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BBQ on the veranda of the house

Your own vacation home is a normal dream of almost every urban dweller. Outside the city there is the opportunity for complete rest from the hustle and bustle of the working week polluted city air and the permanent man-made noise, to escape from which in the city is almost impossible. As a rule, for rest outside the city you don’t need a huge house – enough of a small house, with open porch and small garden. And if you a little effort, can be equipped veranda, BBQ, and make the countryside not only pleasant, but also «delicious».

BBQ on the veranda of the house

In this case, a barbecue area on the veranda did not require to make it only open the correct device from the furnace and the chimney allows you to enjoy the process of cooking and enclosed porches. To build an oven a barbecue is best under the guidance of experienced professionals, strictly complying with the existing requirements of fire safety.

BBQ on the veranda ↑

BBQ on the veranda can be a stationary or portable design and material for its production can serve as a metal, refractory brick or natural stone. If the site is small, and the construction of any outbuildings on it is unacceptable, the optimal design of metal, if a terrace or possibility of its construction, it is better to prefer stationary design.

BBQ on the veranda of the house

To oven BBQ on the porch brought only positive emotions, allowed to cook with pleasure and meet basic safety requirements, you should consider several points:

  • to place the stove should be in a way that it does not obstruct free movement;
  • you must think through and organize the storage space for wood or coal;
  • grill for cooking must be removable and be placed preferably on the height of a standard kitchen table to the cooking process as convenient as possible;
  • next to the stove it is necessary to provide a working area for cooking;
  • to avoid smoke on the porch should provide good traction in the chimney – the chimney must be of sufficient height.

BBQ on the veranda of the house

Veranda with barbecue, attached to the house, as a rule, immediately became the favourite place of both the owners and their friends, which is hardly surprising, especially if the landlord is not deprived of the sense of taste. In that case, if the veranda at the house yet, and its construction is being designed, the first question that will have to solve will be the choice of its open or closed will be building. Covered porch with BBQ facilities will be optimal in the case that a country house or dacha is widely used in the cold season, on the open it’s much nicer spending time in the summer.

BBQ on the veranda of the house

BBQ on front porch, photo projects which you can see in the network before the start of construction will help determine the design, type the furnace and optimal size.

The Council! If the area of land sufficient for the erection of a freestanding gazebo, have a barbecue area will be better there. Thus, it is possible to minimize the risk of fire at home just in case, if the oven is built with safety violations.

BBQ on the veranda of the house

Summer veranda with barbecue – comfort, combined with practicality ↑

Veranda or terrace, attached to the house, where there are ovens for cooking has a number of advantages over separately located building, which include the following:

  • closer to home, eliminating the need «running» with plenty of utensils;
  • the ability to install additional devices for cooking (the cauldron, hob, grill, tank for heating water), which eliminates the need to cook in a small and stuffy room kitchen;
  • cooking on the veranda is totally independent of the power supply;
  • a porch with a barbecue arranged with his own hands, without a serious financial cost and use of heavy construction equipment.

BBQ on the veranda of the house

Despite the sufficient convenience of BBQ facilities on the covered terrace, which perfectly protects from wind, rain and cold, on hot summer days, want to spend more time outdoors and not indoors. To combine all the advantages of open and closed porches will allow for a frameless glazing. This solution can be considered optimum for all climatic zones of our country, because even in severe frosts with closed wings the room temperature quickly rises to a comfortable level.

In such glazed areas possible to organize an unforgettable meeting of the new year or Christmas, spring holidays and on fine summer days you can enjoy the fresh air without fear of sudden bad weather will spoil the rest because in order to fully close the veranda only takes a few seconds. If it is not possible to install frameless glass, outside on the veranda to provide a special protective curtains, reminiscent of blinds or shutters – you can buy ready-made or to order for individual sizes.

Personal project porch with a barbecue – do not limit yourself to stereotypes ↑

Independent design of future deck has a lot of advantages, because there is a great opportunity to create a exclusive room that will naturally blend into the existing natural landscape and take into account the individual needs of the owners.

BBQ on the veranda of the house

Before you start to design a porch with barbecue in the country, it is advisable to see photos of the finished projects – this will allow to get acquainted with modern trends and technologies, learn about applied materials. Thus, the maximum attention during the construction should be given to security. If you pay attention on the photo of barbecue in enclosed verandas, you can see that almost all of them have a floor covering of ceramic tiles or granite, that is not accidental.

Terrace barbecue veranda or in the houses/cottages are an area with high fire hazard, as completely to prevent the entry of sparks or burning coals on the floor is simply impossible. Such a thorough approach is important not only for the device of floor covering. The most popular material for country/country construction is wood, and the porch and it always will please owners its elegant appearance and natural warmth emitted.

BBQ on the veranda of the house

But in order to effectively protect the wood need to be treated with special fire and bio protective formulations, which are sold in DIY stores. Especially relevant is the treatment for barbecue areas are located on open porches. The use of such compositions as in the construction phase, processing just delivered the timber or Board, or upon completion of construction, through the processing of all already built veranda. Responsible to cover the wood with a brush or spray gun. It is advisable to do this in several layers with intermediate drying each for at least 2-3 hours.

The Council! If possible, it is better to use timber that is impregnated with preservative at the factory – be protected as much as possible from rotting, the free flow of fire and defeat the bugs.

Quite often, when the device of the barbecue oven of brick on the veranda of the house, you may encounter the same problem as the penetration of soot into prepared dish, or excessive smoke room, especially in windy weather. With such a phenomenon most often encounter those who first engaged in the masonry of the furnace. Therefore, it is best for enclosed porches to build barbecues, and barbecue grills with your tooth is a specially designed ledge in the masonry of the rear wall of the firebox. Thus greatly reduced the possibility of blowing winds and, consequently, shedding soot and the passage of smoke into the room.

BBQ on the veranda of the house

Despite the fact that his own barbecue on the veranda is not an easy task, it is doable. It is quite natural that the first experience of construction is not always complete without some errors, and some of them says the author of the next video

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