic but very expensive as African oak-abashi. Many experts paired traditions to maintain his reputation, are willing to pay and not the money.

Native breed to which we are accustomed – is lime. Her honey scent creates an even greater comfort in the steam room. However, aspen owns resistance to high humidity and because of this rot.

Deciduous trees are the main feature – they are poorly susceptible to splits and rot, are not heated to a state at which you can burn yourself. The use of pine, despite the cheapness of this material is excluded because of its properties to distinguish smoke at high temperatures. Also it is not necessary to consider the oak – when heated, it becomes very slippery, which can lead to the desired injury, and we’re over happy to come. If in the dressing room, for finishing work, allowed to work with natural materials, the steam room must be made only of wood, and handles and door.

Floor steam bath is performed as with the use of polished boards, and cover tiles. Finish where you will install the furnace, must be of non-combustible materials – brick, tile.

Design bath inside

Important: for that would be good to keep the hot air inside, the floor in the steam room should be approximately 10 – 20cm. predbankrotnogo above the floor. Laying planks on the joists, perform very close to each other, and are fastened with screws on wood. In the steam room, the flooring, still recommend the use of tile. Because like it or not, and over time the moisture spoils the Board. In the same way as in the washing room, on the floor in the steam room you need to put a wooden lattice or shield, to prevent injury on wet floor.

Shelves and benches

Mandatory advantage of the good steam room – it is comfortable, well-fortified, not creaking and not wobbly shelves and beds. Shelves can be attached to two atoms in three tiers.

Important: for comfortable Seating, the location is top shelf under the ceiling should not be less than one meter.

The recommended material for shelves and benches of aspen(budget option), Linden – if the budget is not limited.

Shelves you want to run different sizes:

  • Lower to about 30cm;

  • Medium – 60cm;

  • The top – around 1m.

Design bath inside

Important: An important part of the finishing bath furniture is polished impregnation of wood to protect from rotting by special means. These impregnations are carried out exclusively on the basis of organic components. Such tools include a wax or oil, also aqualuk, which lately is becoming more and more popular. It was created with a specific task – impregnation of wood for finishing saunas, baths and similar facilities. Deeply penetrating into the material, this impregnation provides protection from moisture, high temperatures, all sorts of different organisms and all such things. Naturally the use of protection such a plan for their advantages, such as improving the durability of bathroom interior and furniture, is steadily pulls and cons – the decline of the beneficial effect of the tree. Anyhow the benches(shelves) in any case, you want to process such resources, to ensure maximum comfort in contact of naked body parts with wood. Well soak ceilings and walls do not need.

Everything else, the edges of benches shall be rounded, and the screws and nails are deep set into the wood. Effective moment for ventilation and long life of shelves is a way to execute them in a lattice form.

Design bath inside

A finished dressing room ↑

The recommended material for finishing work in the dressing room are panels made from pine. They have little heat, and no harmful tar is not isolated. Under the influence of small temperature on the panel, in the dressing room will be a pleasant, slightly perceptible smell of pine. Before performing mounting of the plates, the wall needs to be insulated. It is recommended to use foam or mineral wool(as it is known these materials retain heat very well). The ceiling of the dressing room is also can be finished with pine slabs, and the floor is well secured to the joists polished boards.

Rest room ↑

Design bath inside

But the finish bath inside ends. We still need somewhere to rest, after such a substantial, though pleasant, stress on the body. During the layout of the baths, we certainly have not forgotten about the rest room. In principle, it can get rid of any desired materials, but aesthetically it looks when its aged finish to the overall style of the interior of the baths.

Finish wooden bath inside ↑

There are a number of rules to ensure the necessary climate and longevity of your hardwood bath:

  • Inside the casing should be performed with the use of vertical boards, being very close to each other;

  • No need to paint them, that would eliminate the release of harmful substances;

  • To avoid rotting of the floors soon, no need to insulate the floor, as it will be constantly exposed to moisture;

  • Another secret of effective heat preservation – use in the bath small Windows;

  • To create a state of relaxation, use in the bath dull lighting;

A steam room, and the interior of the Russian bath inside it is not a simple steam bath, this folk tradition, its flavor so to speak in the decoration and interior finishes wood.

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