How to paint a floor

The painting floors is the cheapest way to renovate the interior of apartments and houses. In addition, painted floors (wooden, concrete, or plywood) are more durable and long life.

Painting flooring refers to a simple painting works. It requires no special skills and can be performed independently. Before you begin, you should familiarize yourself with the basic steps, choice of materials and tools used when painting the floor.

How to paint wood floors ↑

Wooden floors are the most common. There are a large number of varieties: wooden, parquet, cork, veneer, made of MDF and particleboard. Unpainted wooden floors look dirty, wear out quickly and are inconvenient to use.

The choice of coatings for wooden floors ↑

Painting hardwood floors can be carried out oil paints, alkyd varnishes and enamels, alkyd or acrylic protective impregnation.

  • Paint and enamel to hide the texture of the wood and allow to get uniform colour; thus the wooden handle and is made of fiberboard and particleboard flooring.
  • Allow the varnish to obtain a glossy transparent surface; normally open varnish hardwood floors.
  • Protective impregnation to protect the wood floor from damage; they do not hide the texture of wood and can give the wood selected color (e.g., color of stained wood).

When choosing paint and varnish, please note the information specified on the package. Usually the manufacturer indicates on the label of the paint or varnish, the surface of which is designed for this kind of coverage, the approximate consumption for 1 square meter, the recommended number of layers, drying time, and than it is possible to dissolve the lacquer or paint.

After watching the following video, you will learn what paint is better to paint the floor:

Floor preparation for painting ↑

Most of the painting is preceded by thorough preparation of the surface. The quality of its implementation depends on the results..

Floor preparation for painting consists of several stages:

  1. If the surface of the wooden floor is the remains of previous paint, it is better to clean off with a spatula, abrasive cloth or a special polishing machine. If this is not done, the old paint will peel off from the wood, reducing the lifetime of the new coating; it can also be x-rayed through the new layer of paint, worsening the appearance of the floor.
  2. If the surface of the wooden field uneven, it must be sanded.
  3. The floor surface is cleaned from dirt with a detergent and, if possible, degreased with solvents.
  4. New wood floor before painting should be treated with linseed oil — this will reduce the paint consumption and increases the lifetime of the floor.
  5. Using putty you need to level the floor surface to fill in the cracks between the boards and holes. Instead of putty use a mixture of glue and fine sawdust. If you are not able to fully clean the surface from old paint, you can putty mix to tint new paint — thanks to this, the floor surface will have a uniform color.
  6. After the filler completely dries, you can begin to paint.

Painting wood floors ↑

For painting of wooden floors, you can use a medium paint brush, foam roller, lint-free cloth or sprayer.

How to paint a floor

Start with painting brush hard to reach areas: corners, skirting and 15-inch strip around them. The rest of the surface is best to paint over a paint roller — this will allow you to get a more smooth surface without the brush strokes of paint. During the application you need to regularly stir the paint to avoid streaks.

How to paint a floor

The average paint consumption is 180 to 250 gram per 1 m2, but mainly need to focus on the recommendations of the manufacturer specified on the packaging of paint. If the overlay is too thin, in a short time on the floor may appear threadbare spots. If the paint layer is very thick, the surface may dig wrinkles in which to hide the dirt.

When performing work on the painting of the floor should not forget about the ventilation, as most paints have an unpleasant odor and are toxic. In addition, good ventilation allows to reduce the drying time of the paint. It is not recommended to open wide the doors and Windows, as wet paint may get dust and dirt, and this will degrade the quality of surface.

The paint is applied in 2 layers parallel to the direction of the boards. The second layer is applied only after complete drying of the previous.

How to open the wooden floor varnish ↑

Since varnish is a transparent, wood floors should be planed. Sanding is removing the old paint coating, which also eliminates the pollution and damage to the floor surface. Scraping is performed using a special grinding machine or emery paper No. 40-120.

How to paint a floor

After sanding the surface is completely cleaned of dust with a vacuum cleaner.

Coating is performed in the same way and tools like painting. The differences consist only in the fact that the varnish needs to warm up a bit before applying, and drying it takes more time.

How to paint a floor

By viewing this video, you will learn more about sanding and varnishing parquet wooden floor:

Painting plywood floors ↑

Plywood is commonly used for making a substrate on which is laid linoleum or carpet, and also as a standalone floor coating. To paint a plywood floor, you must prepare the sheets before the installation of the coating:

  1. the leaves are dried to avoid further warping;
  2. the surface of each sheet is sanded with sand paper;
  3. both sides of the sheet is treated with alkyd impregnation to protect the plywood from the mold;

After laying plywood sheets, their shpatlyuyut and primed with acrylic mixtures to prevent cracking, eliminate surface defects and increase the lifetime. For painting a plywood floor, you can use oil, alkyd or acrylic paints.

Painting concrete floors ↑

Concrete floors have a fragile surface, which is crumbly and dusty. On concrete surfaces often appear difficult stains. To improve the performance of such floors can also be painted.

How to paint a floor

Before painting a concrete floor is polished with brushes, special scrubs or grinding machine. Then the surface should be vacuumed and washed to clean the dust. Equipment and tools for coating of concrete surfaces the same as when painting wooden floors.

For coloring concrete using a special enamel, which forms on the surface of thin polymer film, improving the operational properties of the floor. After processing such enamel, the floor can be painted any color for the floor.

How to paint a floor

To learn more about painting concrete floors is possible by viewing the following video:

Binding dye ↑

After the paint dries, it will be pinned. There are special polishes and glosses, which give the surface of the freshly painted floor glossy Shine and increase durability of the paint.

It is possible to consolidate use and folk remedy: 1-2 times a freshly painted floor cleaned with warm water and vinegar. In order to give a freshly painted floor surface glossy sheen, her first time wash with hot water.

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