The design of a small bedroom

The design of a small bedroom

Most owners of small bedrooms, after a few rearrangements of furniture, hopelessly give up and start a meaningless jumble of furniture in the room. Of course, having no special education, it is difficult to use a small area on the area for the realization of their ideas.

The design of a small bedroom

Actually, the small bedroom is not a death sentence, even 9 square meters, you can create a truly stylish and comfortable design. In the Arsenal of professional designers have a lot of tricks that you can use to visually enlarge a small space, and add needed functionality.

Light, natural and not only ↑

The design of a small bedroom

Light is the secret visually increase small spaces. The window must be completely open and not cluttered with furniture. Best of all, if the approach to the window will be unlimited, but if this is not possible, just do not put next to a doorway high cabinets.

The rays of the sun did not prevent to sleep, the curtains in a small bedroom should be placed as close as possible to the ceiling or to combine them with blinds.

The design of a small bedroom

If we talk about artificial light, then there should be several options, each of which will be responsible for their specific aspects:

  • Ceiling chandelier. Small and no frills, but always with the light directed upwards. She will be responsible for visual raising the ceiling and not dazzle the eye in the bedroom.
  • Spotlights around the perimeter of the bedroom, will help to push the wall.
  • Bedside lamps or sconces, will give cosiness of a small bedroom and create a soft, relaxed atmosphere.

The nuances of color ↑

The design of a small bedroom

Many believe that dark colors give the bedroom comfort and promote restful sleep. Maybe this is the truth, but for design a small bedroom, dark tones are simply unacceptable. They conceal the small space and create the feeling of a box in which it is difficult to breathe.

Pastel colors created on the basis of pure white, can not only expand a small room, but will add warmth, especially if the Windows face North. Perfect colors for bedrooms small size are:

  • Pink
  • Cream
  • Lilac
  • Blue
  • Peach
  • Light yellow
It is important! When selecting colors for a small bedroom, you need to use 2-3 shades. A larger number will look obtrusive.

The design of a small bedroom

It is not necessary to apply the game of contrasts, this method is good to use when zoning is that in small rooms it is not always true. If design concept implies the existence of contrasting colors in the room, it is important not to change each other dramatically. Even among radically different colors you can create a smooth transition.

Furniture ↑

The design of a small bedroom

To maintain the functionality and reduce clutter – no easy task. The choice of furniture for a small bedroom need to be particularly careful.

If possible, it is better to avoid the room closed cupboards and drawers, wall units and open shelves are quite capable to replace them. But if we are faced with the need in such furniture, you need to give preference to the glossy surface with mirror effect.

It is desirable that the bed was short-legged or even lying on the floor, same goes for the rest of the furniture – tall cabinets will greatly overload a small room and create the feeling of an even smaller space. Which will be much pressure on the inhabitants and create discomfort.

The design of a small bedroom

Do not forget about the mirrors, but not huge in the wall, and small, but in large quantities.

Particularly harmonious design in a small bedroom will fit glass furniture such as dressing tables or shelves on the walls.

Of course, the bedroom can not do without the textile, then you should avoid large graphics or patterns would be much nicer to look solid material or a small geometric print.

Accessories ↑

The design of a small bedroom

Bedroom a place for relaxing, and so pleasant to the eye detail is simply not enough. But bulky murals and paintings on the walls it is better to refuse, they will be much pressure on the inhabitants of the small room. As accessories perfect small figurines on the bedside table and the pictures on the wall.

You can use the picture, but then they have to be small size and thin frames. And as the bright colored spots, you can use the rug, screaming colors.

Some interesting solutions to furnish small spaces you can see in the video

The styles of design ↑

The design of a small bedroom

Working through a bedroom design small size, you need to remember that for the limited space are not suitable for all styles. For example:

  • Baroque
  • Art Deco
  • Country
  • Rococo

These are the styles that require a large amount of stylistic furniture and accessories, so such designs it is better to refuse.

But don’t despair, there are many styles that can be optimized for small bedroom space, and which do not require a lot of furniture and accent accessories.

