Plywood for floor

Plywood floor coating is an inexpensive and effective means for levelling and insulation of the surface.

Plywood for floor

A plywood sheet is a reliable draft in a residential area, and due to its reliability, resistance to deformation in time of the mechanical loads, it is often used as an intermediate layer between the floor tiles and cement or metal frame.

It is important! if the layers of plywood impregnated with special adhesive composition, it is possible to obtain a water-resistant material for installation in rooms with high humidity.

Often, professionals use plywood as the material for the base. This is because the further operation and removal of different types of flooring will be easy and not time consuming. Removed and all.

Laying plywood on wooden floor ↑

Plywood for floor

Align the old surface and prepare it for laminate flooring, linoleum and other flooring materials.

Choose a plywood sheet ↑

First and foremost, you need to pay attention to the thickness of the product, if the mount will be on the joists, then the thicker the sheet is, the stronger is the base. Select plywood about 18 mm, and can be less, but not lower than 12 mm.

Plywood for floor

Tools for laying plywood ↑

The master will need to have the following set of tools:

  • Screws of required sizes, from long to short
  • Screwdriver for screwing
  • Electric jigsaw
  • Roulette.

Plywood for floor

That would lay plywood on wood floor you need to:

  1. To produce the right quality and the cut sheets, preferably with a size of 60 by 60 cm and stack them with an offset of 30 cm each of the next row. All the leaves, which are prone to delamination after cutting with a jigsaw, you need to replace one piece, or glue quick-drying construction adhesive. In this case the flooring will have to be postponed until they are dry.
  2. Provide initial laying plywood on the floor in advance by numbering the leaves. If it converges, there is no errors, and additional fitting material, then remove all and begin to do hardwood flooring.
  3. Clean wooden boards from dirt, dust, condensation, check all cracks, remove deep cracks. Eliminate all sorts of distortion and creaking floorboards. All the boards are removed and is loose, fix with nails. After a thorough check, we pass the cleaner over the surface, removing the remains of debris and dirt.
  4. The prepared squares of plywood spread on the wooden floor, given the expansion joints. The distance between the sheets should be no more than 10 mm, and between the plywood and the wall up to 20 mm.
Attention! experts advise to carry out installation of plywood on a wooden floor using adhesive, this will ensure that the coating moisture resistance and reliability. Another option involves laying sheets with screws, the distance between which should be at least 15 cm around the edges and on the diagonal, and the indentation from the edge – 2cm.
  1. Now the sheets need to be sturdy and reliable mount. To do this, pre-drill a hole with a screwdriver and screw the screws so that the hat does not remain on the surface, and well buried in the material. For the sheet of plywood 12 mm would be the most appropriate screw length 40 mm.
    Plywood for floor
  2. The edge of the plywood sheet after laying and fixing by screw or adhesive composition need to wipe the abrasive sheet, that there were no bumps and irregularities.
  3. After executing attaching the plywood to the wooden floor surface lacquering, for a more aesthetic appearance. This plywood will serve as the final option for flooring.
Warning: experts do not recommend the use of plywood sheets for bathroom or unsinkable rooms, excessive humidity will quickly damage the product, cause unpleasant odor, deformation of flooring with different mechanical and physical stress.

Plywood for floor

Advice of experienced craftsmen for flooring plywood on wooden floor ↑

  1. Store plywood sheets before laying should be in the same room, where will be the installation. The coating attains the required humidity and will adapt to the temperature regime, in order not to change the default sizes. 24 hours will be enough.
  2. To check the humidity the room you need for the night to put the oilcloth on a wooden floor, if in the morning it will be dry, then you can lay the plywood, and if condensation builds up, it is necessary or to replace the flooring more durable and resistant to moisture, or use for mounting a sheet of special adhesive – water-dispersion adhesive based on PVA.
  3. If you use plywood flooring as the final floor, you should consider one thing. When we Staley plywood on wood floor must be left between the leaves a small gap that can distort the appearance of the product.
  4. After laying plywood on wooden floor completed, it is important to check how firmly holds the cover. For this purpose, a small bar, which should be knocked on the floor. If you hear an empty echoing sound, then this is the place fix extra long screw or fill the void with an adhesive composition.

Plywood for floor

Alignment of the wooden floor with plywood ↑

Under the laminate, linoleum or ceramic tile. For this you need to use plywood FC, grade 4/4, with a minimum thickness of 12 mm.

Start working.

  1. The installation of the lighthouse. For this, the screws that are screwed to the desired height over the entire surface. Beacons are fixed at the corners of a square with sides of 25 cm.
  2. In the presence of a screwdriver and level, stack logs. This strip of plywood with a width of 25-35mm. Fastened to the floor with construction adhesive or screws, and voids are cleaned greased with glue sticks plywood.
  3. Prepare the plywood sheets for laying on the wooden floor. Cut out the squares 60 by 60 cm, as in the previous version of the deck plywood at the base.
  4. Then lay on the perimeter of the plywood squares that the joints of sheets were on the grounds lagi.
  5. To avoid joining the four joints in one point to produce the offset of each sheet in the manner of brickwork.
  6. Now customize the plywood to the exact size, removing bumps and other irregularities.
Note: not to spend more than bought, it is precisely to make preliminary measurements of the plywood sheets. To do this, each of them laid out on the joists and the pencil marks the spot joining.
  1. Engaged in fastening the plywood to the joists with screws, the ends gently grind.
Important! when laying on top of the linoleum, it is possible to fix it with nails, nailing directly to the plywood. That would not be formed in the gap, while flooring coatings follow the joints of plywood and linoleum. It will not only be reliable and durable floor covering, but also to look will be much more efficient.

Plywood for floor

Reviews on liquid floors ↑

Maxim Ivanovich, Amateur. «While attaching the plywood to the wooden floor I used a lot of professional advice and just wanting to make your home cleaner and more comfortable. Yes, time has been spent a lot, some things had to be redone, because not all the joints of the plywood and the joists came to the place. Had to simply throw away pieces of material and buy new ones. But I brought the case to the bitter end. Now I have clean, reliable, durable and beautiful surface in the living room. On the plywood I laid laminate. Just take eye, the wife and children of Narada. And I’m calm, because after this work I think I can do anything!»

It is recommended to watch video instructions for laying plywood on wooden floor.

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