The types of parquet and the technology of their installation

Parquet flooring is quite a popular floor covering. It’s used by people for a long time, after all, is a simple and durable solution. But due to the large number of varieties of such coverage buyers are often confused between the options offered. Each of them has its own features and benefits.

Types of flooring ↑

There are several varieties of this coverage. They differ not only in characteristics but also in form, technique of manufacture, installation and many other factors. Among the most popular varieties of note:

Boxed ↑

The types of parquet and the technology of their installation

This is the traditional form of such coverage that are used everywhere. It is a wooden bar whose length varies between 450 mm and the width does not exceed 70 mm. the Characteristic of a piece parquet is the solidity and the possibility of the Assembly through special grooves.

Mosaic (mosaic) ↑

The types of parquet and the technology of their installation

The peculiarity of this kind is that it consists of scutes collected from small planks. This allows you to create a specific pattern on the floor, not wasting time and effort on connecting the components of the parquet. It often happens that the outer side of the sealed paper (to not damage). The reverse side can be equipped with an insulating layer.

Panel ↑

The types of parquet and the technology of their installation

The characteristic of a panel Board parquet is a square Board, on which is pasted a thin layer of fine strips of solid wood. The size of the shield can vary, but often correspond to 40×40 cm or 80×80 cm Front side often has artistic drawings, only squares. The flaps can freely connect with each other through the groove and the length of the dowels. This can significantly speed up laying of parquet and reduce the cost of workers.

Massive ↑

The types of parquet and the technology of their installation

Solid parquet (also known as solid Board) is a subspecies of the floorboard. He is considered an elite coating, and is distinguished with high reliability, durability and environmental friendliness. The high price is due to the fact that used in the manufacture of a solid piece of solid wood, the treatment of which is quite difficult. By construction, the Board almost indistinguishable from a piece parquet.

Parquet Board ↑

The types of parquet and the technology of their installation

Multilayer boards are significantly cheaper than whole. It is created from several layers of wood, of which only the top layer consists of solid rock. The rest are just low-grade material or waste wood. Although multilayer parquet and is considered worse, it is more resistant to high humidity and temperature changes. Its feature is the top layer, which simulates a set of parquet boards.

Palace ↑

The types of parquet and the technology of their installation

This kind of flooring is an expensive piece of art. It is a complex parquet the canvas, forming any pattern. It uses a variety of forms, lines and colors and create a composition using up to 80 species of wood. Often the Palace parquet is ordered individually.

Cork flooring ↑

The types of parquet and the technology of their installation

Sometimes referred to parquet flooring cork flooring. This coating of balsa wood, a characteristic feature of which is the high insulation and absorption of noise. However, such floors are rarely used because they are easily damaged. This prevents a thin vinyl film.

These are the main types of flooring used for flooring. Each of them has its advantages and technology features styling that should be considered when choosing.

It is important! Flooring should be chosen not only according to their preferences, but also with the environment in which it will be used.

Laminate flooring ↑

The types of parquet and the technology of their installation

Noted another kind of this covering is of laminate parquet. It is not considered to others, because in fact it is a laminate — simulated wood. However, it is quite popular as a substitute of parquet used as a reliable and inexpensive solution. This laminate consists of four layers:

  1. The upper layer of the laminate consists of the acrylic or melamine resin.
  2. Underneath the decorative, sets the picture of the product.
  3. The base layer of the coating consists of a particleboard or fibreboard of high density, which provide structural rigidity.
  4. The last layer provides protection from moisture.

However, this flooring is much more preferred choice because it is environmentally friendly, reliability and durability.

Wood parquet ↑

To create the flooring can be used in various wood. However, for this task, taking mostly solid rock, because they will take longer to wear out and is able to maintain its structure when exposed to temperature or moisture.

The types of parquet and the technology of their installation

Parquet wood is shared by two parameters – density and color. Therefore, note the following classification:

  • Light. To create a light coverage use oak, maple, ash, hornbeam, and bamboo. In the post-Soviet space traditionally used oak or ash because of their high strength and reliability. Although the first refers to the light tones, among his varieties come in various wood colors, including red.
  • Red. In the nearer regions of trees with red wood, almost none. Therefore, for this coating use duss, kempas, arru, Paduk and Jatoba. These trees are common only in some regions, but most come from Africa or Asia.
  • Brown. Brown wood grow around the world. For flooring among them, use walnut, mutenia, rosewood, Sucupira, merbau, the jacaranda, Cumaru and Lapacho. Most of these trees have high density.
  • Yellow. Parquet yellow color is in demand in many regions. For its production using olive, flounder or a tick. The second type of wood is called iroko.
  • Pink. There are many pink wood growing in the nearby regions. Among them, alder, beech, cherry and pear. Often these species have a low density.
  • Dark. For dark parquet flooring uses only two types of wood and wenge stained oak. Both of them are extremely expensive and are considered an elite breed.
The Council! Alternatively, bog oak, which is a very high price, there is oak artificial staining. It is much cheaper, though it has the same features.

