Electric warm floor with their hands

Modern city dwellers used to live in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Now even impossible to imagine an apartment without Central heating, water and electricity. If the last two paragraphs of problems almost never occur, heating is sometimes frustrating: sometimes the heat is not given to the flats to the cold weather. Fortunately, now there are various ways to ensure a comfortable temperature in the house: different heaters, electric floors, etc. the Most successful option in terms of reliability and quality of electric heating is considered a warm floor. Many consider it a luxury. Yes, of course, if to provide installation of electric Underfloor heating specialist,then you will need the attachment in this case a considerable amount of money. What prevents a device of such a system with their hands?

Electric warm floor with their hands

A little bit about the system of electric floor heating ↑

Almost all electric Underfloor heating is made so that their installation did not cause the consumer any discomfort. For convenience, the device of the floor, the producers decided to simplify their design. The system consists of 3 elements:

  • the control unit or thermostat;
  • the heating Mat;
  • temperature sensor.
    Electric warm floor with their hands

The thermostat ↑

The control unit is «heart» electric floor heating the most important one. After all, he copes with all management functions. The thermostat can operate in different modes: to hourly, daily or weekly control. If desired, the system can be programmed so that it started at a certain time of day and ceased to function within specified hours. All this can be easily set using the Central control panel.

Electric warm floor with their hands

The thermostat is able to relieve the owners from the constant on / off devices of heating: it gives the possibility to set a weekly schedule. For example, the working day of household starts at 9: 00, he wakes up at 7: 00 am and leaves the house at 8: 00. After labor day, returned to the apartment at 19: 00. Saturday and Sunday weekend: master of the house almost the whole day at home. To ensure the economical efficiency of the floor heating should be programmed thus: on weekdays, the device turns on at 7: 00 am and 19-00, off at 8: 00 and 22-00 respectively; weekend functions throughout the day. The operation of electric Underfloor heating systems in this way will save electricity up to 60%.

There are cheaper thermostats that are not susceptible to programming and only engaged in tracking the required temperature of the floor surface. In this case, the system operates in full and, of course, about any economy can not speak.

Heating Mat ↑

This element is necessary to ensure heating of the subfloor. It has the form of a flexible mesh on which the heating cables. The width of the Mat is 0.5 m, and its length can reach the value of 25 m. Before you purchase this item you must provide accurate estimates of the required number of cable: extra – money, lack of – is not good. If properly expressed, it is important to determine the required length of the product, and to calculate the entire area of the future of Underfloor heating.

Electric warm floor with their hands

It is important! When calculating the required quantity of material, it should be remembered that it is not allowed to lay a heating Mat under furniture and other household items. The distance from the edge of the Mat to the elements of everyday life should be at least 20 cm.

Temperature sensor ↑

This element is necessary for reading temperatures from the floor and transferring them to the main control unit floor heating. Without the sensor the system would be not only cost effective but not safe – a strong heating of the floor may cause unpredictable situations.

Electric warm floor with their hands

Preparatory work ↑

To collect electric warm floor with their hands – it’s not just installation of all elements of the system. This requires carrying out and preparatory works such as:

  • the implementation of the calculation of the required amount of material;
  • preparation of the floor surface.

Cable calculation ↑

Typically, the cable is covered with about 80% of the surface of the total area of the room. Power per 1 m2 is between 180-200 watts. Before the start of installation process you want to check the resistance of the section of cable: permitted deviation from the specified in the technical passport of 10% for both sides. As mentioned above, the cabling in the locations of furniture, household appliances is strictly PROHIBITED! Also, the calculations should take into account that the wire is not laid in close proximity to walls, distance from them should be at least 5-7 cm.

Electric warm floor with their hands

Next step: the calculation step of cable laying. For this the following formula is used:

Electric warm floor with their hands

where S is the actual area on which fits the section, m2;

L – Donatelli, m (specified in the passport section).

Surface preparation ↑

To improve the efficiency of electric Underfloor heating, its installation should make on a pre-prepared base. In addition to the required repairs of cracks and primers, it is necessary to do other important work. They will be aimed at implementing all the heat from the electric cables came into the room, and not dissipated in the slab.

