How to lay laminate flooring by yourself

How to lay laminate flooring by yourself

Repairs in the apartment – it is not cheap to save on paying the workers, some under construction, it is possible to do yourself, and the money thus saved be spent on purchasing better and more expensive material. For example, such work as laying the laminate, each may perform independently. The result was not disappointing in the subsequent operation, it is not necessary to skip the step of preparing the floor surface.

Surface preparation ↑

The perfect surface for laying the laminate is cemented. Laminate floors require a sturdy, level foundations and concrete or mortar base high strength and is not susceptible to temperature fluctuations, such as a tree. However, craftsmen have already created and tested technique of laying such a capricious flooring like laminate and wooden floors.

Training and aligning cement bases ↑

An ideal mixture for such a surface there are special levelling compounds. After stirring the mixture at the desired consistency, it is poured on the floor, and then dispersed with a needle roller. The mixture due to its «deliquescence», forms a smooth horizontal surface, subsequently solidifying the brand with great durability.

  • Before you fill the floor with dry mix screed primed for better adhesion.
  • Deep hollows and crevices to cover in a thick solution or a rough dry mix (with a larger fraction of filler).

The alignment of wooden floor under the laminate. ↑

Ideally, the wooden floors need to be disassembled, in the absence of the rough screed to fill her, and then to align it with mixes for alignment. However, with limited financial capacity actually perform a more budget option. If all the work with proper quality, then laminate flooring on a wooden floor will last as long as classic cement-based. For the preparation of the wooden base you need:

  1. How to lay laminate flooring by yourselfTo firmly secure pregabalina and creaking floorboards, in some cases, to eliminate defects, you will need to open the floor and to drive wedges into logs, or even to replace them.
  2. To whittle away the humps and sudden changes in between the floorboards with a plane or sanding machine.
  3. To eliminate protruding nail heads, pulling them and replacing the screws.
  4. To align the horizontal plane of the floor by using beacons – stumps.
  5. Put on a hemp plywood thickness of 15 mm.
Note: The last two paragraphs (4 and 5) are performed with significant changes in floor.

Substrate binding ↑

How to lay laminate flooring by yourselfThe next stage is substrate – the material of carrying out damping, shumopoglaschayuschy and heat insulating functions. Before lay, subfloors, you must ensure that the Foundation (screed and floor levelling mix) is absolutely dry. Otherwise, residual moisture may subsequently influence the already laid floor and warp it.

On the market range of substrates is very large, the basic parameters on which you should focus is:

  1. The thickness of the substrate. Available manufacturers from 0.8 mm to 6 mm. For the optimal laminate is 2-3 mm.
  2. The substrate material.
    • Foam is the cheapest, provides moisture protection, sufficient characteristics of sound absorption and insulation.
    • Extruded polystyrene foam – excellent sound and heat insulation, reasonable price.
    • Cork is a sustainable natural material with excellent qualities, price, often surpassing the cost of the coverage – the main disadvantage of cork underlay.

    Rolls of substrate rolled on the floor (the sheets are laid out), fixing the joints with tape. Then comes the moment of the installation itself of the floor.

    Where to start laying ↑

    How to lay laminate flooring by yourselfTo determine which direction to lay laminate flooring, you need to evaluate the shape of the room. Usually panels are placed parallel to the incident light window to a less visible were the joints. But sometimes the room configuration requires non – standard solutions in the case of too elongated shape of the room requires visual adjustment. In this case, the panel should be laid perpendicular to the length for the visual effect of expansion room.

    Start laying from the wall, aligning the first row along the wall so that the maximum gap between the wall and the plate is less than the width of the floor. Otherwise, the gap between the skirting Board and the flooring will spoil the appearance of the coating. Typically, the slat is mounted to the far wall to the exit.

    In recent years it has become popular laying diagonally. Knowing how to lay laminate traditional direct method, it is able to carry and diagonal installation by yourself. Just need to be more careful, and, of course, time for such flooring will need more – because then you have to cut each panel to make two measurements: the top and bottom edges.

    How to lay laminate flooring by yourselfHow to lay laminate flooring by yourself

    The stages of laying laminate flooring ↑

    Before you start, you need to measure the width of the room to calculate the number of strips, and check to see if it will work too narrow insert at the end of the room. The insertion of the laminate is less than 4 cm is inconvenient to mount, besides a narrow strip securely holds. Therefore, if the calculation of the series of laminated strips, it turns out a balance of less than 5cm, it is better to start with a cut in half along the boards, and then not have to suffer with a narrow finishing strip.

