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Specifications white spirit

What is dissolved mineral spirits ↑

Solvent white spirit is a petroleum product, which is produced as a result of stretch and oil refining. This substance is obtained from the synthesis of synthetic hydrocarbons when cleaning oil is widely used in every sector of the construction works. This name «white-spirit» it was taken from the English words White and Spirit. White (white means the clear color) and spirit (meaning the spirit or we can say soul). In the construction world in a given solvent is called white spirit as nefras C4-155/200. More than a simple name – solvent «Stoddard» from eng. the phrase Stoddard solvent.

Specifications white spirit

First of all, this substance (white spirit) used in the field of paints for mixing and breeding all kinds of lacquer and oil paints, including alkyd. This procedure allows to reduce the cost of coating materials, without compromising quality. White-spirit also performs a secondary task perfectly dissolves oils, animal and vegetable fats. In General, the function of degreasing. This solvent is also used to clean engines.

As for the smell, the white spirit and he sharp, something like kerosene. It can be felt at a distance of several meters. A pair of mineral spirits are extremely toxic, because of this they are able to cause the highest degree of intoxication. Therefore, starting to work with this sort of thing, always wear a respirator and other protective clothing.

Buy white-spirit in our days is not difficult. In the modern market you can meet both foreign and domestic brands. As for pricing, here the matter what is more important – the smell or the money.

Specifications white spirit

What is white spirit ↑

As such, a direct formula for this solvent is no. As the basis for the production of white-spirit usually make a mixture of aliphatic and aromatic carbonized relations.

Often, manufacturers specify their percentage of the

  • 14% — aroma components;
  • 0,035% mass part of sulfur component.
It is important! Regardless of the proportions of the used processing technology and substances, in the quality of the finished product solvent white-spirit must conform to the standards GOST 3134-78.

Specifications white spirit

Specifications white spirit ↑

As was written earlier, white spirit is a transparent viscous substance that resembles motor oil with a specific odor. The modern European technology allows to avoid imperfections of solvents. I want to give You the average table of indicators for quality white-spirit? Which You will be able in the future to easily determine whether the solvent quality:

  • The 3.5 5 — level volatility;
  • 32°C — minimum temperature for the occurrence of fire;
  • Of 0.69 g/CC. is the density of a substance at a temperature of 20 degrees;
  • 1590°C — average temperature for the beginning of the boiling solvent;
  • 110-160 g/m2 — recommended flow rate.
It is important! Do not store solvent white-spirit for more than 3 years.

The solvent is available in capacities from 0.30 to l to 1.0 L. Each batch of products is packaged in a box made of polymer and wood material.

Specifications white spirit

The pros and cons of White-spirit ↑

If the comparison to take our domestic white-spirit and its foreign analogue, it can be concluded, though not imported has a specific odor, for our very hard won in the effectiveness of their direct problem, because better able to clean the surface from greasy components.

Therefore, I advise you to buy solvent white-spirit of domestic production, because it’s all in the proportions. Import of solvents, white-spirit mass fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons is significantly lower than the domestic, in this regard, they are inferior in solvent ability. Much more important than solvency, rather than an unpleasant odor. To do this, simply stock up on respirator and protection for the skin and more you will not be afraid of dangerous chemical factors.

The main advantages of the use of white spirit for degreasing and dilution are:

  • low coefficient of chemical hazards in comparison with other similar solvents;
  • rapid weathering;
  • adequate value;
  • wide area of use for cleaning and degreasing.

Specifications white spirit

Use white spirit ↑

Substance white spirit has a wide range of applications. Most often it is used in the following areas:

  • in the manufacture of coating substances;
  • in the production of antimicrobial substrates for finishing wood;
  • in the production of subterranean substances;
  • for cleaning of machine parts and industrial equipment;
  • to remove grease from the surface of metals;
  • in the preparation of mastics from cars, bitumen and oil shale;
  • during production polishing and grinding pastes;
  • as substances for pre-clean surface before painting.
It is important! White spirit is widely used collectors for cleaning antique metal.

How to perform this procedure, you can see from the video below.

The process of applying ↑

The purchased solvent is ready for use. The process of applying is very easy:

  1. Put the required amount of solvent white-spirit in a necessary substance.
  2. Carefully stir until you get a homogeneous mass.
  3. Repeat the procedure if necessary, add solvent white-spirit.

Specifications white spirit

Degreasing with white spirit ↑

The process of degreasing with white spirit is also very simple. Often, the white spirit like to apply for cleaning areas of the painting, to improve the adhesion of paint to the surface. For this, apply a small amount of solution into the treatment area and RUB with a cloth, leaving the solvent in there for a few minutes, and then wipe until dry. The main rule that you must follow in this procedure is the use of gloves, without them you risk to harm the skin because the solvent is highly corrosive. Do not forget about the volatility of the substance, always work with it in an open, well-ventilated area. Regarding storage, white-spirit, follow the rules that apply for easily flammable substances.

Safety standards when working with solvents ↑

Even despite the fact that white spirit has a fairly low level of toxicity relative to other solvents, the solvent still requires sensitivity in handling and compliance with safety standards:

  1. Work with solvents only in a special, designed for contact with chemicals clothes. Don’t forget gloves and respirators because of the volatile fumes from a solvent can cause poisoning of the body, itching, and even addiction.
  2. Always ventilate the room in which you work with the solvent white-spirit.
  3. Avoid direct sunlight on the tank with solvent. Failure to comply with this rule may fire.
  4. In any case you should not run with the solvent white-spirit near fires, this also applies to sources of artificial lighting.
  5. During depressurization of the container, do not use objects that could produce sparks.
  6. In any case, it does not grab and do not drain white-spirit using devices with compressed air, for example, pumps.
  7. In the case of ignition of solvent use to extinguish all possible means at hand (foam, carbon dioxide, sand) but water.

All solvents, including white spirit referred to 4-th degree risk when in contact with a human. So treat him with extreme caution, following all the above rules and regulations.

Specifications white spirit

Summary ↑

White-spirit – a kind of «veteran» on the market of solvents. In addition to this solvent there are still many chemicals for cleaning and degreasing surfaces are also in the process of refinery. This various types of bezarashvili. They are able to boast the same properties, and whitr-spirit (small component composition, relatively high boiling point, low toxicity, excellent dilution ability when working with film-forming, coloring and extractable substances, a small amount of aromatic hydrocarbons in their composition).

However, mineral spirits is still the most popular solution for cleaning, breeding and degreasing in the construction world, even despite the advent of more modern analogues. This is achieved due to the fact that no other analog still not able to boast such impressive performance when used in correlation with a reasonable price. The main rule for a better application of the solvent white-spirit – is competent and strict compliance with all required conditions for the solvent prescribed in the regulations. Only in this case you get maximum impact without any harm to your health.

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