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Shelf corner wall

Corner wall shelves are increasingly seen in kitchens and in bathrooms. In addition to the beautiful appearance, this design is intended to accommodate numerous kitchen accessories.

Shelf corner wall

Corner shelves in the kitchen ↑

If the kitchen has a corner design, standard furniture becomes stylish and comfortable. In the photo accommodation the angular designs of the modern kitchen.

Women who every day engaged in cooking, I prefer closed boxes, to reach which it is possible only with stools, open wall shelves. To place on them the plates, jars with spices, cups, i.e. those items that are constantly in need of mistress.

Shelf corner wall

The Council! You can put on wall SOORUZHENIJJ family photos, small vases, Souvenirs brought back from travels.

In the photo – version of the design corner wall designs for kitchen.

Shelf corner wall

The advantages of corner shelves ↑

In a small kitchen similar designs will help the hostess make maximum use of space. Since such wall constructions are located outside the working area, you can use them to make the kitchen bright accents, armed with boxes, vases, glass jars, small pictures. Corner wall shelves are quite compact, they are easy to use. Due to the specifics of the design, they allow full use of the free corner of the kitchen.

The Council! If wall-mounted corner shelf to hang in the work area, you will have at hand all the necessary items.

Choose the material for shelves ↑

While selecting the material for the wall structures, it is necessary to consider their purpose. Removable shelves options must be especially durable to withstand the constant shifts from one place to another.

The Council! To shelves fit into the created in flat style, it is better to be made from the same material as the furniture.

Shelf corner wall

Tree ↑

Among the varieties of materials for corner wall structures leading positions belong to the natural tree. The cost of this material is quite high, so be prepared to pay for wooden shelves is a great price. The oak designs have a high resistance to deformation, resistance to rot and moisture. If you cover the surface of the oak with a thin layer of clear varnish or impregnation, can significantly increase the operational life of the shelves.

Pine kitchen shelves have a more modest technical characteristics, but a lower cost. Affordable price made pine corner shelf true leader in the furniture market.

An interesting solution would be to acquire a corner hinged structures made of beech. The properties of this grade of wood is similar to oak, but it is not resistant to high humidity, so the kitchen and bathroom from beech shelves should be abandoned. They perfectly fit into the interior living room, bedroom, will fill the room with harmony and coziness. The photo – variant beech corner shelf.

Shelf corner wall

Birch shelves look aesthetically pleasing, but similar designs have low strength.

The Council! Birch corner shelf is suitable only for light items and decorative items.

Whatever type of wood you choose for decorating the cover shelves or impregnated with varnish. You will be able to protect them from moisture, preserve the aesthetic appearance throughout the maintenance period.


The materials used in the manufacture of furniture. Connecting elements in MDF is often lignin. As this material contains residues of sulfuric acid, it is undesirable to use such a shelf in the bathroom or kitchen (for example shelves from MDF picture).

Shelf corner wall

On the panel is glued with a foil, plastic or veneer. Option veneer, and color can be matched to the overall style of the kitchen, hallway, bedrooms. The thickness of the panels ranges from 16 to 18 mm, if you wish, you can order poly with a thickness of 21-25 mm. Features corner shelves, watch the video snippet

The Council! If you do decide to purchase from MDF or chipboard corner shelf in the kitchen, check the quality of the edges. If it encounters an unhandled corners, defects, pass it up..

Metal ↑

In recent years the shelves of metal can be seen more often in the kitchens of city apartments and country mansions. In design they are similar to wooden models have load-bearing transverse part and a vertical rack. For making angular metal structures used profile of different shapes. To protect the finished product from atmospheric and chemical corrosion, is used a polymer paint. In the photo – a sample of corner shelves made of metal.

Shelf corner wall

Such models are characterized by long operational life. They are able to withstand substantial loads, in other materials this is not possible.

Glass ↑

Miniature corner shelves made of durable glass will make the room an ease and ease. Material thickness less than 8 mm, but the regiment kept the same weight as MDF. Hinged design can be made in the form of a ladder, grasping the corner and part of the wall. If the shelf is made from combination of glass and metal, it can easily fit into any interior option.

Shelf corner wall

Plastic ↑

These trays are the low cost, they are light and original. The disadvantage of such structures is that they are designed for low weight. Like the corner shelf will only fit for small favors, that is, will perform a decorative function.

Corner shelves can be done with your own hands, armed with the necessary materials and tools. For the country style you can pick up the remnants of the MDF, fasteners, screws, draw a sketch, and proceed to implement the plan.

Shelf corner wall

For fastening shelves of any material (except plastic) is better to use dowels. Hinged angular construction can be complemented with drawers, make the inside a led backlight. If the quality of the material used for the shelves wood or glass, led light strip, fixed on the perimeter shelves, the evening will fill the room with more light will make the room or to the kitchen for more comfort, will make the atmosphere romantic and truly home.

Design secrets ↑

Corner and hinged design for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms should «dissolve» in the interior, to become a complement to and not a bright accent. An interesting solution would be a combination of several materials in one design. For example, a shelf of glass, wood, complemented by hammered metal details, will adorn the living room or hallway.

Among the fashionable trends and the use of different corner shelves in the same room. Designers offer one part to fasten the metal shelf, and in the other corner put the glass design. So that they are harmoniously blended in the interior, you need to consider their shape, size, color.

Shelf corner wall

Glass corner shelf will be the best option for the bathroom. It is possible to put toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoos, gels, Soaps. There are some models of corner shelves that can be adapted for storage of towels, linen. For the bathroom at the moment, manufacturers offer many options with the original lighting.

These unusual shelves with lights suitable for bedrooms. In the evening, the LEDs will fill the room with romantic light that will create an intimate atmosphere for the inhabitants of the room.

Shelf corner wall

Conclusion ↑

In the construction market presents many options for hinged furniture. Because many apartments can not boast of a large area, you have to find ways of rational allocation of elements of furniture. To the corners are not left empty, were utilized to the maximum, you can pick up one of the many corner shelves.

Shelf corner wall

Open design will require careful maintenance, so you can choose corner shelves with optional drawers and hinged light doors. Among the advantages of self-production corner wall designs include the possibility of self-selection of their shapes, sizes, colors. This possibility is relevant for non-standard layout of the room. Regarding finished products, you will be able to execute the decor for my taste, harmoniously inscribing corner wall shelves in the interior of an apartment or house.

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