Coating materials

Colored lacquer for interior and exterior

For interior work includes walls and ceilings, as well as the color of the furniture. The need to restore wood surfaces stems from the fact that in residential areas there are many factors that contribute to depreciation:

  • temperature,
  • humidity,
  • the action of detergents.

To avoid many problems, just use varnish, which will protect the wooden surface. It forms a durable coating which prevents the penetration of dirt and the appearance of mechanical damage. Thus it can be used on various materials: concrete, wood, metal. After treatment the surface becomes a beautiful shiny look. The varnishes are divided in accordance with the purpose:

  • floor,
  • furniture,
  • ceiling,
  • walls,
  • bathroom.

For example, the varnish bath must be well resistant to moisture, and for the floor to be resistant to physical damage.

The choice of varnish ↑

Lucky that you can find DIY stores have different purposes and properties, so before buying should carefully understand the types of coverage. If the ceiling finish siding used, then it should apply any of alkyd paints, allowing to preserve the appearance of the tree for a long time. While variety of such coatings can be of different colors. But the drying time of such compositions after application of the first layer can be several hours.

Colored lacquer for interior and exterior

More «quick» are nitro lacquer. They dry in a short period of time and leave the tree completely colorless film. The disadvantage of such coatings is that they are designed only for use on decorative surfaces. If the nitro lacquer will be applied to continuously operated furniture, its appearance can be spoiled already for a few seasons. A second disadvantage of selection becomes strong smell.

Pre-painted wood surfaces covered with alkyd varnishes, and expensive items are processed polyurethane.

It is important! Not to spoil the furniture, you should only use expensive brushes, as cheap products in the process may separate the villi.

Ceiling decoration ↑

Typically, wood ceiling varnished or painted. The first option is more common, because it allows to preserve the natural beauty of wood surfaces and permanently to protect it from external influences. It is worth remembering that the application of these compounds requires careful preparation of the ceiling, which is the removal of defects and the old coating, if any.

Everything occurs in several stages:

  • cleaning,
  • aligned with the primer,
  • processing stain,
  • grinding,
  • varnish.

The stain is called ink liquid in order to give the wood a more expensive look, emphasizing her figure. It can be applied over other coatings to better impregnate the surface. To improve the appearance of the ceiling is used varnishes for wood of different colors, a photo of which can be viewed below. Often used with epoxy and polyurethane varnishes, which not only make the ceiling beautiful, but also contribute to its longevity and protection from moisture.

Colored lacquer for interior and exterior

It is important! If the varnish is sold in two containers, then mix them before use, after some time, the composition loses some of its properties.

Use yacht varnish ↑

When purchasing varnish, many are trying to find the most resilient coating that will stay on the surface as long as possible. One of the most suitable options, it is yacht varnish for internal works, which is most often used for flooring.

This kind of coverage has its own unique characteristics, allowing it to be used even on surfaces exposed to continuous weathering. In this regard, the cost of paint is high, but it does not become an obstacle for those that want to permanently protect the floor surface.

If it is applied to the floor of a special atomizer, you should keep in mind that the device should be powerful, as the composition is not as liquid as other types. Before applying yacht varnish for internal works need to carefully clean the surface of existing coating to remove any dirt or dust, as this will interfere with uniform distribution of composition. This is followed by manufacture of wood primer and re-leveling the floor.

Apply the varnish only after complete drying of the floor. It is worth remembering that the composition can not be diluted, otherwise it will lose its properties. After applying each layer you should wait about 12 hours to surface dry completely. Each time you will need to sand the surface with fine sandpaper, which will help to get rid of invisible irregularities.

It is important! The thinner the layer of varnish, the better it will be coupled with the following. Thus it is better to cover the floor at least 4 times.

For decorative plaster ↑

To give the plaster a beautiful look while protecting it from external factors, can be used some types of paint. Many people use common formulations used for wood and other surfaces. But in order to permit the air and retain their characteristics better to use a specialized paint for decorative plaster.

Colored lacquer for interior and exterior

For the selection of the right option, consider the following characteristics:

  • the coating should hold air and protect the surface from moisture;
  • the composition should not be purchased if it has a variety of harmful substances released during the temperature increase or the presence of water;
  • to get the look of the walls were more attractive, you can use mother of pearl mix.

Due to the large number of colors by using these compounds you can create a beautiful composition. Apply the composition can be by brush and roller, but for greater efficiency, it is better to use a special atomizer. It is very convenient, as the composition is uniformly applied to the plaster and creates a film that completely covers every inch of the surface.

Coating for concrete and stone ↑

There are special paints designed for such surfaces as:

  • metal,
  • stone,
  • concrete,
  • tile.

Even when using stone indoors this material is exposed to many factors that negatively affect its appearance and contribute to the gradual destruction. To avoid this, it is enough to get a specialized composition.

Polish stone for interior work penetrates into the pores of the material, and forms a solid transparent film remaining on the surface for quite a long time. The advantages of such compositions are that they:

  • able for several decades to protect the surface from exposure to water, detergents and other substances;
  • increase the strength of the surface;
  • protect the stone from appearances on mold and fungal formations;
  • eco-friendly and do not emit harmful substances during application;
  • suitable for both outdoor and indoor use;
  • do not yellow or crack over time;
  • give the surface decorative effect.

The use of nail Polish for brick ↑

Nail brick (for interior work) is used for processing of decorative products, public buildings and residential buildings. Many of these compounds allowed for use in institutions and enterprises of food industry, which speaks to their safety for human health. They are well suited for covering walls of rooms, made of brick, so as not only to protect from exposure to the environment, but also contribute to the strengthening of the material.

The advantage of such coatings is the absence of dust and sealing surface. Despite the fact that brick is a sturdy material, no special coating he eventually begins to break down.

A variety of color varnish for wood ↑

Mainly for coating wood surfaces are transparent compounds, as they allow you to enhance the beauty of the surface and not able to greatly change her appearance. Colored lacquers are used to process inexpensive types of wood and can solve some problems:

  • to protect the surface from damage,
  • color enhancement,
  • create a more expensive appearance of the tree.

There are several colors for nail Polish that will appeal to any buyer. Becoming more popular black and white, but in the store you can see the following variations:

  • white birch,
  • chestnut,
  • Golden teak,
  • maple,
  • mahogany,
  • rosewood,
  • light oak,
  • walnut,
  • oak.

Colored lacquer for interior and exterior

You can also use matte or glossy lacquer. The first of them gives the surface a natural, but requires polishing. The second is more appropriate for dark rooms, but it is more noticeable damage. Choose the color of the coating should be in accordance with the interior room with the expectation that the coated surface combined with the overall composition.

Use aerosol lacquer ↑

When finishing furniture you can use spray varnish. This will save on the purchase of brushes and other supplies. Another advantage is absence of necessity to dilute the composition, as it is ready for use. When this varnish forms a layer and is used more economically. Thanks to the uniform distribution on the surface for it does not leave streaks and dry places.

Such varnishes can be bought almost everywhere, but it should be remembered, that they are used mainly for restoration of furniture.

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