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Self-leveling floor Hercules: composition, properties, characteristics

Less in the repair of houses or apartments to resort to the procedure making mortar for floor design. Much more convenient and practical to use ready-made mixtures on the market of building materials in a wide range. A worthy place among manufacturers of self-leveling floors is a trademark of Hercules. An overview of the types, composition and properties of the products Hercules will allow to better understand the characteristics of mixtures, intended for the flooring.

Self-leveling floor Hercules: composition, properties, characteristics

Properties and benefits of dry mixes Hercules ↑

In addition to the major components and mineral admixtures, self-levelling compounds for floor TM Hercules contain special polymer additives. It provides high quality mixtures, which is characterized by the following features:

  • A high level of resistance to moisture.
  • A high degree of adhesion to any surface.
  • Reasonable pricing leveling mortar.
  • Fresh and frozen solution Hercules is resilient, which prevents deformation of the coating when exposed to externally unfavorable factors in the form of temperature gradients.
  • Excellent durability and resistance to mechanical loads.

When using floor finish is self-leveling mortar of Hercules, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Fresh solution does not require additional sealing. Self-leveling floor self gives low shrinkage.
  • Compliance with the instructions for use will ensure an easy process of installation.
  • The material is hygienic. Preparation of the solution is not accompanied by dust generation due to good mixing. Subsequently, the hardened surface of the floor does not produce dust.
  • While maintaining the integrity of the package self-leveling mixture is stored for a long time.
Comment! Depending on the temperature of the environment and layer thickness, the process of hardening lasts from 6 hours to 3 days, after which the floor can move without risk of damage to the surface.

The types of formulations and their characteristics ↑

Regular introduction of innovative technologies allowed TM «Hercules» to achieve a high standard of quality without increased cost of production. Range of mixtures of domestic producers provides a full range of repair works without involving a third-party materials. The capacity of production lines focused on the production of dry mixtures self-leveling floors, manufactured on a mineral basis with the content of polymer additives.

All formulations for floor design are divided into three main groups:

  • the starting (rough) surface finish;
  • finish;
  • local address significant damage.

Depending on the purpose, mix Hercules have the following basics:

  • epoxy;
  • methylmethacrylic;
  • polyurethane;
  • acrylic-resin.

Included in the self-leveling floors, polymer modifiers contribute to the formation of a surface with unique characteristics. Popular among professionals engaged in finishing work, enjoy the mix «Standard», «Self-leveling floor» and «Self-leveling floor». Discuss in detail on the performance of the novelty of TM “Hercules” «Floor self-leveling» GF-177, produced in 25 kg bags:

  • The frozen solution has a density of 1650 kg/mThree.
  • Adhesion of the mixture diluted with a concrete floor surface is not less than 1 MPa.
  • Brand strength-drenched grounds not less than M-150.
  • A freshly prepared composition has a mobility of about 190 mm.
  • Approximate consumption when you fill a layer with a thickness of 1 mm – 1,45 kg per 1 mTwo.
  • When using 1 kg of dry mix with the addition of 0.27-0.3 l of water is formed 680 ml.
  • «Self-leveling floor» The Hercules is packaged in paper bags of 25 kg Indicative price 320-380 RUB.

Self-leveling floor Hercules: composition, properties, characteristics

This is the most expensive part among the entire line of dry mixes TM Hercules. This is due to the universality properties. Self-leveling floor is ideal for creating a regular tie and pouring a thin finish of the base. To obtain high-quality coating is possible at a layer thickness of from 2 to 100 mm. the Unique properties generated by content in the composition of the plasticizing polymer additives prevent cracking and crumbling of the thin layer. In the solution of solid substances possess the maximum fraction of 0.65 mm.

Technology applications ↑

The process of floor leveling self-leveling composition of the Hercules is quite easy, especially if you have experience working with concrete bases.

The preparatory stage ↑

To get a quality surface that matches the specified characteristics, then you must carefully prepare the base. The preliminary stage includes the following steps:

  • The floor surface is cleaned from the household and construction waste. Stains from oils and paint are removed with a solvent.
  • There is a wet floor processing with subsequent drying by the heater or create a draft.
  • Enough fortified areas removed.
  • The day before the start of the formation of ties, for which we apply self-leveling mortar Hercules, all the cracks and seams on the floor are sealed.
  • After complete solidification of the starting coating, the coating surface.
The Council! If the base is characterized by high absorbent properties, the primer solution is applied 2-3 times. This will prevent rapid absorption of fluid from the fresh mortar self-leveling floor and reduces the formation of air voids.

In the formation of thin layers 0.5-1.5 mm installation required layers. They contribute to the formation of a single base design and a solution layer. The material for these purposes is chosen with a good degree of tensile strength and bending, as well as with high adhesion.

Self-leveling floor Hercules: composition, properties, characteristics

Materials and tools ↑

Pre-preparing materials and tools, you will prevent unnecessary downtime. The process of pouring self-leveling floor Hercules will need:

  • Construction laser level.
  • The cord for the calculation of the zero level.
  • Pencil.
  • A set of beacons.
  • Container for mixing the solution.
  • The drill is equipped with a nozzle for mixing concrete.
  • Rollers for applying the primer solution and a needle to eliminate air bubbles.
  • The primer mixture for the concrete bases.
  • Composition «Self-leveling floor» TM Hercules. Flow rate is determined based on the area of the treated surface and the thickness of the formed layer on the basis of the average.

Preparation of the solution and the process of casting ↑

Finish pouring self-leveling floor mortar, made of TM “Hercules”, consists of the following steps:

  • On a net basis using level to determine the highest point of the plane. At the point of maximum peak floor capture the light.
  • The level is determined by the perimeter of the room 7-8 points. Each place is marked by a beacon. Will suit the product reference type or made of vertical slats bound with a bright thread. This will allow you to control the occupancy of the treated floor area with a mixture of.

Self-leveling floor Hercules: composition, properties, characteristics

Warning! Leveling of the Hercules is prepared strictly according to instructions. Not allowed a surplus in a solution of water.
  • Components are mixed until homogeneous mortar self-leveling floor, after a five-minute break, the process repeats.
  • Prepared to use self-leveling floor should be within 30-40 minutes, and further work with him is difficult because of high density. Therefore, it is very important to calculate the need for a ready solution.
  • Distributed spilled on the floor self-leveling with wide rules, spatula or squeegee to achieve the desired layer thickness. To remove air bubbles the surface is processed by aeration roller. To perform the work recommended in a special fixture for shoes – krasnostop.
  • Pour another batch of self-leveling floor should be within 10 minutes as the previous layer begins to harden.

Self-leveling floor Hercules: composition, properties, characteristics

During the period of drying the floor, formed from the self-leveling composition of the Hercules is required to observe certain conditions: to avoid drafts and contact with a fresh solution of liquid or dust. Minimum term limits – 6 hours. After the recommended time travel is allowed on the floor of a man, but to the complete drying of self-levelling floor composition TM Hercules must undergo a week.

Self-leveling floor Hercules: composition, properties, characteristics

If all of the recommendations of the final surface has a smooth texture and is suitable for installation of various floor finish coatings.

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