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Parquet lacquer two-component, acrylic, matte and glossy

The followers of the classical situation parquet flooring is ideal. Beauty, is not subject to fashionable trends, combined with high wear resistance allows long to enjoy the results of their investments. The main purpose of parquet lacquer to emphasize the elegance of the floor and to maximize its safety.

Types of protective compounds for wood flooring ↑

Buy parquet lacquer should be based on many components. The main factors influencing the choice is the load space and its functional use. If the museums or the restaurants the emphasis is on strength, for children’s and medical institutions is indispensable absolutely harmless to health. Parquet varnishes are classified by the following parameters:

  • the basis of the chemical composition;
  • resistance to external influences;
  • technological characteristics of the material;
  • environmental safety to others;
  • surface appearance.

On the structure of the parquet varnish is water-based, single component (for white spirit) and a two-component, characterized by high wear resistance. Before application, its component elements are mixed, after which period the work has a limited period.

Parquet lacquer two-component, acrylic, matte and glossy

Often the buyers the question arises, what lacquer is better – glossy or matte? Most professionals recommend to stay matte. It is more practical to use. Over time the appearance of scuffs or scratches on it less noticeable. A glossy finish will only emphasize the slightest disadvantage of the parquet floor, even tiny specks will spoil the appearance. Despite continued high-quality performance, high gloss lacquer will require faster updates than matte or semi-matte coating.

Water-soluble products ↑

When choosing a parquet lacquer for residential are increased requirements for environmental safety. To meet the conditions of safety capable of parquet lacquer based on acrylic dispersion. Its composition is an aqueous solution with uniformly distributed fine particles of a binder. No odor allows you to use acrylic parquet lacquer in health and preschool institutions, for people who have problems with allergic nature. Another advantage of fire safety. Parquet lacquer, water-based is indispensable in areas with a high threat of fire.

In parallel with water-based varnishes are present and disadvantages, leading from which is a low durability. To increase the lifetime of parquet varnish making solvents, it may be a polyurethane dispersion. Acrylic picky about the quality of the instruments used and the temperature conditions. When applying parquet varnish humidity exceed 50% at a temperature of from +15onC. Drying the composition based on water-soluble slowly, however, the adhesion properties at the level of the waterless polishes.

Attention! Priming will avoid «hairiness» wood and appearance in the future of squeak.

If operation of the sexes is moderate, the material is water-based, will save the budget repair work. If the patency is better to choose a more durable option.

Parquet lacquer two-component, acrylic, matte and glossy

Polyurethane materials ↑

For rooms with high load on the hardwood floor is polyurethane lacquers, one – and two-component composition. The basis of them are urethane resins, acrylic dispersions, and solvents. The structure of the product is resistant to chemicals and heavy use. Two-component polyurethane parquet varnish is intended for the treatment of the sexes in restaurants, cafes or sports facilities. The advantages of the composition are as follows:

  • The lack of need for priming. Most of the materials in this group do not raise on wood «pile».
  • Strength and high elasticity.
  • A short drying period.
  • A high level of water-repellent properties.
  • Resistance to changes in moisture levels and temperature inside the room.

In the composition of the solvent can make the parquet design more expressive by increasing the contrast in dark streaks. If desired, the natural shade of the wood can remain the same.

Apply polyurethane parquet lacquer should be of wood, the humidity of which does not exceed 8%, the drying period is necessary to exclude contact with water. Ignoring conditions will lead to foaming of the coating or the appearance of air bubbles.

Parquet lacquer two-component, acrylic, matte and glossy

Alkyd paints ↑

In these compositions the binder plays an alkyd resin made from raw materials of natural origin. It promote deep penetration into the wood. White spirit performs the function of a solvent. Alkyd paints tend to change the color of the flooring, due to the drawing of the veins it becomes brighter. Feature not to glue parquet blocks – perfect as a result of fluctuations in temperature and humidity the flooring is subjected to extension. Elasticity and no slippery properties after drying – another advantage of the product.

Parquet lacquer two-component, acrylic, matte and glossy

For coating parquet varnish oil-based resins requires special conditions:

  • for the curing process requires regular access of oxygen;
  • should protect the flooring from direct sunlight or heating radiators, the temperature should not exceed 20onWith;
  • apply the varnish requires a uniformly thin layer of excessive thickness will lead to the formation of wrinkles after drying.

At the initial stage, the composition acquires adhesive structure, after 10 hours it begins to harden. Depending on the contained elements, the maximum drying period of around 3 days. In the presence of curing agent in the two-component composition time is shortened to 24 hours. This is the most drying type of parquet flooring. The amount of the evaporated solvent influences the reduction of the thickness of the applied layer. The toxicity of the product depends on the percentage of white spirit.

The use of alkyd materials have been successfully used for parquet surfaces exposed to natural geometric changes due to significant vibration loads, temperature changes or humidity level, for end parquet or «floating» flooring.

Products acid curing ↑

Coating materials based on formaldehyde resins have maximum strength. Parquet lacquer acid hardening is performed in one – and two-component form. The last option contains a hardener, which are mixed with the basic solution just before work. The advantages of the material are numerous:

  • high adhesion properties;
  • durability to withstand a heavy load;
  • allows not to apply priming;
  • immunity to extremes of humidity and temperature in the room;
  • convenience in application, it is possible to use brush, spatula, spray gun or roller.

Along with the advantages there are certain disadvantages in operation:

  • has a high adhesive ability;
  • high toxicity requires special measures of protection, when applying for fencing contact with mucous membranes should be to work in a respirator.
Attention! Harmful substances contained only in initial state, after application, they rapidly evaporate and not remain part of the parquet varnish.

Parquet lacquer two-component, acrylic, matte and glossy

Materials for priming ↑

Depending on the choice of the specific composition of the varnish may need priming. What does this kind of coverage?

  • preserves the natural color of flooring if you want to avoid «ignite» wood, that is, enhance the tone of the veins;
  • prevents lifting «pile» wood as a result of penetration of water contained in the main layer of varnish;
  • improves the adhesion properties of the coating;
  • prevents the bonding of the planks flooring into the cracks of the varnish;
  • reduces the consumption of the coating by reducing the level of penetration in the thickness of the wood;
  • isolates oil exotic species parquet flooring.

Primer parquet varnish quick-drying, the process varies from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

The Council! Primer and basic parquet lacquer, it is desirable to choose one manufacturer.

After the coating process to wash or clean the surface is permitted after a week. To preserve the original appearance will help special chemicals to care for hardwood floors of and compliance with care when moving furniture or other heavy items. Other protective functions will perform parquet lacquer.

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