Living room

Niche of plasterboard

Decor modern living is not easy, it is often required to equip and decorate the room space with a sufficiently large number of useful items, and at the same time not to lose vital space. So all the most expensive and important items receive a residence permit on the shelves or niches in the wall of plasterboard.

Niche of plasterboard

For the average person, started in the home design repair, sheet plasterboard can be considered a gift. Extremely easy to work with sheetrock walls with considerable opportunities to implement the most interesting design solutions make the GCR, the most popular material in the manufacture of gypsum wall with niches.

Why niche in the wall of plasterboard so popular ↑

It happened in the squatter housing that niches in the walls of plasterboard provide benefits in the perception of the interior, the furnishing delights:

  • To get rid of the hanging shelves on the walls, shelves or intricate stand, much eat up the useful volume of the room;
  • To raise the most essential in life and dazzles the eye with stuff on the walls, thereby to give them new content and update the appearance by simply replacing in the niches of some objects on others;
  • Often niches in the walls from drywall allow not to use heavy furniture or other similar home «architecture», thus to successfully implement zoning with architectural «highlights».
Note! Application of walls with a variety of niches from drywall will allow you to properly allocate the usable space of the room periodically to change the atmosphere and the interior of the room for a short time and with little expenses.

Niche of plasterboard

Such experiments are difficult even to call alterations to the apartment or room. Moreover, an unusual building in the living room with a niche in the wall of plasterboard may be the strongest impression from repairs or interior upgrades.

What are niches of plasterboard ↑

For the most part niches you «drown» of the items or even a piece of space of the room into the walls, the reception simple and quite commonly used under conditions of one-bedroom apartments.

Often made a decorative niche in the wall of plasterboard. For such projects optional stylish things, even Antiques, often performs the swap of the interior.

Niche of plasterboard

Simple idea will help to freshen up the look of the walls or increase the feeling of comfort in any area of the apartment:

  1. To change the living space or hall, creating a new place of comfort without Feng Shui wisdom. Psychologically this is very important. Buying a new TV and a pair of armchairs will allow you to relax as if in a new environment;
    Niche of plasterboard
  2. To expand and change the look, the arrangement of bedroom furniture will change your sleep and mood. Often a niche in the wall of plasterboard allows «squeeze» a sofa or couch in almost dead corner space.
    Niche of plasterboard
  3. Increase the amount of free space in the kitchen. No matter how well thought out the layout of furniture and placement of utensils on the wall, place, or too little, or difficult to ensure that all needed was at hand and did not interfere with work.
    Niche of plasterboard
The Council! Classics of the genre have become arches, combined with plasterboard walls – partitions and emphasized utilitarian niches of the walls to the things of everyday use.

Niche of plasterboard

Share the space in the room for personal and collaborative ↑

The use of plasterboard walls with a niche is almost the only affordable way to create comfortable conditions for work, in case you are a teenager. A sense of individualism and desire to have the boundaries of their inviolable territory it is possible to maintain a small design of plasterboard, you don’t have to block the apartment or room by a wall of many furniture or wooden screens, curtains or doors.

Niche of plasterboard

But these options will require knowledge of basic home construction of walls of plasterboard, otherwise niches and tracery stands will make the structure weak and fragile.

Stress relaxation area ↑

There are walls with niches and Windows that allows you to select a child or elderly person their living space, a similar technique is used to isolate the rest area and the Holy of holies – beds, aquarium or TV. In the latter case, niches of plasterboard in walls generally out of competition due to the wide spread of plasma or LCD models.

Note! An interesting feature niches and walls of plasterboard is their relative facelessness.

Empty design is not anything special, yet it does not appear the subjects or things. Further, the gypsum product is converted into the frame or wrapper, skillfully emphasizing style and character of the main subject.

Niche of plasterboard

Furniture stand or Cabinet already has its own style and design, often with a modern TV looks archaic or tasteless.

How to make a niche in the wall of plasterboard ↑

For a high level of decoration required is a smooth surface of the wall and the correct direction of lighting or additional lighting. It’s easy, if you try to take into account all the requirements for building a niche in the wall of plasterboard.

Working with plasterboard in the manufacture of walls, partitions, arches or niches does not require the high skill of the worker needed only careful and accurate understanding of the set goal.

If the plane is a decorative plasterboard walls or parts provided by the factory flat planes of material, questions the direction of illumination will break down. Often to ensure the proper effect it is necessary to use two kinds of lighting. Using solar flux or monochromatic light under warm or cold the color of the room, you can achieve to increase the visual space of the room in the afternoon and the opposite effect in the evening or night hours.

Niche of plasterboard

Niche TV stand ↑

The reasons for the popularity of niches of plasterboard for the TV mentioned above, let us examine the most popular option of making a large decorative designs for widescreen TV.

How to place the niche for the TV ↑

All you need to do for the future comfortable viewing of the program at any time of the day is to consider the recommendations of manufacturers of TV and wishes of family members:

  • Design niche must be securely fastened to the wall supported by the floor, the main support shelf is calculated and amplified in the calculation of the double margin;
  • In the niche should be the plasterboard side of the wall rack that dims the TV screen from the direct rays of the sun or bright lights;
  • Drywall having a good sound, so in order not to disturb the rest of the family, it is necessary to use insulation made of mineral wool or polystyrene, external speakers or the speakers are also placed in the niche with sound insulation.

Gather and fasten a frame of the niche ↑

The main frame of the niche of the portal is collected from galvanized profile prepared by the wall and sheathed gypsum plate the wall. A niche is better to choose a 15 mm sheet of gypsum Board, as the size of the individual elements of the niche are large enough and are calculated on the weight of the TV up to 10kg weight.

According to the markings sew on the wall and ceiling of the main construction of the profile.

Niche of plasterboard

Arches and radius walls can be made from a flexible metal inserts, or make the profile of the rifling of one of the shelves. This will allow you to bend the profile for the desired arc. Sew the curved elements have small pieces of the sheet of drywall.

The most difficult will be cut and precisely set symmetrical rounded rack to exactly match the curvature of the left and right parts of the structure. After mounting uprights attached to the wall frame of the main shelf and the subsidiary niches of plasterboard for columns and small things.

Niche of plasterboard

Niche of plasterboard

In cavity walls, laying insulation and sew up the outer surface of the thin-walled 8 mm sheet.

Niche of plasterboard

Plaster and surface finish of the drywall ↑

Finishing works, as a rule, does not differ from the standard works with gypsum products, but in places where it has formed large cracks between sheets of drywall, it is better to use perforated plastic or aluminium angle to strengthen the layer of putty.

Niche of plasterboard

Sweep the walls of the hold in two stages with removal of the rough layer and polishing in the finishing option fine mesh. After machining the wall with a double layer primed for painting in most any color.

The results ↑

The idea of the niche in the wall of plasterboard allows you to transform the interior and atmosphere of the room without much financial cost, the design can be easily modified or removed if necessary. Plasterboard niches practically unaffected by ageing or wear and tear, can remain in its original form even in the face of hell kitchen.

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