Alignment of the wooden floor with their hands

During prolonged use, the wood can dry out, warp, SAG and crack. Using alignment, you can eliminate the resulting irregularities in order to lay a new coating for wood floor.

Alignment of the wooden floor with their hands

Methods of alignment wooden floor ↑

Use the following methods of alignment wooden floor:

  • the sanding;
  • PVA glue and putty;
  • self-leveling compounds;
  • plywood.

Sanding is performed in cases when the planned subsequent varnishing of the floor. For laying laminate or linoleum one sanding will not be enough. A putty mixture of PVA and sawdust is insufficiently robust or require additional stacking of sheets of plasterboard, chipboard or plywood.

Accordingly, to align under linoleum or laminate, it is best to use plywood or self-leveling mixture.

Analysis of the base ↑

Before how to level a wooden floor, it is necessary to examine how suitable the base. If necessary, replace old rotten boards and to fix creaking. You also need to verify the basis for roughness and to determine the maximum slope of the wooden floor. Minor irregularities can be smoothed with a special substrate. Differences more than 10 mm require smooth styling of the Arab League, which are set by water level.

Attention! Leveling wood floor self-leveling compounds or plywood, be aware that after the work the level of the floor will be a little higher, so you will need to shorten the lower part of the door leaf.

The use of plywood for alignment ↑

The most common method is the alignment with plywood. Adhering to all requirements, it is possible to obtain a perfectly level subfloor that is suitable for all types of coatings.

Alignment of the wooden floor with their hands

The plywood is selected in accordance with the flooring that you want to use. Under the linoleum can be applied thin sheets. And under the laminate, you should take the plywood with a minimum thickness of 12 mm.

It is important! Before laying the plywood must hold some days in the room where you plan to work. This contributes to the same humidity in the room and apply the material and provide an opportunity to avoid deformation of the plywood after alignment.

The alignment of the plywood as follows.

  1. First install the beacons. To do this, using a level and a screwdriver throughout the area are screwed screws at the required height. Beacons are mounted in the corners of the squares of size 200 x 200 mm.
  2. After placing beacons carry out packing of the Arab League. Joists are glued with special glue for wood or bolted with screws. The void between the joists and boards are filled with bars of plywood, which pre-applied adhesive.
    Alignment of the wooden floor with their hands
  3. Next, prepare the plywood for laying. To do this, cutting the leaves into squares with sides 600mm. In other words, divide a standard sheet into 4 equal parts. After cutting it is necessary to examine the ends of the blanks. The sheets with the bundles must be replaced. When stacking squares of plywood must make sure that the joints of sheets fell to the middle of the lag.
  4. Plywood is laid with an offset, according to the rules of masonry that formed the intersection of four corners at one point. To profitably use the material, you need to first lay out the leaves on the floor and mark with chalk the joints. This will give the opportunity to properly install the joists in the right place.
    Alignment of the wooden floor with their hands
  5. Then bolted the plywood to the joists with countersunk screws, before it senkwe the attachment.
    Alignment of the wooden floor with their hands

The alignment of wooden floor under linoleum require subsequent sanding of plywood. Especially at the joints and be fixed to the joists.

Alignment of the wooden floor with their hands

Next, the whole ground surface is covered with varnish. Then you need to nail the sheets of hardboard, which is glued linoleum. Linoleum is laid out so that the small pieces were placed in distant and inconspicuous corners of the room.

Attention! To avoid the formation of cracks, joints of linoleum and PVC sheets should not be combined.

For alignment under the laminate on the plywood fit into the substrate (tube or polyethylene), which perform flooring.

Alignment self-leveling compounds ↑

For wooden floors there are special self-leveling mix. They can be used to align even very warped wooden floors. The thickness of this coating 5 – 20 mm.

Alignment of the wooden floor with their hands

Caution! Mixes for alignment of wooden floor can not be used as a finishing coat, they must be covered with suitable flooring material.
  1. First you need to prepare the surface. To check the mobility of the boards and if necessary secure them with screws. Hats of nails are thus recessed inside.
  2. The next step is grinding the floor, eliminate the remnants of varnish or paint. Wide cracks between the floorboards are sealed, self-leveling mixture, cooked a little thicker than usual or acrylic putty.
  3. Once the putty has dried, carry out the primed surface. For these purposes, use a waterproof primer, which protects from moisture and ensures a good grip materials.
  4. Then cover the walls with insulation. Where the walls meet the floor, you need to put the seam of the Styrofoam.
  5. Necessary to determine the thickness of the layer. In the area of the door opening needs to set the bar, which will mark the floor of the future. The shading gives the opportunity to increase the floor height. To significantly raise the floor height, the fill is performed in two steps.
  6. Primed floor is carpeted corresponding reinforced mesh, given the overlap of 50 mm. And secured professional construction stapler.
  7. Further, according to the instructions knead the mixture. You must make sure that the water was not too much, as this can contribute to delamination. The mixture is mixed using a drill with an appropriate attachment. After 15 minutes, it must stir again. The result is a homogeneous mass, in which there are no lumps and clumps.
    Alignment of the wooden floor with their hands
  8. The prepared mixture is distributed over the reinforced surface. The bubbles that appear are eliminated rubber roller with spikes. Next, the surface is leveled by means of a smooth rubber roller.
It is important! Dry surface is required in accordance with the manufacturer’s mixture. Suitable temperature is a necessary condition, which affects the quality of the coating.

Alignment of the wooden floor with their hands

These methods of alignment provide an opportunity to efficiently and fairly quick to prepare wood floors, without his troublesome replacement. To perform this process can be even own hands. It is only necessary to follow the technology and efficiently perform the work at each stage.

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