This stage provides additional insulation of the floor. Of course, you can do without it: in this case, electric radiant floor, simultaneously carry out floor heating as a user of such a system, and ceiling of the neighbors below. The effectiveness of the device will not have the desired level: after all, how much heat will dissipate and spend money in a large amount of concrete.

Electric warm floor with their hands

Insulation for electric Underfloor heating has the form «layer cake», consisting of several kinds of materials. The first layer of waterproofing in the form of plastic film, hereinafter – the foam of a certain thickness, and then heat-reflecting screen.

If the envisaged use of the system electric floor heating as a primary heater, be sure to use the insulation layer. For these purposes, perfect polystyrene foam 35 density. And its thickness is selected on the basis of how the premises are located under the future system. If the room is located on the upper floors, that is the bottom of a residential apartment, then buy the insulation thickness of 20 mm, if on the ground floor at the bottom which has a heated basement of 30 mm In the case of installing electric warm floor on the balcony, in ground floor apartments without heated basements, located above the arched spans areas choose polystyrene with a thickness of 50 mm. In private homes, when concrete pad is located on the ground acquire a heater of 100 mm. Insulation may mythologema on a special adhesive, or attached with dowels.

The process of the device warm floor ↑

After all required materials and equipment purchased, the preparatory work is completed, it is time to proceed directly to the installation of electric Underfloor heating. This process is the most important and time-consuming. It consists of several stages.

Training places under the thermostat ↑

First, you need to choose the most convenient for control system place.

Attention! The minimum distance from the floor to the thermostat should be set to 30 cm.

Electric warm floor with their hands

If the installation of electric Underfloor heating is performed in premises with high humidity:vandikkaaran, the pools – the control unit is better beyond this place.

Later in the intended location of the control unit is drilled socket. This process is performed by using a special nozzle. You should also prostroit channels that are required for laying and installation of all heating cables and wires of temperature sensor. To protect the wiring from moisture, it is recommended to place it in the corrugated tube.

Do not forget that the thermostat should fail and power cable. To detect the required cable size use the following table:

Conductor material

Cross-section, mmTwo

The maximum load current, And

The maximum total load power, kW









Twenty seven







Twenty eight


Cabling ↑

Before the installation of heating sections calculated step pads. This phase was carried out in the preparatory works. According to the received value of the distance of the cables from each other and are wire.

The stages strip heater sections:

  1. In the location of the thermostat is supplied with mounting end sections. Its connecting end secured on a mounting tape;
  2. This section continues the laying of the remaining sections of the heating cable;
    Electric warm floor with their hands
It is important! The heating cables should be laid carefully and evenly, carefully avoiding intersections, bends and stretches.

Installation of heating sections it is recommended to use shoes with soft soles. So it is possible to avoid damage to the cable. There is a second option of temporary protection laid out sections from wear is to cover them with plywood sheets or other finishing materials.

Installation of the sensor and the control unit ↑

In the previously prepared channel for the sensor is tube. Inside of the tube to fit the sensor end is closed by a lid. This ensures the protection of temperature sensor against leakage of the cement when forming couplers.

Tube, inside which is located a temperature sensor to be withdrawn from the wall at a distance of 50 cm it is important to take into account that the bending radius of the corrugated tube was not less than 5 cm Then gofrotruba is fixed on a floor surface for the same two heating sections a distance.

Electric warm floor with their hands

After the process of installation of the sensor and output the necessary wires, mounting channel is filled with a solution of alabaster, and the ends of the heating sections are connected to the thermostat.

To test the functionality of the mounted electric Underfloor heating thermostat put on minimum temperature, served for a short time working voltage on the system. Then gradually increase the level of heating and is fixed by the fact of functioning of the device.

The installation of the screed ↑

This process consists of several parts:

  1. Exhibited beacons to obtain a uniform floor surface, reads the necessary height of cement-sand screed;
  2. Knead the required amount of solution and falls to the floor;
  3. With a trowel spread the mortar on the surface;
    Electric warm floor with their hands
It is important! The thickness of the screed over the heating sections should not be less than 3 cm.

After the final drying of the solution it remains only to place on the coupler substrate, and then cover it with the finish flooring: laminate, tile, etc.

More detailed and clear instructions for the installation of warm floor electric in the following video:

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