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How to update old wood furniture with lacquer

If the furniture is still durable, but lost appearance, it is easy to update using varnish or paint. But before to do it, you should choose a certain type of coverage. The decision depends on what furniture it will be applied, as well as the preferences of its owner.

How to update old wood furniture with lacquer

In many shops furniture Polish presented in a wide range, so the novice is difficult to understand his views. To select a specific option, you must know the features of this composition.

Types of varnish ↑

Among the types of varnish there are the following options:

  • oil coating,
  • alkyd,
  • alcohol,
  • nitrocellulose,
  • alkyd-keramzitnye,
  • polyester,
  • polyurethane,
  • acrylic,
  • polyurethane water-based.

Each of them has different properties, so before you cover the furniture with varnish, you need to devote time to selecting the most appropriate option.

Oil ↑

Such compositions are initially produced on the basis of natural resins, but then they started to add artificial components with natural oils. It is possible to reduce the manufacturing costs of these products and make it affordable for most buyers.

How to update old wood furniture with lacquer

But after creating more modern types of oil paints began to be used for flooring, so despite the low price, they should not be put on the furniture.

Alkyd ↑

This type is most common and is a solution having in its composition a synthetic resin and a solvent. Films of such compositions are transparent and solid. When applying them on the tree, its color almost doesn’t change. In addition, these coatings have good adhesive properties and capable of resisting the effects of moisture.

Sometimes this kind of formulations referred to as oil, but this is not true, since their production involves the use of other substances. At the same time the properties they are superior to the varnishes described above.

Spirit varnishes ↑

This kind of coatings for furniture made from natural resins and alcohol and has the following features:

  • good adhesion,
  • mechanical strength,
  • high Shine.

How to update old wood furniture with lacquer

With all these advantages they have a fairly serious drawback – the instability to moisture. They are used for coating different wooden surfaces that need polishing.

Alkyd varnishes keramzitnye ↑

This type of coating dries only after entering the acidic curing agents immediately before application to the surface. But it is worth remembering that after this, the varnish can be used only for a short period of time, after which it loses its properties.

How to update old wood furniture with lacquer

This varnish forms a very solid film, characterized by high wear resistance and ability to resist the effects of moisture. The presence of these characteristics allows the use of lacquer not only for furniture but also for parquet.

Polyurethane varnish ↑

Such coatings are characterized by high strength and resistance to mechanical wear. Because of this it is often used for flooring. The high price of the varnish is justified by performance characteristics. But when applying, should carefully read the user manual to prevent errors. The same group developed and water-based.

Properties of water-based lacquer for wood ↑

For wood furniture is suitable varnishes that is water-based. Solidification of the composition occurs as the evaporation of the liquid. This way, during the whole process there is no smell.

The water-based paint has the following features:

  • sustainability,
  • less drying time,
  • uniform distribution on the surface and no change in color.

But this nail Polish has a limit – it should not be used on hygroscopic surfaces. One of the main features for water-based coatings becomes reducing the sharpness of the texture, thereby hiding a lot of flaws.

Transparent or colored ↑

The most popular are transparent coatings, which are used for furniture made of expensive wood. This allows to keep the natural texture of the material. Colored lacquer is applied to less valuable wood and performs the following functions:

  • to protect the surface from damage,
  • color enhancement,
  • the creation of a more attractive appearance.

How to update old wood furniture with lacquer

There are many nail colours, so the choice depends on the preferences of the owner restored furniture. When buying you need to consider the depth of penetration of the composition, as well as the level of brightness than its smaller, the lighter the surface.

Increasingly popular white and black color. The first one is suitable for light wood species, while the second is able to give furniture a rigor and a special gloss.

Matte or glossy ↑

To the surface of the wood look more natural, you should pay attention to Matt varnish for furniture. When using such a composition, it is worth remembering that after application the surface should be sanded. But if you select this option, the owner of wood products will be pleased with its appearance, as the varnish contributes to the concealment of faults. The care of furniture with such a coating is simplified.

If the room is dark enough, you should choose a glossy varnish. It will provide not only surface gloss but also accentuate the beauty of wood surfaces. But it is worth noting that the damage on it is more noticeable than on the matte.

How to remove old Polish from furniture ↑

In order to cover furniture varnish, the first step is able to remove the old coating. For this you need to buy a wash – powder composition, which is miscible with water and forms the desired substance.

How to update old wood furniture with lacquer

Before you remove with the furniture old Polish, be aware that removing the cover in no case should not be done:

  • sandpaper,
  • with a spatula,
  • knife.

The use of these tools without additional resources will only harm the tree. Usually, 3 kg of pasta wash enough to remove the varnish with one meter of the surface. The composition is well kept even vertical surfaces and will not slide down. After application you should wait only 4 hours, after which the paste is removed.

Attention! Remove the remover is only after she example brown or brown color.

This is done by removing varnish with a spatula. To avoid damage to the surface, to press the tool very carefully because otherwise you risk to damage the wood. To remove traces of wash-use warm water without any additions. Having made all the steps, you must wait until the complete drying of the tree (this happens usually during the day), pre-wiping it with a dry cloth.

If after the performed actions the surface has defects, then they can be removed special putty for this material, and then sanded fine sandpaper. Do not forget that you must then thoroughly clean the furniture of dust formed. When grinding motion need be made only in accordance with the direction of the fibers of the material, otherwise you can spoil the appearance of the surface.

How to varnish your old furniture ↑

Before to cover old furniture with lacquer, you should choose the tool. The composition is applied to the surface in 2 or 3 layers with a brush or a swab. To make it, you need in a linen cloth, wrap up a small amount of cotton wool impregnated with varnish. This device must be carefully and evenly apply the composition to the surface, producing movement in any direction.

How to update old wood furniture with lacquer

After the first coat is dry, you can begin to apply a second. Drying usually takes place within 40 minutes, therefore, before this period of time to produce this action is not necessary. If you use the brush, the movement should occur only at the direction of the wood fibers. Work should be carried out in a ventilated area, where there is no drafts. Also, do not want contact with the drying nail Polish direct sunlight.

How to repaint varnished furniture ↑

How to update old wood furniture with lacquer

Repainting furniture occurs in several stages:

  1. Removing paint and polishing. Clean the surface you want as long as it does not remain visible bumps that can be removed with sandpaper.
  2. Primer. At this stage, the application of a special composition, which is the framework for putty. After the primer you need to wait a certain period of time that the surface is completely dry.
  3. Putty. Commonly used universal water-resistant compositions which are resistant to many types of paint. The coating is applied on the places where there are cracks and other surface flaws.
  4. Painting. Application may be by brush, but the best option is to use special spray. This allows you to apply paint evenly across the surface.

How to update old wood furniture with lacquer

It is important! If the primer is bad dries on the paint surface can cause cracks and irregularities.

After the painting is complete, furniture can be varnished, as described above.

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