What kind of better ↑

Each type of coverage has its advantages. Therefore, the choice between them is quite complicated. For the selection of the best option is to learn their advantages and disadvantages.

The types of parquet and the technology of their installation

Piece type is the easiest of them. It has a low price, high quality (it is made from solid planks of wood) and reliability. However, its styling — a rather laborious process due to the large volume of work and need to precisely place each bar. In addition, its use requires some insulation under the cover.

The mosaic type is different from the previous slightly higher price, high quality and convenience in laying. Its appearance is varied due to the different kind of segments, but the styling is not easier than the previous version.

The shield variant is superior to previous options. He has a varied texture, high resistance to moisture and temperatures with two layers and a simple installation process. But the durability of such coatings is not as high and the cost is superior to previous options.

Other types of flooring is quite specific, so their choice depends on the requirements. Solid parquet is extremely reliable and durable, but has a high cost. Parquet (laminated) significantly cheaper, but wear out quickly. The Palace has a huge cost and a unique look.

The choice between these options depends on the buyer. If the budget is unlimited, you should get massive, but others too, should not be ignored.

Preparation for laying parquet ↑

Different types of flooring have individual requirements for installation. They differ in method of Assembly, so you should consider this when selecting.

The types of parquet and the technology of their installation

The Foundation is prepared regardless of the type of flooring. The floor should be prepared to work, because otherwise the coating will be uneven, weak and short-lived. The main requirements for the basis of the following:

  • Dry
  • Evenness
  • Purity

The moisture content of flooring shall not exceed 5%. When this number is exceeded, the tree can absorb moisture and warp, which not only destroy the flooring, but will render useless materials.

The second point is the flat floor. The maximum difference should not exceed 2 mm, because otherwise the grooves in the floor to connect, and the coating surface will be uneven.

The purity of the basics is also important, because it will accommodate the whole design. Often, for fixing the segments used glue, so the mount can be subject to interference from dirt or dust.

The Council! Before laying it is recommended to make the tie, if the base is uneven.

To install hardwood floor plywood is often used as a layer between the cement and the wood. Plywood has separate requirements, because it should be quite stable and reliable, and reduce the entry of moisture.

It is important! If you use a shield set, the plywood can not put. Often the reverse side is covered with an insulating layer, besides all the wood is on the Board.

Laying various types of flooring ↑

Different types of flooring have their own application technology that must be followed in the process. Laying especially heavy species is necessary to resort to special care, because a small error will spoil the whole result.

The simplest option is to fold the piece type. It is the sequential stacking of the elements, connecting them through the slots. The basis of the flooring is fastened to the plywood by glue. With the laying of block type can handle everyone, it is only necessary to accurately measure the distance to walls and matching strap. Using the same technology and fit solid wood, because it differs from the type only in piece size.

The types of parquet and the technology of their installation

It is important! Line type parquet (solid or boxed) are placed in a staggered manner. This will increase the density and reliability of the coating.

When laying modular flooring (mosaic or panel) is marked in advance the location of future units. Depends on the reliability of the design and the geometry of the figure. They are connected through the same grooves that piece.

The types of parquet and the technology of their installation

Laying of the parquet of the Palace differs significantly from previous versions. It is painstaking work, in which it is necessary to make the different parts in their place. An important caveat here is the complex form of the elements, because not all blocks are square Palace parquet. In addition, their construction is used exclusively bipartite glue quick lock, because grooves are absent here.

Although the technology of laying various types of flooring can be similar, it has its own nuances. It is necessary to consider the acquisition of a certain type of coverage, because the cost of installation of a Palace, or a piece of type is much higher than for block types.

The Council! It is recommended not to glue the parquet elements with each other, gluing only the base. Otherwise this will complicate the repair and replacement in the future.

And for acquaintance with the method of packing of a piece parquet, you can view this video:

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