Mirrored sliding doors for wardrobe

Any woman would be happy to place their things in the dressing room. Sometimes the layout of the apartment or house presupposes the presence of such rooms, and in some cases, this option is not provided. But, if in your apartment there is a dressing room, it can be done at the end of one of the rooms separating the space by using sliding doors.

Mirrored sliding doors for wardrobe

You need to consider what the filling is inside. For this you need to decide how much space will take a long thing, as a short, where will be the shoes and how much space it will occupy, where there will be hats and other things. Very convenient to draw everything in advance and calculate, given the space dedicated dressing room. You can buy ready content in the form of various metal shelves, you can order shelves from MDF and install everything yourself.

Now you should understand the doors. More productive use of space and to the original design using a sliding door design.

Types of sliding doors ↑

Sliding doors differ from other options of opening and method of manufacture:

  • Coupe ride on rails parallel to the wall and when opening call for each other. The movement along the guide rails takes place by means of clips made on bearings, so they open without effort and without noise. The guides are located at the top and bottom is a cheaper, but less convenient option, as it is necessary to step over the bottom rail, and periodically clean it from dust.
    Mirrored sliding doors for wardrobe
  • Techno is a type of coupe, with the difference that the rail in these doors and one is on top of it. When they opened on the floor there is nothing, nothing prevents us. Their advantage is that they occupy minimal space.
    Mirrored sliding doors for wardrobe;
  • Canisters. Their great advantage is that when open they are not visible, because hidden in the wall, leaving a clean opening. But for installation of such doors require a wall, which design and establish, in advance taking into account all features of the future design. Usually the kit includes zavodnoi mechanism which stops the door leaf in the right place.
    Mirrored sliding doors for wardrobe
  • Owner at closing is moved along the guide rails located at the top, and folded in two, as the book.
    Mirrored sliding doors for wardrobe
  • Accordion works on the same principle, but is not into two, but into several parts, which are going up like an accordion.
    Mirrored sliding doors for wardrobe
  • Roto-door is in its design uses a rotating mechanism. It is unique in that it can open, rotating in both directions. This mechanism is essential if you want something new and versatile.
    Mirrored sliding doors for wardrobe

Peculiarities of placement ↑

Depending on the location of the sliding door can be divided into:

  • corner;
  • straight.

Often dressing make a rectangular shape and then, at the entrance sets sliding door rectilinear design. But sometimes, based on the given layout of the room, the dressing room is isolated corner, and in this case it will be necessary angular sliding system.

Mirrored sliding doors for wardrobe

It is important! From straight and angular sliding system has its own characteristics that must be considered.

Material production ↑

Doors leading to the dressing room, can be manufactured using a variety of materials: aluminum, natural wood, laminated chipboard, MDF, veneer, mirror, glass, plastic. They should harmoniously fit into the interior of the room, so the materials we choose, focusing on the style of the room from which you will log-in closet.

In the premises, the interior of which is solved in a classical style, will look good doors from a natural tree. This is the traditional material of which has long been produced of the door leaf. They can either be solid or with glass inserts, mirrors, stained glass.

Mirrored sliding doors for wardrobe

Attention! These products will not be a budget option.

Cheaper doors are made of particleboard or MDF. Due to the variety of shades and various options buyers have the opportunity to choose a special solution for your door. Technology of MDF is such that it allows at a lower price to door designs a variety of colors and shapes. Looks great sliding doors – accordion and owner of MDF.

Will add uniqueness to the interior in the style of hi-tech doors made of colored or tinted plastic, glass and metal, metal and mirrors. Glass can be transparent, opaque, decorated with a pattern.

Exclusive glass door can become the highlight of the room. Thanks to a special technology of glass door designs are not only beautiful, but also durable and safe. If for some incredible reason, the glass is still broken, all the shards will stay on the film and not hurt anyone.

Mirrored sliding doors for wardrobe

Mirrored door leaf will decorate any interior. They visually expand the space and make it lighter. Mirror as well as glass can be patterned, can be used sheer or mirror inserts with various types.

The purchase decision ↑

In order to put a door in your closet you need to purchase a standard design in the store. If opening a custom you can make doors according to their sizes. Wide range of standard designs offer the IKEA catalog.

The magnitude of the proposed structures height from 201 to 236 see, They can be assembled and installed manually according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Attention! These doors are made from laminated particle Board and are likely to have the natural wood color.

Mirrored sliding doors for wardrobe

Self-Assembly of the door ^ the

Door-case and the Roto represent a rather complicated structure, so it is better to set the specialists. If you like yourself to improve their house and know how to hold a tape measure, a drill, a screwdriver, a hacksaw, a file, you will be able to assemble and install sliding doors.

Assembly includes the following steps:

  1. first, you need to study the technology of Assembly and installation of sliding structures;
  2. then measure the gap which will install the door. In order to make accurate measurement, we need a level and plumb. To measure horizontal dimensions use along with the measuring tape level and the height measured vertically with the plumb line. Take measurements at the corners of the opening and in the middle, in order to most accurately determine the size of future doors. Guide width of about 10 cm is therefore necessary to obtain measurements and depths of recesses to 10cm.;
  3. based on these dimensions, draw the project and define the number of materials for installation. If the entrance to the closet with a width of up to 1m can be done at one door. If the size of the opening not more than 2m, we will have two doors. If the opening of more than 2m will need to install additional fixed leaf.
  4. go to the store and buy accessories for sliding door. Frame doors can be made from timber 20-25mm or aluminium profile. Given your chosen door design and your measurements in the shop, you’ll cut aluminium profile for frames of doors, laminated Board for filling, sell guides, rollers, stoppers, and other required for the Assembly and installation of doors details.
  5. bar work easier, but it will need sanding, varnish, paint. You will also need the slats to secure the filling inside the frame of the timber. When we assemble the door frame to make sure that all corners were strictly perpendicular, the diagonals were equal. For the inserts inside the frame can be plastic or other materials that are not difficult to work with.

Mirrored sliding doors for wardrobe

Care and maintenance ↑

So sliding doors are smoothly and silently moved along the guide rails and lasts a long time, you need to perform simple maintenance checks:

  • regularly clean the dust and debris inside the rails, brush, or vacuum cleaner;
  • clean the brush rollers, lubricate them with grease, which you can buy at the hardware store.

Conclusion ↑

In summary, we can conclude – if you have skills with tools, you can make a sliding door in the closet with his hands. Just be sure to study the manual and use it to manufacture, requiring no special skills materials, for example timber, laminated chipboard and plastic.

Additional information doors with their hands can learn from video

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