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Design niche in the wall

Modern design is so varied that every year there are new trends that are at the roots change the view of the interior. Now very popular among famous designers are niches in the walls. You can look at photo to see how they look organically in the room.

Design niche in the wall

At first glance, to create a similar hole in the wall is difficult, but the results are worth it. It is not surprising that many people are wondering how to make a niche in the wall? It all starts with the draft, or at least a shared vision. You should know exactly what you need. The project can be done independently and apply a design Bureau.

In the photo you can see that there are many ways to use the niches in the wall. For example, it can be a great place to sleep. However, it will have a lot of work. Much more simple is a kind of shelf, to put books or decorative items that will serve as a great decoration.

Design niche in the wall

Attention! Ideally, the niche should be laid in the apartment or house is still in the design stage.

Very often niches in the wall are used in small apartments. This allows to slightly increase the space and make the room more like in the photo. Even 20 extra inches give big winnings.

What can be placed in a niche ↑

Of course, this depends on the settings of the recess. In principle, it is possible to understand even for the photo. In most cases, this element of the interior is to place in it:

  • vases,
  • figurines,
  • furniture,
  • appliances,
  • electronics,
  • shelves for books.

You can also recall a number of niches which represent the elements of the engineering infrastructure of apartment or house. A good example in this context is the notch under the battery, as evidenced by numerous photos of private interiors like residential homes and apartments.

Design niche in the wall

Very often in the hollows of the set of shelves. As a result, this decorative item can turn into a miniature exhibition of your achievements or small library.

Separately need to talk about the great wall cavity. They are also quite often you can see in the photo. Their difference lies in the fact that they perform not so much a decorative role, how much functional.

Design niche in the wall

In large cavities can accommodate a TV and other large appliances. Such accommodation can be easily seen on many photos. In theory can be placed inside virtually any household appliances, if you will allow me the dimensions.

Very often in the recess of the wall to put a small sofa and it can easily be seen in the photo. But only the possibility of the recesses is not limited. Here you can install the drawers, shelves or wardrobe.

Design niche in the wall

Wardrobe, built into the wall, will save you a huge amount of space. Moreover, this option would be much cheaper than free standing design.

Trend of recent decades is the installation of a refrigerator in a wall recess. Remember a lot of photos on the stands, which represent another proof of this thesis.

Returning to the subject of the small recesses can be used as a place for dishes. These options can also be seen on a photo in portfolio companies engaged in the interior of the kitchen.

How to make a niche in the wall ↑

Theoretically, the niche can be done in any wall. But in order to modify the bearing wall will need to achieve an engineering permit. Once you get it you will need to contact the appropriate authority that there is confirmed the possibility of redevelopment. Only after that you will be able to get the hole in the wall as pictured.

Design niche in the wall

Two design options ↑

There are two versions of the niche in the wall. In the first option you will face serious construction work that will take a lot of time and made a lot of noise. Simply put, you need to use a construction drill and chisel milk to remove part of the wall.

The second option is much easier. To create a niche used drywall. Of course, in this case, you will not be able to gain living space as in the photo. Moreover, it will even be less. But if you have a large apartment or house, then this option is more than acceptable.

When you create a niche you will need to carry out construction calculations. No special tools to do it correctly is almost impossible. It is important to make sound insulation of the rear wall. At least in the next room can be flipped to put the wardrobe.

Design ↑

Although it is possible to increase the area of space most people prefer to use drywall. It is at times easier and cheaper. In addition, have such niches in the wall is more than authentic. In this you can see on the photo.

Design niche in the wall

A special role in creating a niche in the wall playing inside. It sets the whole tone of the composition, which is easy to follow with many photos. Typically, using such materials:

  • decorative plaster,
  • artificial stone,
  • colored glass.

Great importance color plays a niche in the wall. It can be done in the same colors as the wall, or you can play on the contrast. But in this case, it is important not to overdo it. It is best to choose a palette that is just a few shades lighter or darker, in principle, you can see in the photo.

Design niche in the wall

Attention! When painting the niches as in the photo it is better to refrain from the use of dark colors. Otherwise it may occur a so-called effect of the holes.

When you create a niche in the wall as in the photo, pay attention to lighting. It is able to give to this element of the interior a special tone. The most skilled designers combine architectural composition and light. This allows to achieve a stronger effect.

Of particular importance are the sizes of a niche in the wall. For example, if it is small, it is better to use the same color palette as the walls. It is desirable to make a few shades lighter.

Attention! Size of decorations depends on the size of the niche in the wall. The smaller, the smaller must be the items, actually as pictured.

Design niche in the wall

When it comes to small apartments, as in the photo, then the best option for the niche will be a small sofa. First, it will look very stylish, and secondly, will give much more space.

One of the best options for the design of the niche in the wall for the living room is the aquarium. This element together with the correct illumination will allow to give the room a mysterious and at the same time soothing atmosphere. Well it shows in the photo. Also, this option is possible in the bedroom. But in this case, the tank should be placed so as to be visible from the bed.

Design niche in the wall

To create a niche in the wall perfectly suited the ethnic concept. For example, you can stylize all of the grotto under the Japanese. Japanese pagoda also will look more than appropriate on future photos of your interior. Of course, in this case to create the perfect illusion you will need a shrub that will twine composition.

To stylize a niche in the wall under a Japanese pagoda also does not hurt to use the appropriate theme bouquets. Of course, they need a special vase that will complement the composition.

The niche in the wall can be done in the kitchen. Small shelves will easily fit cooking utensils, or, for example, television. If you make a large recess in it to accommodate a dishwasher.

Design niche in the wall

Bath is also a great place for a niche in the wall. Like the interior not only looks great in the photo, but also allows you with great convenience to use the available space.

Design niche in the wall

The Council! The bathroom shelves can be supplied as personal hygiene and, for example, powders.

The pinnacle of design art in this context is the creation of the rotunda. The walls are faced with mosaics, and there are decorative niches. They will best be painted white. In this concept, you can add a niche under the bath, which can fit the aquarium. It will look great on any photo, if you decide to sell the apartment or rent.

The results ↑

There are many options for creating niches in the wall. You can verify this yourself simply by looking at the photo. If we talk about the features of this element of the interior, it can be done from the drywall, or to cut down with the help of building tools.

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