Design secrets ↑

The design of a small bedroom

  1. The more room the glossy surfaces in the room, the better. Unlike mirrors, they do not create an illusory expansion of space, but qualitatively change the perception due to the reflection of light.
  2. Line the walls of the little bedrooms create the effect of a large room. If the lines are vertical, the room is perceived higher, and if horizontally – wider.
  3. Constant cleanliness, an important criterion for a small bedroom. Scattered things, you can not play a role in the big room, but small, they will spoil the impression of the whole design.
  4. Large, conspicuous figures should be avoided in everything, even in print on the sheets and bedspreads. The larger the figure, the more the oppressive feeling he will create.
  5. Wallpapers – the perfect solution for a small bedroom, but don’t glue them all over the walls. You can simply apply them one section of the wall and the room will take the corresponding figure coloring.
  6. The more open places to store things, the easier the design. If the room has a bookcase with open shelves, you can fill it, alternating, so one shelf is empty, the other filled. This technique creates a more dynamic and gives the room a lived-in look.

The design of a small bedroom

Use at least one of listed secrets of design, can greatly expand the space of a small bedroom, but do not apply them all at once. Too many visuals can cause a committed reverse resonance.

It is better when the trend design small bedroom crafted from the beginning, then you can simply follow the given concepts and not be distracted by unnecessary nuances.

Classic design ↑

The design of a small bedroom

A win-win design a small bedroom, which is always relevant. It is great for those who don’t like experimenting and prefer stability.

The classic design of his whole appearance radiates nobility, so there’s no room the sharp color contrasts. The best solution is a combination of beige, olive and chocolate.

A significant difficulty of classic design a small bedroom is the furniture. The idea is that it should be bulky, but you can choose the lighter options, as long as all the pieces of furniture were made from natural materials – more wood and glass and not a plastic.

The design of a small bedroom

It is important! When choosing furniture for classic bedroom design, it is important that she was from the same collection or at least kept in the same style and color.

Perfect complement to the design of a small bedroom textile dark lampshades and curtains, but blinds in a bedroom it is better to refuse.

Accessories in the form of paintings, clocks, and figurines should be concise and not to attract attention.

To put it simply – classic design small bedroom needs to look strict, but not pompous. Each piece should complement the next, so the result is a holistic and complete picture.

Minimalism ↑

The design of a small bedroom

The perfect solution for any small space. In this design the functionality of the room is aesthetic sensibility. A minimum of colors, minimum of furniture. Low bed with an oversized compartment for storage, open shelving, a few hanging shelves.

In minimalism, there is bright spots. Everything is kept simple. The most common design used by people with a very high level of employment, where the bedroom, only the room for the night.

The design of a small bedroom

It is interesting that, despite the fact that minimalism is a design style, it was made, unlimited some limits. You can use any color, as long as they were not bright. Too saturated colors, against a small amount of furniture, give your room design the appearance of incompleteness. It is best for a small bedroom to use a color as close to white, it will greatly expand the small space, and the walls will not create any oppressive feelings.

It is important not to confuse minimalism with emptiness. To make the room design is completed, use accessories, but there should be little, and preferably a futuristic orientation. This can be a glass floor vases concise form, or a stylish wall clock.

Japanese design ↑

The design of a small bedroom

This style is often confused with the Japanese minimalism, when in the bedroom there is only a low bed and a couple dressers. Actually, the Japanese style is a symbiosis of traditional Eastern culture and modern, high-tech high-tech.

Japan is a country with a high population density, and urban residents are often forced to live in small apartments, where one room has to perform several functions. To cope with this difficult task, apply high-tech furniture that could transform.

The design of a small bedroom

The bed can be folding and, if necessary, to hide in the wall, there are cleaned cabinets. Of course, such functional and sophisticated design is not to everyone’s pocket, so I prefer folding furniture which in the daytime can perform other functions.

Do not forget about the traditional flavor. First and foremost is the emphasis on natural materials. And if in hi-tech, preference is given to plastic and metal, Japanese – style is the tree.

The design of a small bedroom

Here, sophisticated technologies are combined with natural harmony. Wooden floors and walls, all in warm colours. Beautiful nuance will serve as a Japanese paper screen, it will set the tone for the bedroom design, and also can separate the space as needed.

Conclusion ↑

The design of a small bedroom

As you can see, small bedroom is not a sentence. Of course, design in a highly confined space is more complicated, but here you can create comfort and functionality. Most importantly, before you begin to repair, it is good to think through every detail. The correct calculation is the key to quality design, especially when you account for every inch of space.

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