    Begin to lay the laminate Board on the wall, not forgetting to leave a gap with a width of 5-10 mm between the wall and a Board insert wedges.

    The first row start with whole boards, the second will need to start with cut boards. This is to ensure that the transverse joints do not coincide with each other, and were staggered. This strategy enhances the structural strength and improves the aesthetics of the floor. Randomly scattered transverse joints look sloppy. It is generally recommended step «one-third of the Board» – this method is also economical, because then it will go trimming that is inevitably formed at the opposite end of the room. When laying a step size of «half» the smaller crop will go to waste, which will significantly increase the material consumption.

    The technique of compound fragments ↑

    How to lay laminate flooring by yourself

    The laminated boards are linked successively with the groove-ridge. This means that each strip has both the protruding portion (ridge) and groove (groove). When mounting the comb is inserted into the groove at an acute angle and a Board snaps.

    Note The thicker laminate Board, the stronger the connection in the lock, the greater the load will hold the floor when needed.

    For greater certainty, when mounting the floor with your hands, it is recommended to see how to lay laminate flooring video:

    The laminate with beveled ↑

    How to lay laminate flooring by yourself

    Lay the laminate with facet not harder than the classical installation principle is the same, the castle.

    Chamfer – a bevel around the perimeter of the plate or only on its long sides. The bevel is straight and curved. The choice of the shape of the bevel is only a choice of taste, the quality affects only the method of formation of the chamfer: milling method or pressure method. In the second method, the panel material is more dense at the edges, and therefore more resistant to aggressive environment. With the operation of floor laminate with facet there are both pluses and minuses:

    • The texture of the floor more relief due to the grooves, which allows more successful «playing with space» – visually expand or narrow room, stacking panel, along, across, or diagonally.
    • The design «natural wood», the chamfers enhance the effect of naturalness.
    • At small defects of the base over time laminate floors sometimes crack formed small cracks, or edges, of flooring from laminate with beveled such flaws completely invisible.
    Note: There is a perception that cleaning of such floors is more time consuming, but experienced users claim that the difference is not felt.

    Vinyl laminate flooring ↑

    Vinyl laminate flooring appeared on the market relatively recently, from other types of laminate differs from composition basics – it is not entirely of wood filler, so it is completely not afraid of water. Panel vinyl laminate laid even easier than laminate flooring of HDF. The technique of laying vinyl laminate similar to the classic, but instead of locks, use the overlay edges with adhesive to each other. Usually the adhesive is already applied by the manufacturer. But there is vinyl flooring, which need to buy glue separately – usually this is a rolled flooring and tile.

    Which laminate flooring is better ↑

    Modern manufacturers produce a rich assortment to choose, you should know what are laminate coating. Laminate panels are distinguished:

    1. In thickness from 7 to 12 mm, the thicker laminate Board, the better heat and sound insulation properties of the floor. Besides the thick panel to better conceal the extremes of the base.
    2. The class of durability. Resistance of the coating to abrasion and the impact depends on the quality of the coating material. Usually divided six classes of laminated panels on the basis of durability:
    • 21, 22, 23 classes belong to the household, this means that panels with this label are suitable for floors in apartment or house.
    • 31, 32, 33 – this marking commercial laminate will withstand more severe loading office, office, shop.

    More than the second number of the marking, the stronger the panel. Many users buy the industrial grade laminate in the apartment, especially in rooms with high load and traffic – hallways and kitchens.

    The choice of laminate design ↑

    The appearance of the laminate is determined by its two top layers. Variations of these layers give a huge variety of colors and texture the floor.

    • Classical drawing lamellas – imitation of wood: oak, birch, ash – can be glossy or matte. Both glossy and textured collection looks great, the choice is based on the overall design of a room.
    • In recent years, designers created and find its fans simulate exotic floor material – crocodile leather, granite, natural stone.
    • For lovers of extravagant style creates a collection of unusual floor color: turquoise, pink, and even black. To enhance the effect of the unusual most often, this laminate glossy.
    • The laminate with beveled panel whose edges have a straight or curved bevel. Collections with wood pattern chamfer give the appearance of solid wood in country style and bright colors of laminate with beveled loved by fans of avant-garde style.

    Do not be afraid of the fact that laminate flooring mounted with his own hands, is worse than laid by a professional. Manufacturers claim that laminate can withstand repeated disassembly without sacrificing aesthetics and durability, so when installing laminate flooring is always the opportunity to correct minor errors in installation.

    How to lay laminate flooring by yourselfHow to lay laminate flooring by yourself

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