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How to make a hedge of girlish grapes

The owners of private houses are trying to isolate themselves with massive fences from nosy neighbors. The original hedge of maiden grapes – one of the solutions to such problems. Such a fence does not require large-scale investment, available for all the owners of suburban areas.

How to make a hedge of girlish grapes

The benefits of hedges ↑

Hedges has the following advantages:

  • cleaning the air, protecting the area from dust, wind;
  • the fence doesn’t need painting, whitewashing;
  • living fence hides the area from prying eyes;
  • a hedge of bushes will protect from street noise, will attract garden insects, birds.

How to make a hedge of girlish grapes

Decorative hedge of grapes – a massive deciduous vine. This plant is resistant to low temperatures, lack of sunlight.

How to make a hedge of girlish grapes

Maiden wild grapes capable of climbing on vertical walls of buildings and fences, it is resistant to pests, but its fruits are inedible.

Varieties of shrubs to create a living fence ↑

When you create a living fence the following types of hedges:

  • trehstakannoy maiden. This kind of brought in the 19th century. The vine reaches a length of 20 meters, unpretentious to the landing site, soil, fine branching. The variety is resistant to low temperatures, by lowering the temperature from 15 degrees, it can die. Shrubs suitable for planting near country houses. Climbing up the branches of a plant closing the building, forming a dense green wall. The autumn plants formed clusters of blue-black berries;
  • maiden grapes Henry. The shrub has variegated leaves in the fall they turn a beautiful crimson color;
  • pyatilistochkovy parthenocissus. Variety prefers moist soil, the plant grows up to 20 meters. Grape leaves are colorful, blooming shrubs is possible with 3-4 years of life. Such a hedge can be organized on a poor soil, in shade. The plant is resistant to temperature extremes.

How to make a hedge of girlish grapes·

How to propagate ornamental shrub ↑

Hedge of girlish grapes reproduces several key ways:

  • layering;
  • cuttings;
  • seeds.

Stick reproduction. The production version of a living fence is considered the most accessible. As the material taken from cuttings, their length of 20-25 cm, a thickness of 1-2 cm Cuttings can be used in spring and autumn, they leave few survivors of the kidneys. In a hole 10-15 cm deep are placed the cuttings on the earth’s surface must be 2-3 buds, sprinkle the ground.

The Council! No need to use when planting fertilizers, seedlings great root.

Propagation by layering. This method allows in the shortest terms to increase the number of plants to make a hedge, lush and beautiful. Whip grapes with kidney prikatyvaet land, watered. Gradually the shoots will take root, it will be possible to isolate them.

Breeding of shrub seeds. The most lengthy and time-consuming is the multiplication of grape from seed.

Features planting seeds:

  1. Such planting should be undertaken in spring or autumn.
  2. You need to bake the seeds before planting. They are soaked for 2-3 hours in cold water, wrapped in tissue for 3-4 days and placed in the refrigerator.
  3. Planting seeds is carried out in loose soil, a seed to a depth of 1-2 cm.

The pros of the fence from wild grapes ↑

How to make a hedge of girlish grapes

Hedge of girlish grapes (pictured) has several advantages:

  • green mass appears at the beginning of may, not fade to late autumn;
  • parthenocissus does not involve special care, he is unassuming to the soil, temperature, humidity;
  • the plant does not need special feeding enough into the soil once a year of nitrogen fertilizers;
  • long operational life of the fence. Vine of grapes covers a substantial area, in the first year after planting, fence height reaches three to four meters;
  • immediately after planting to grapes used a small support to give growing the shrub in a certain direction for the development.
The Council! Pruning of dead shoots of the shrub is held in warm weather, otherwise the plant may die. Summer pruning vines encourages the emergence of new shoots, trim them more often.

How to make a hedge of girlish grapes

Cons grape fence ↑

The living fence in this class involves the cleaning of leaves in the autumn. Late autumn and winter, the shrub will not be able to fulfill its functional purpose.

In the video you can see how the vines:

For organizations on a country site it is possible to select various options of trees, shrubs. The advantage of planting grapes is the maiden of the speed of his growth, beautiful blooms, ease of care, simplicity to the environment. This fence will fit into any design will be a real decoration of the site, will protect the garden area from dust, noise and curious passers-by.

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