Shower cabin in the interior of a small bathroom

On the secondary housing market today, few of apartments that would please its huge size, especially area designed for the bathroom. Due to limited space, we have to look for plan of this room, every inch was used. Shower in the small bathroom (see photo) has become commonplace. The reason for such choice in small sizes and in providing the desired level of comfort.

What is considered to be a small bathroom ↑

According to current building codes, assumed certain dimensions for sanitary rooms. For bathrooms given in the construction of at least 4 square meters. Suitable for a square shower stall. Also the small bathroom is toilet, sink, washing machine.

If the project involves separation of the bathroom, in this case its area should not be less than 3 square meters. Bathroom in these apartments only have 1, 3 m2. The small size of the bathrooms in the Khrushchev, sometimes they do not exceed 2 square metres.

Attention! If you choose the right projects bathrooms with shower, can efficiently use available space, to obtain the desired level of comfort and coziness.

The reasons for the choice ↑

Many owners of small bathrooms are starting to repair, think about how to equip a bathroom with shower. To buy a bath, or a cabin – the choice of the owner of the property. Before buying it is important to think about its practicality, aesthetics, ease. Features selection of shower designs for small bathroom see the movie

Analyze the main advantages of a bathroom with shower.

  1. Design fit. Even the small tub will take much more space than a shower cubicle. There is no reason to buy adult a small bath, to relax in it still does not work, and wash will become a real problem. It is better to buy a modern shower Cabinet, thus saving space in the bathroom.
  2. Bathroom with shower (see photo) has great functionality. Booths not only have unique design but also equipped with different features: multiple modes of water flow, audio systems, modes, sauna, radio, and other additional devices.
  3. Of material benefit. A good bath is quite expensive, but the shower stall can be purchased for a very reasonable price. In addition, the cost of its installation will also be much lower than the bath.
  4. The ease and simplicity of maintenance. Design of modern showers prevents overflow of water splashing on the walls, the floor. You just need to go inside it, close the door and turn the shower.
  5. The modern design. Cabins have a more original look than the usual bath. They are easy «fit» in the bathroom of any design.

Attention! Between the number of functions of the booth and its cost there is a direct correlation. If you are limited in their material options, you can choose a booth with minimal features.

Disadvantages showers ↑

Beautiful bathrooms with a shower cabin are some disadvantages. If you buy a small Cabinet, it will be a limited amount of functionality.

Regular showers are inconvenient for small children and the elderly. They are uncomfortable to climb on too high a pallet, in addition, the child may be about to hit it, fall. To cope with this problem, you can choose the model with the lowest tray. These cabins are adapted to the physiological needs of all ages.

In the process of operation on the partitions there is a RAID from household chemicals, poor quality of tap water. Partitions in many models of the booths are made of textured materials, if cleaning have serious problems.

Low water pressure in the water system is not suitable for showers, you can shower as long as the normal pressure in the system.

If in a small bathroom with a bath, you can not use the sink, saving space. When buying the shower stall, «donate» a sink will not work. For those who used lying to take water treatments, shower will not work.

Let’s speak about the important issue of saving water. To take a quick shower high water consumption is not required. If you need a full wash, the shower head should operate for a long time, so the water is used much more than when filling the bath.

Placement rules ↑

Small bathrooms with shower with proper placement of appliances and plumbing will have an organic look.

The Council! Together with an experienced designer create your own project, taking into account all the accessories that will be in this room.

To optimally place the booth, start with the measurements. Knowing the dimensions of the sink, toilet, cabinets, washing machines, you will be able to determine the parameters of a shower stall that you can accommodate in your bathroom.

For a small bathroom fit glass shower stall or shower area with a one-sided baffle. However, in the event of acquisition, it is necessary to conduct high-quality waterproofing of walls.

Designers do not recommend to install the mirror inside the shower stall. A similar version of the original looks in pictures. In real life, the mirror will quickly lose its natural Shine, neither of which the aesthetics of speech does not go. The best option is to mount a mirror in front of the booth that is on the opposite wall.

If your plans include the selection of a shower stall, which would occupy minimal space, look at the angular models.

The smallest area is in the bathroom round Cabinet. Installing the bathroom corner shower with rounded edges, you will get the desired space savings.

The door to stalls in small bathrooms should be sliding sash option does not work.

The Council! When you install cubicles be aware that on appliances and plumbing items should be a distance of not less than 30 inches. Approximately at the same distance from the shower must be the entrance to the bathroom.

Under this rule, you will not have any problems with the operation of booths.

Conclusion ↑

Not all owners of city apartments boast huge bathrooms dimensions. We offer the advice of professional designers, through which you can optimize space in a small bathroom.

Give up bulky tubs, replace them with compact shower cubicle. You will be able to allocate a place under the washing machine Cabinet bath accessories.

If the dimensions of the bathroom allow, the ideal designers consider the installation in one room and the shower stall, and bath. Unfortunately for Khrushchev is almost impossible. Manufacturers of sanitary ware already offer combination options in which the cabin and bath are connected. This option is good for those that don’t have to choose between bathing and washing in the shower. In addition such «hybrid» will take up less space, can be placed in the bathroom Laundry basket, cabinets, cabinets.

Alternative to previous options for a small bath is a shower bath. The area has a stationary rear wall, so the problems with its installation you will not have. Don’t forget, selecting a model of the soul that would require sealing the joint between the equipment and walls of the bathroom to keep water from leaking through the cracks. Shower design made of modern and safe materials, affordable, easy to install, compact, easy to maintain.

If failed to install in the bathroom a washing machine, do not worry. Organize niche, armed with a decorative finishing materials, and put it in her car. In order «win» space, replace swinging door with a sliding design. In this case, you will be able to put inside the bath not only shower but also a washing machine.

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